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Mat Zo Rocks the Funky Beats on Pyramid Scheme + His New Radio Show

Mat Zo and Chuck D: two of the least likely candidates to come together on a collaboration. One man is a 23-year-old British Trance and House DJ/producer, the other is a 53-year-old rapper best known for his work with Public Enemy in the 80s and 90s. Do you remember Mat Zo’s incredible Essential Mix from earlier this year? What about Zo’s set from Trance Around the World #450 live from India? Whether you do or not, both of them featured Mat Zo’s track “Pyramid Scheme” which was released today on Anjunabeats – a label that has supported him since day one. The track, which is just too good to stop playing, highlights Mat Zo’s stellar production skills and insane amount of dance music creativity. “Pyramid Scheme” blends elements of Electro-House, Hip-Hop, and Big Room Progressive with Chuck D’s vocal sample of “Rock the funky beats”, originally from Public Enemy’s 1988 track “Caught, Can We Get a Witness?” Although the original vocal sample is over two decades old, Chuck D actually re-recorded this phrase for Mat Zo’s use on “Pyramid Scheme”. I personally can’t get over how clean and funky this track is, but I know it should be expected as it could almost fit on the Bipolar EP which was released in early 2012.

Do yourself a favor and crank this one real loud – and DJs if you know what’s good for you, throw it on at the clubs. Show Mat Zo some love!

Mat Zo ft. Chuck D – Pyramid Scheme | Purchase on Beatport

Tonight also sees the premier episode of Zo’s new radio show “The Mat Zo Mix” rebroadcast on Sirius XM’s Electric Area Channel at 11pm EST. Showcasing an hour of exclusive edits, fresh material and unheard tracks, “The Mat Zo Mix” keeps the focus firmly on the music. New episodes air every-other Saturday at 3pm EST, with a re-broadcast the following Tuesday at 11pm EST. I’m very stoked on this mix because I’ve yet to hear one by Zo that hasn’t wowed me. This is no exception. *Tracklist after the jump!*

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Genix Cranks It Up with Stateside/United

I’ve been listening to the Anjunabeats Volume 10 compilation on repeat over the past several weeks and one track in particular has been standing out in a huge way: “Stateside” by Genix. Don’t get me wrong, the boys from Above & Beyond (founders of Anjunabeats and the Trance Around the World/Group Therapy Radio podcasts) did a great job in recruiting artists and hand-picking tracks for this compilation, but there’s something about “Stateside” that really forces me to turn the volume up. I think Genix is highly underrated as a producer, as he consistently releases some of the hardest-hitting yet melodic Trance music I’ve ever heard. When the bass drops in around 1:00 you’ll see why this song is so infectious. It wouldn’t be a Trance song without an uplifting breakdown, which happens at 2:30, only to get cranked up as the song exits after seven minutes. Along with “Stateside” was the track “United”, which was released as part of the 2-song EP Stateside/United on April 8th on Anjunabeats. As you’ll see confirmed with “United”, Genix really knows how to produce those banger Trance tunes and I highly recommend you keep your eye on him for continued eargasms.

For something really cool, check out this mash-up of “A Thing Called Love” and “Stateside”!

Genix – Stateside
Genix – United


I’ve been meaning to post this track for a while and it is a must-hear Trance tune that has one of the most unique sounds I’ve ever heard (and that’s saying something). Heard on a podcast in the fall, it’s the Fon.Leman remix of Cramp‘s “Bombay”. This is a ripped copy, but it gives you a good feel for what you’re getting yourself into when you PURCHASE IT ON BEATPORT.

Cramp – Bombay (Fon.Leman Remix)

After 9 Years Trance Around the World Calls it Quits with TATW #450 Live from India (listen to all 5 sets here)

At the very end of the Trance Around the World #449 podcast, Above & Beyond‘s loyal worldwide audience learned episode #450, live from Bangalore India, would be the last. After nine years, the weekly two-hour radio show – known for featuring the latest and greatest in Trance and Progressive, often from Above & Beyond’s label Anjunabeats – would be no more. What we learned, however, was this was actually a re-branding effort: Trance Around the World would disappear, only to reemerge as Group Therapy Radio, set to premier this Friday November 16.

To celebrate the 450th episode of Trance Around the World, the Above & Beyond boys brought their Group Therapy show to Bangalore India for six+ hours of some of the best dance music in the world. Just as they did for episode #400 (in Lebanon), they invited their friends in the business to play and record live sets. For this year’s milestone, they brought out two of my favorite artists in Mat Zo and Norin & Rad (one of our favorites from Electric Zoo 2012) as well as Andrew Bayer (who has been producing forever but only just started DJing) and Jody Wisternoff (one half of the group Way Out West) for five DJ sets (including Above & Beyond’s two-hour set) that all rocked the crowd but at the same time stayed unique to each artist’s style.

Click through to hear these awesome sets and to take a look at the tracks that were played. I continue to be amazed at how impressive and talented Above & Beyond are during their massive live sets, but I also continue to be amazed at what Mat Zo and Norin & Rad bring to the table (or should I say, the speakers) with their sounds.

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Free Mat Zo Track: I Never Knew

Mat Zo, one of my favorite producers and DJs of the moment, just put out this free track for download over on his Facebook page. Less than a week ago I posted Zo’s must-hear guest mix on Arty’s Together We Are podcast and now we’re treated to this seven minute composition by the Englishman. The Progressive House track, which has a very “ravey” feel to it, shows off Zo’s unique way of writing songs that straddle the line between House and Trance. The breakdown in the middle even goes into an 80s-esque groove that most closely reminds me of an Eric Prydz (Pryda) production. If you’re familiar with Zo’s Bipolar EP then this track should make you feel a bit nostalgic. Next month Mat Zo will be part of the Group Therapy India lineup as Above & Beyond will air their 450th Trance Around the World podcast live, just as they did with #400 in Lebanon. Also on the bill are Norin & Rad, Andrew Bayer and Jody Wisternoff.

Mat Zo – I Never Knew

Must-Hear Guest Mix by Mat Zo on Arty’s Together We Are Podcast (Episode 014)

Any time I see Mat Zo‘s name on a live set or guest mix I HAVE to check it out. Besides being an amazing producer, Mat Zo’s mixes and live sets contain the best of both worlds as he blends Trance and House together in exclusive mash-ups that can’t be found anywhere else. After Zo opens the mix with his latest single “The Sky”, which is brilliant on its own, he jumps into his mash-up of Boys Noize’s “Yeah” and Jerome Isma’s “Speed” which has the driving bassline of “Speed” with the sing-a-long vocals of “Yeah”. From there on the rest of the hour contains more and more mash-ups that contain elements of songs you will probably recognize. I always enjoy hearing “The Reward is Happiness” and luckily it’s included here. Zo bookends the mix with another original track, this time “Bipolar“, which may possibly be my favorite original he has put out to date.

Arty usually handles the podcast duties himself, but he has moved aside a couple times in the past to allow for other artists to guest mix such as Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa and Infected Mushroom (that one came as a surprise to me). But hey, I’m not complaining that episode 14 is 100% Mat Zo so do yourself a favor and turn it up. And if you like what you hear, I recommend checking out his live set from Trance Around the World 400 which has the crowd going insane the entire time.

Tracklist after JUMP!

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Start Your Weekend Off With This New Video from Chris Lake & Lazy Rich + 2 Bangin Tracks by Norin & Rad

The king of Electro-House and the king of, well, every other style of House came together to release the track “Stand Alone” which was released back in July. The track features a buzz-saw bass line and chilling vocals from Jareth. Although we’ve come to expect this kind of track from Lazy Rich, it’s great to see Chris Lake pumping out an aggressive tune like this as he’s been known to span the world of House by releasing Big Room and Tech-House/Disco House sounds in the past. Today Ultra Records released the official music video for the track which I found to be pretty entertaining and a great way to kick the weekend off. Check it for yourself – and don’t forget to enter our Chris Lake ticket contest for two passes to Bond Boston next Friday. ENTER HERE

Chris Lake & Lazy Rich ft. Jareth – Stand Alone | Purchase at Beatport


I’ve been really high on the California duo Norin & Rad who have really started to make a name for themselves with hard-hitting Trance and Progressive-House tracks that have been hugely popular with guys like Above & Beyond, seeing heavy rotation on their Trance Around the World podcasts. We caught Norin & Rad’s set (real names Bruce Karlsson and Nick Sember) at Electric Zoo and we were very impressed by what we heard (and saw). On Monday the duo released their new EP Five Finger Death Punch/DeVas and you NEED to hear it. “Five Finger Death Punch” goes real hard but also gives us an uplifting break that reminds us this is a Trance song. “DeVas” follows in similar fashion and the unique style of Trance this falls into really rubs me the right way. Support these guys and pick up the EP HERE.

Norin & Rad – Five Finger Death Punch (Original Mix)
Norin & Rad – DeVas (Original Mix)