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BSBD Bootlegs Frank Ocean’s Hit Pyramids

Well it is safe to say I have been on kind of a Frank Ocean kick as of late. Amine Edge’s re-work of Ocean’s Lost has been stuck on repeat for me at this point for a couple months. Earlier this week Blue Sky Black Death, the production duo hailing from Oakland, released their upbeat and soulful bootleg of Pyramids by Ocean. Although I am not super familiar with BSBD they have been around for over a decade and the groups evolution appears to be constantly continuing. BSBD managed to maintain the lyrical story that Ocean initially portrayed in the original, and with a bit of reworking on the beat and the application of a few filters and synths the track really gained a gorgeous soft feel in this bootleg. Grab the free download below and check out the Blue Sky Black Death Soundcloud for more great tunes.

Exmag – Proportions (Full Album) FREE DOWNLOAD

Although you may have never heard of Exmag by name (yet), the lowtemp sound that this band is producing is nothing new to your ears. A recent formation, Exmag has been performing opening sets for band leader Gramatik for a few months now, slowly creating a repertoire of music that is the basis for their breakout album. The novel five-piece Brooklyn collective features Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero, Mike Iannatto, Illumntr, as well as the boundary-pushing funk master, Gramatik! Appropriately released on Gramatik’s Lowtemp record label, the sounds of Exmag are definitely not EDM, but hit heavy on funky R&B baselines all while using synths. The live act is a most see and is a great example of how electronic music is evolving as it matures. The album is perfect to listen to all the way through so please enjoy the free download and make sure you catch the boys as they begin to tour in 2014!

Don Fochi: My Mix


I don’t know about you, but last night’s festivities took a lot out of me. Since so many people get stuck spending Thanksgiving Eve at the same old bar, I’m grateful to have grooved into the wee hours of the morning at Spybar as Dubfire returned with his jet black, polished chrome beats. Needless to say, what most people consider the morning did not take place today. After one too many hours of visual stimulation courtesy of Frozen Planet, a disco nap on the couch seemed like the right idea. In need of some aural therapy, I nosed out this mix I remembered a friend had shared the other day and was immediately immersed into a soulful dreamscape. One hour and forty-two minutes of beautiful tracks–old and new–laced together elegantly by New Englander Don Fochi of Fresh Headz, this November mix is one to play any day of any year (but do yourself a favor and use a good set of speakers or headphones). Never wavering from the range of 109 to 118 beats per minute, this selection is perfect to throw on at a gathering, in the car, and wherever you see fit. After you download this magnum opus, be sure to like Mr Fochi on Facebookfollow him on Soundcloud, and get to one of his many shows in the Boston area and beyond!



Breathe Deep. It’s Infectious House Music from Anna Lunoe

Last week an infectious new House track dropped on the incredible Fool’s Gold Records called “Breathe” by Anna Lunoe. The hypnotic solo single “Breathe” is a welcome, futuristic take on classic dance vibes. Having spent years as an in-demand collaborator and skilled festival DJ, Anna Lunoe’s body-moving talents are without question. “Breathe” manages to showcase another side of Lunoe as an artist altogether, channeling the emotion of vintage House 12″s and the sweat of MTV’s The Grind (if you’re too young to remember The Grind, this actually existed) while bringing it up to date for a new generation of dance music fans. “Breathe” isn’t incredibly different than the Aussie-turned-American’s collaboration with AC Slater “Up All Night“, though it is definitely a bit deeper. This track is exactly the flavor of House music I’ve been into lately: soulful and not quite a main stage banger, yet highly dance-able and containing just the right amount of deepness. Anna Lunoe is currently on tour with R&B superstar The Weeknd and has a slew of international gigs lined up too – so if you have the chance to catch her you’ll probably hear “Breathe” coming out over the speakers!

Anna Lunoe – Breathe | Purchase on Beatport

Rudimental is Feelin’ The Love

This extraordinary Drum and Bass, 4-man band from the UK (Piers Aggett, Kesi Dryden, Amir Amor, and DJ Locksmith) called Rudimental, was easily one of my top 3 favorite performances that I had the privilege of seeing during my wild Electric Zoo Festival weekend in New York. Especially after seeing countless amazing acts throughout the last few days, it’s always overwhelmingly difficult when trying to pin point which performances were your favorites. In this case, Rudimental came to mind right away with no hesitation.

Something about their performance had a hugely inspiring and uplifting impact on me and I loved every second of it. They performed at one of the many Official Electric Zoo After Parties, on Saturday night at the Best Buy Theatre alongside Modeselektor and Delta Heavy. A lot of big names were also playing shows that night including Wolfgang Gartner and the Dirtybird Label artists, so I don’t think this particular show the majority of the EZoo-animals’ top choice for an after party. The place wasn’t balls to the walls or anything; but there was definitely a good crowd there. My friends and I immediately got sucked into staying after hearing only a few minutes of Modeselektor’s set. Rudimental came on after and I literally had the best time of my life. They played such awesome music, and at the end they even spun in some oldies, including Marvin Gaye‘s, “Let’s Get It On”, which made it and unforgettable and hilarious evening. They also play some live instruments and it really makes their music and entire package that much better. It was something totally unexpected and beautiful to bring to the stage, and the crowd  seemed to be all about it. The band had a great, positive energy, seeing as they were laughing and dancing with the crowd. It was fun to watch them have as much fun as we were. At the very end, they even walked out to the end of the stage and high fived everyone and took a bow–NSYNC/Backstreet Boys style. That’s when your know they’ve really got somethin’ there. I’ve been raving about them ever since that night and I probably won’t stop!

Rudimental debuted their first studio album called “Home” with Warner Music UK this past April and it has already been huge for them. It delivers a list of beautifully written and produced D’n'B tracks that seem to have some influence of R&B, funk, soul, and UK garage. Including their breakthrough number one hit single “Feel The Love”, the album also includes other awesome singles such as “Spoons”, “Not Giving In”, “Waiting All Night” and “Right Here”. The quartet also chose a number of absolutely flawless vocalists to accompany them on the album, and Foxes, John Newman, Ella Eyre, Becky Hill, and Emeli Sandé, are just to name a handful. Their music is a cool mix between relaxing and energizing. Every single track out of the total 12 is flat out dope. It’s a must-listen-to album. Get it on iTunes here!

They also just recently announced their big, upcoming tour for 2014 which they were really excited about. They’ll be packing their bags and heading out to see their fellow fans in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia starting in February. Don’t miss them when they come back to the U.S! I promise you’ll love these dudes. Listen to some of my favorite tracks off of their album, “Home” below!

Rudimental – Home

Rudimental – Feel the Love (feat. John Newman)

Rudimental – Hell Could Freeze (feat. Angel Haze)

Rudimental – Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)

Rudimental – Waiting All Night (feat. Ella Eyre)

Downloads Here

Late Night Radio – Far Into The Night

It wouldn’t be a true electro-soul album without a title comprised of some abstract reference to nature in a seemingly metaphorical way, would it? Just as I have said previously that Late Night Radio was poised to become your new favorite producer in that genre, he’s now produced and released what should quickly become your new favorite “electro soul” (or whatever you call it) album in Far Into The Night. Late Night Radio, who hails from Colorado like the oh-so-Pretty Lights which came before him, follows in the same tradition as Derek, producing hip-hop inspired jams, at times as ambient and trippy as they can be upbeat and dance-inducing. Late Night Radio, as his name would imply, generally veers towards the more downtempo end of the spectrum, but that hasn’t stopped him from experimenting with a host of new sounds on his debut LP Far Into The Night. As you might expect, there’s a heavy influence of soul, funk and even some jazz, with plenty of antique vocal samples mixed in. I’d be lying if I said this style is completely original – it’s not – but for fans of the PLM crew, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. My recommendation? Put this on Late Night. It’s all the Radio you’ll need. Grab the free download over on LNR’s Bandcamp here.

Download Far Into The Night Free Here