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New Today: Rusko’s KAPOW EP

KAPOW! British Dubstep (or “Brostep” if you wanna get into a debate about it) producer extraordinaire Christopher Mercer, aka Rusko, is back and as stellar as ever with this four-song EP released today for free to fans on his email list (also being released on iTunes on November 6th). This is Rusko’s first release since he put out his full-length masterpiece Songs back in March of this year and it builds perfectly onto that collection of Reggae-infused, melodic music that sees no shortage of his signature wobbles.

My early vote for favorite of the EP is the opening track “Like This”. This jam has a nice driving beat, plenty of vocal samples including one that goes “Wow” – which is what I said to myself when I first heard it – and sharp crispy wobbles that fall under some layered synths. I think there’s also a DMX sample with him saying “What?!”. What’s interesting to note about “Like This” is it clocks in at 110 BPM which is where Moombahton usually falls, although this track definitely doesn’t have a Moombahton feel to it.

“Booyakasha” is another fun one that has a more traditional Dubstep feel to it, although again this is plenty more melodic than the Rusko of old (thinking of songs like “Mr. Chips“). I can already see Rusko boppin’ around stage and putting his hand up when the “Booyakasha” vocal sample drops in. “Bring It Back” is a song that most closely fits with the Songs LP in that is has more vocal work and could even open up for a crowd singalong.

All in all the EP is a fantastic effort by one of our favorite producers in any genre of dance music but make sure to check out the tracks for yourself and see what your thoughts are. Also be sure to catch Rusko on tour this Fall/Winter because he puts on some of the most fun shows I’ve been to. He’ll be in Boston on December 28.

Rusko – Like This
Rusko – Booyakasha
Rusko – Bring it Back
Rusko – Yeah

***Grab the full Zip file HERE***

Must-Hear Guest Mix by Mat Zo on Arty’s Together We Are Podcast (Episode 014)

Any time I see Mat Zo‘s name on a live set or guest mix I HAVE to check it out. Besides being an amazing producer, Mat Zo’s mixes and live sets contain the best of both worlds as he blends Trance and House together in exclusive mash-ups that can’t be found anywhere else. After Zo opens the mix with his latest single “The Sky”, which is brilliant on its own, he jumps into his mash-up of Boys Noize’s “Yeah” and Jerome Isma’s “Speed” which has the driving bassline of “Speed” with the sing-a-long vocals of “Yeah”. From there on the rest of the hour contains more and more mash-ups that contain elements of songs you will probably recognize. I always enjoy hearing “The Reward is Happiness” and luckily it’s included here. Zo bookends the mix with another original track, this time “Bipolar“, which may possibly be my favorite original he has put out to date.

Arty usually handles the podcast duties himself, but he has moved aside a couple times in the past to allow for other artists to guest mix such as Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa and Infected Mushroom (that one came as a surprise to me). But hey, I’m not complaining that episode 14 is 100% Mat Zo so do yourself a favor and turn it up. And if you like what you hear, I recommend checking out his live set from Trance Around the World 400 which has the crowd going insane the entire time.

Tracklist after JUMP!

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Survival Sunday: Avicii Slays Boulder [Gallery] and Tracks from Nervo, Steve Angello, Gramatik and More

Click the Image Above to see the FULL GALLERY
Click the Image Above to see the FULL GALLERY

What a weekend it has been! I for one can say I’m honestly so stoked to have Survived this weekend in top form, having the pleasure of seeing Dave Audé (AU-DE, ALL DAY, AU-DE, ALL DAY!) on Thursday night then jetting up to Boulder Theater on Friday night, armed with one of our new high-def cameras and lenses, to document Avicii murdering the sold out show. I will be completely honest when I say that the number of times I have seen Avicii is many, the number of times I have been impressed is far fewer. Friday would certainly qualify as one of those few exceptions where the energy was just right in that theater and his song selection and mixing was on point (notice the abundance of CDJ’s and lack of a visible laptop in the photos…). Jontron, a local Triad Dragons resident DJ and one of our favorites here on the blog, warmed up the crowd adequately with his opening set to Avicii’s two-plus hour tour de force. To anyone who had to pay $200 or whatever they were scalping for at the door to go, I hope you would agree with me that it was worth it. We’ve whittled down our best pics from the show and you can find them on our Facebook page HERE. Be sure to tag yourself in the photos and look out for us next week at Big Gigantic!

In other news this week, Cochella released tickets this week and apparently even a festival spread over two weekends cannot meet the demand for such a high-profile event. The first weekend sold out in 40 minutes and the second in two hours. So much for my plans to go to Cochella. Guess what else sold out this week? Ultra. What festivals are we gonna go to now people?? However, this week also saw the announcement of Axwell’s position as headliner for the Cosmic Opera 6-hour rave/spectacle set to go down at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC in late Feburary. If you’re gonna be anywhere near it, I would make it a priority to check it out. Still shrouded in mystery but you can find more details here.

Here’s some of the tracks from this week as you know we do oh-so-well. First, the sexy and seductive Australian twin DJ’s and producers of the duo Nervo released their newest track this week, which was originally rumored to be a collaboration with Avicii himself. Despite my diligent research, I never could get a straight answer whether it is or not but the thing is…who cares? If they keep pumping out tunes like this, with their already amazing catalog, they’re destined for the stars.

Nervo (& Avicii?) – You’re Gonna Love Again (Original Mix)

Steve Angello’s at it again, bringing innovation to the sounds of Swedish house like he’s done time and time again with songs like “Show Me Love” and “Knas”. This time, his sound is a Daft Punk-esque heavy guitar riff that lends itself well to a new house anthem. This one’s not yet released so grab it while I’ve got it.

Steve Angello presents Who’s Who – Yeah

Well, with “Antidote” quickly becoming one of the most iconic songs of the present, it is only fitting that people are gonna start taking their stab at it in the form of bootlegs and remixes. We heard this one previewed a couple weeks back but it was just released. Tommy Trash’s epic rework of the song brings a welcome electro energy to the already incredibly hyphy track.

Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party – Antidote (Tommy Trash Remix)

And, last but certainly not least, new Gramatik! This Pretty Lights Music artist earned our respect for his eloquent LP Beatz and Pieces Vol. 1 released last year and he continues to deliver. We had a chance to sit down with Gramatik not too long ago and you can peep that interview here.

Gramatik – In My City

For anyone who might of missed it, Joman, another Denver rising star, released one of the most original and downright awesome things I’ve seen/heard in a while. Even if you’re not an Always Sunny fan (is that even possible), I’m pretty sure you can appreciate this. You can pick up a DL of the song in the video description but make sure to watch it cuz the video absolutely makes it…


Survival Sunday: AC Slater and New Hyphy Tracks

AC Slater @ Beta Nightclub 6.18.2011
AC Slater @ Beta Nightclub 6.18.2011

Sunday’s here and I couldn’t be happier.  Not only does it mean that Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas is only a short 5 days away but it is also a great day to throw some great music your way and recap the madness that went down earlier this week at Flux Pavilion/Doctor P in Burlington and last night at Beta Nightclub in Denver.  Last night, going to Beta turned out to be a last-minute decision but what a great one it was.  The crowd was manageable, Dragon’s opening set was on point, and AC Slater just murdered it with a set completely different that the one I heard the last time I saw him.  Slater, a member of the bass collective Trouble & Bass, steered away from his usual cocktail of high-energy drum and bass and instead provided the willing crowd with a brilliant set filled with dubstep, hip-hop, and even some house music.  I thoroughly enjoyed the set and, while it was nothing groundbreaking, provided excellent entertainment for a Saturday night.  I’d say the remix of Boys Noize’s song “Yeah” was the highlight for me.  The absinthe I got into after the show was a whole ‘nother story though…

Now to get into some of the best tracks from this week.  I found a lot of heady stuff so it took me a while to whittle it down but here’s three bangers sure to please.

This first one is a remix of the CLASSIC hip-hop song “I Got Five On It” by Luniz from way back in the day.  Wick-It-The-Instigator certainly instigates on this hard dub remix.  I love when hip-hop finds its way into dubstep songs, something that I found AC Slater did very well last night.

Luniz – I Got Five On It (Wick-It Remix)

This next one is a gem I found that was too good not to share today.  Coming to us from another masked DJ, SBTRKT (does anyone know how to say that?) give us a laid-back dubstep track with great vocals.  It almost sounds like he’s using a wah-wah pedal on this.  This one reminds me a lot of “The Vision” by Joker that we posted a month back or so; got a real similar vibe and I look forward to hearing more from this guy.

SBTRKT – Wildfire

Finally, Alvin Risk brings us a SICK remix of the song Dimishing Returns by Ali Love.  The drop is so crazy with this high-pitched, repeating blast of sound over deep bass.  I find the vocals and lyrics to be pretty awesome too.  This track is huge and is all over Beatport so be sure to check it out.

Ali Love – Dimishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix)