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2011 in Review: Editors’ Selections & The Breakthrough Artists of the Year

Well, here we finally are. The last day of 2011. When we set out to do this 12 day long review of all the best in EDM, we were really trying to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of everything that went down in the wide world of electronic music. While everyone else is talking about Charlie Sheen and Steve Jobs as the biggest components of 2011, we were giving you the best tracks from the whole year among the best music videos, mixes, live performers and even more. We put a lot of work into all that content, but now it’s time for our most exciting post of the year. Not only did we all decide on which artists made the most significant impact in 2011 were, but we also get the opportunity, as the writers of this blog, to share with you our favorite tracks of the year. We did our best to avoid overlap so each set should be a pure aural experience full of different and futuristic sounds that we bumped our heads to all year long. I hope you enjoy and, as a friend of mine recently said, we look forward to going out of 2011 with a bang and waking up in 2012 with a wicked headache.


I’m a sucker for vocals… what more can I say…

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Entire list available for download [HERE]


I couldn’t begin to tell you how many songs were added to my collection in 2011. My ears are always open for that next great track – whether it’s from a podcast, a music festival, a DJ at a club, or my friends passing on word. I keep a running list on my phone of songs I need to download and as an aspiring DJ I need to constantly consider what will keep people moving on the dance floor.

My top 10 list was extremely difficult to put together and it’s gone through several revisions. As one can see, my favorites are mostly House and Electro-House, but I made sure to include a couple other sub-genres. This list is in no particular order:

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BONUS: Here are 7 honorable mentions for you to download, including songs by Arty & Mat Zo, Avicii, Tommy Trash, and Sub Focus


Soups Bangers: All zipped up for your listening pleasure!

Mikkas – Syndrome

Today we have an up and coming heavy hitter on the electro scene.  The past few months Denmark producer Mikkas (and one half of Mensura) has been releasing bass-ridden beasts filled with complex drops and trancey breakdowns that are guaranteed to slaughter the dance floor.  In September he had his remix of Porter Robinson’s anthem Unison released on OWSLA records, and most recently released his new track Syndrome on Lazy Rich’s label Big Fish Recordings.  With support from huge artists and labels like these, this artist is bound for great things.

Mikkas – Syndrome (Original Mix)

Mikkas on facebook, twitter, and soundcloud.

Survival Sunday: Pete Tong and Tracks from Major Lazer, Calvin Harris, and More

So, if you were in Denver last night and you didn’t go to see Pete Tong, legendary radio host and longtime DJ extraordinaire, play at Beta Nightclub, you missed out. Mr. Tong has been hosting electronic music programs on the British radio conglomerate BBC for over 20 years. Throughout that time, he has amassed what is probably one of the most comprehensive and overwhelmingly extensive collections of electronic music. He has also had the pleasure to meet and play with, most likely, every single major DJ playing today. He is nothing short of a legend to the entire electronic music community and continues to be a constant supporter of the newest producers, DJ’s and music, despite being in his early 50’s (this picture isn’t recent…). He even still produces and just released a track 2 weeks ago. Last night, he threw down a diverse set with an energy that just isn’t captured by a lot of the younger DJ’s you see today. Maybe it’s wisdom in his old age or maybe his years of experience, but he is a master of the decks and has a control of the crowd that is markedly awesome. And while his set started with a bunch of funky house music that I didn’t know (and didn’t expect to), he, the to the pleasure of the crowd, finished off his set with a few super popular tracks, including “Unison” by Porter Robinson and Nero’s “Me & You” and closing with Alesso & Sebastian Ingrosso’s summer hit “Calling”. He even played Knife Party. Needless to say, he played a great set and all I can say is I was honored to have been able to see him.

On the flip side of things, this was one of the slowest weeks for new music I’ve seen in a while. Like, really nothing. But of course I got some great tracks for ya regardless. First, Major Lazer’s newest track popped up a few weeks early of it’s November 2nd release off their upcoming EP. Not the biggest fan of Major Lazer but this one is decent, definitely some of the best Lazer I’ve heard in a while. Electro-style but still keeping in line with the sound you’d expect from Diplo & Switch. It’s a radio rip so I’ve just included the SoundCloud.

Major Lazer – Original Don (Radio Rip)

This one is actually a really cool and unexpected track from Bart B More and Harvard Bass. Although I’m never really sure what to expect from either one of them. Hopefully more like this.

Bart B More & Harvard Bass – The Funky Ones

This song I think is pretty fucking new but, regardless, it’s fucking awesome. Definitely sounds a lot like the original, just better. I have been absolutely, thoroughly impressed with almost every production I’ve heard out of this producer.

The Heavy – How You Like Me Now (Wick-It the Instigator Moombahton Remix)

I feel absolutely guilty for not posting this sooner but Pierce Fulton, Vermont’s super-talented and rising house producer, released the new Pardon My French EP last week and it has (rightfully) received so much positive acclaim all over the internet. Having already played in venues around the world, this guy’s is making quite the rapid rise to fame. Everyone aboard the Pierce Fulton train!

Pierce Fulton – Pardon My French

Last but not least, Boston producer Diego Camejo sent me over this track last week and I was actually quite impressed. Being a fan of Avicii and his unique sound, I like his use of a similar style and the uplifting feeling you get from listening to it. If you like Avicii, you’ll love this track.

Komback – Impressions (Diego Camejo Remix)

Feed Me vs. Knife Party vs. Skrillex – My Pink Reptile Party (Maluu’s Slice’n’Diced Mashup)

As you know we are not a blog that promotes many mashups, but every once in awhile something comes up that we have to share with you. That something is a seamless mashup of Feed Me’s My Pink Lady, Porter Robinson’s Unison (Knife Party Remix) and Skrillex’s Reptile’s Theme... WOOF. By combining these three mega anthems into one, Maluu has set some pretty high expectations. Now, some people would post this mashup purely on the tracklist, but what amazes me is his talent to make this sound so right and original. Check it out and if you like the track then like Maluu on Facebook (he has under 100 likes as I write this!)

Feed Me vs. Knife Party vs. Skrillex – My Pink Reptile Party (Maluu’s Slice’n’Diced Mashup)