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Editorial: Why Do Girls LOVE Top 40s Music? (+ some Top 40 Remixes For You)

This is pretty much how I feel
This is pretty much how I feel

I’m not sure how much ground I have to stand on here, but I have to get this off my chest, ask some questions, and maybe spur a discussion. Last night I was doing my usual Friday night thing – over at a friend’s apartment getting ready to go out in Boston (yes, pre-gaming). Things started off great; I walked in and there was some House music playing. I recall hearing artists like Dada Life and Kaskade which I never have a problem with. Rick Ross made an appearance for a bit but that just didn’t fit the mood at all. Eventually the music stopped for an extended amount of time, so I took liberties and attached my iPhone to the speakers. My “Recently Added” playlist included A-Trak, Wolfgang Gartner, and Tommy Trash but they were also songs I figured everyone would enjoy as a way to get pumped up for the night. Well, I was wrong. At least in the eyes of the females in attendance. I stepped out of the room only to come back to Country music being played off my iPhone. Now I don’t own any Country music so I could only assume my friend Jenny put on Pandora and I couldn’t have been more correct. I HATE Country music. It’s the only genre of music I genuinely hate. It’s cheesy and boring and just makes me cringe – I’ll take Lady Gaga on repeat before I sit down and listen to Country.

Anyways, the other ladies walked into the room and started singing along until I unplugged my iPhone from the speakers and they collectively made a disappointed “awww” sound. The next song played? “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen (watch that video it’s not what you think). Following “CMM” came an onslaught of Top 40s songs that all the girls knew and had me feeling about as unenthused as I could get. I tried to fight it but it wasn’t worth the battle because I knew I was going to lose. And then Jenny made a statement that will stick with me for a while: “Jon, we want to hear songs that are on the radio.”

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We Are Young – Fun. Ft Janelle Monae (Alvin Risk Remix Part II)

So this song has probably been remixed more times than a track with Adele’s voice in it as you can find it being sampled throughout all genres of music. So much so, that Alvin Risk is releasing his second attempt at remixing this track. We have heard of artists remixing their own tracks before, but this is unusual to say the least. However, this second attempt or “part 2″ as he is calling it blows his original rework to pieces. Smashing dubstep takes over right away as Alvin brings to light a darker, dancier version of We Are Young. Be sure to catch Alvin Risk as he continues to travel with Kaskade on the Freaks of Nature tour this summer.

We Are Young – Fun. Ft Janelle Monae (Alvin Risk Remix Part II)

Facebook | Soundcloud | Freaks of Nature

Fun. – We Are Young (REVOLVR Remix)

We’ve loved electro producer REVOLVR over here at MMIBTY for a long while. He continually impresses with his amazing originals like “The Beat Goes On” and “Beats Inside My Head” (the guy likes beats…). He also produces one of the most amazing electro podcasts available today in “The Chamber”. Yesterday, after creating some buzz on his Facebook page (and declining that the remix he was about to drop was of Gotye, to everyone’s relief), he dropped this remix and requested only 150 shares to unlock it for free download. He has reached his goal, understandably, and here we are with a free, awesome remix of Fun.’s single. I was surprised when few jumped to remix this song (maybe because Alvin Risk did such a great job) but REVOLVR injects such a perfect balance of melodic chords and electro drive. If you’re a DJ, play this one out in one of your sets… I’ll guarantee it’s a hit with your crowd.

Fun – We Are Young (Revolvr Remix)

Head to Revolvr’s SoundCloud page for more beats!

Survival Sunday: New Deadmau5, Alvin Risk, Madeon and More

Hungover? I know I am. I had enough green beer and car bombs to last me for a whole ‘nother year and I hope everyone was able to get it out of their system yesterday as well. This week, a couple of really unexpected releases came out and I think you’ll like what we’ve got for you today. Of note, OWSLA released their Free Treats Vol. 2 this week featuring 18 tracks from some of their heavy-hitters such as 12th Planet, KOAN Sound, The M Machine, Two Fresh and Alvin Risk, in addition to a lot of other up-and-comers that OWSLA is clearly trying to get the word out on. As you might have guessed from the name, it was all free so I highly recommend you pick it up. And no, it’s not all dubstep, so don’t be turned off just because it’s from Skrill’s label.

Also, if you didn’t hear, Snowmont Music Festival, which was set to be Snowball’s little brother in Vermont, was cancelled this week. I’m so pissed that I have absolutely nothing else to say about it. Fail.

The first track came as a huge shock to me when I heard the sound the mau5 is experimenting with. Coming off their collaboration with Rusko, Cypress Hill teamed up with Deadmua5 this time around to produce what is nothing other than an incredibly creative hip hop track. I’ve never heard anything like this from the mau5 but I’m really digging it.

Deadmau5 – Failbait (ft. Cypress Hill)

Alvin Risk. He’s kind of a conundrum. One second you think he’s a dubstep producer, the next a moombahton producer and now an indie dance producer? Innovation like that is what I love about Risk and this remix is a ten-fold improvement over the original if you ask me.

Fun. – We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix)

Nothing really too new here but Dada Life added a vocal breakdown to their ridiculously hyphy track “Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker”. I heard them play it at Snowball a few weeks ago and it was just released this week. It adds enough that it’ll probably replace the original from here on out as the definitive mix.

Dada Life – Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (Vocal Mix)

I hate when I can’t post a the full version of a song but I’d be neglecting my duties by not sharing Madeon’s latest remix with you, which premiered on BBC last night. With A-Trak already having previewed a great remix of this track and an official one from TheFatRat on the way, it remains to be seen which one will reign supreme. Madeon certainly sounds like a contender here.

Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Madeon Remix)