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Solidisco (ft. Nina Simone) – Feeling Good

Solidisco is the fastest growing name in disco house music. With a fresh recipe that revitalizes the classic house sound with today’s musical trends, it’s no surprise they’re gaining popularity at unprecedented speeds. Having just remixed The Knocks and Kanye West, we are now gifted a free, original download from the duo hailing from Buffalo. This record has been a staple in their sets for a while now but only as an ID. Finally the full version has surfaced bringing the swing movement into electronic music. “Feeling Good” is a blast to dance too, so be sure to catch Solidisco at the Sunset Music Festival this Memorial Day Weekend!

Solidisco – Never Let You Go

The young duo from Buffalo is at it again, releasing yet another funky clubhouse track under the watchful eye of A-trak and Fools Gold Records.  Featured on Fools Gold Clubhouse Never Let You Go follows Solidisco’s fun disco standard, and with a great vocal sample this track is pure gold. Solidisco continues to make a name for themselves as they move forward in 2013. Be sure to head over to their Facebook for Tour Dates and all the Free Disco you could ask for!

Soundcloud | Facebook

Anjulie Meets Solidisco On the Dancefloor

One of the fastest growing names in the disco house community has to be Solidisco with their fresh, revitalizing twist on classic house. Turning the music world upside down as their sounds appeal to today’s musical trends, it is no surprise that this Brooklyn based duo is gaining popularity at unprecedented speeds. It always helps when you can share the stage with the likes of Diplo and A-Trak (titans in the electronic community). They are jumping into 2013 with two feet forward, releasing their first remix only three days into the new year. Taking on You and I, a track originally produced my old man Benassi, Solidisco provides us with an instant dancefloor hit. It’s kind of just what they do. If you have never heard of them and couldn’t figure out by their name, this track has disco all over it.

2012 In Review: Indie Dance (Nu-Disco)

Yet another huge year in the genre of indie dance as we saw the spread of up-beat love spreading through the festival circuit. Perhaps also the most questionable genre to fall under the realm of Electronic Dance Music as many claim it to be just disco music from the sixties. Stuff that our parents used to listen too.  The music will never gain the popularity of the electro house and trance producers, but to those who love it, there isn’t anything better. When the sun is at its’ highest during the summer months, there isn’t anything better than laying by a pool and crushing RAC’s  Hollywood. Tracks like Those Days are perfect for grinding and bumping in the club while Doses and Mimosas is what I turn on in the morning after the long night. The music is so versatile and unique, but most importantly it makes you smile. Love the music you listen and you will be a happier person. Enjoy some of my favorite tracks from this past year and I really encourage you to download the pack for those summer days that are hopefully coming soon!

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got
Purity Ring – Obedear
Cherub – Doses and Mimosas
Amtrac – Those Days
Bailey Smalls - Love Tonight
Pretty Lights – We Must Go On
RAC- Hollywood (ft. Penguin Prison)
The Knocks – The Feeling
Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out
Solidisco -Turn Around


Solidisco – Turn Around

One of our favorite disco producing duos Solidisco is at it again, still producing the kind of tunes you’d expect from their namesake. This time, it’s a freebie entitled “Turn Around,” a tune full of funky horns and fun vocals contributed by George Benson that keeps a very upbeat and danceable nu-disco sound throughout. I enjoyed this one repeatedly during my Sandy-induced hibernation and I suggest you hit the download button and catch up on Solidisco’s latest masterpiece.

REMIX86 Releases FOGO Vol. 1

For those of you who have never heard of it, and I’m assuming that’s a lot of you, REMIX86 is a music blog that focuses primarily on nu-disco, indie dance and French, filter and ocean house. What all that really boils down to is that they don’t waste their time with electro and dubstep bangers and mainstream house tunes. They do one thing and they do it very well. REMIX86 is the one blog that I find myself on almost more than any other because they always get their hands on amazing original content that I just wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. Electro and dubstep blogs are a dime-a-dozen.

One thing that make REMIX86 so great is that, despite their weak following on Facebook and seemingly quiet internet presence, they are able to pull a lot of exclusive interviews and releases from really good producers. Their latest effort is a 2-sided compilation which is set to be the first of many called FOGO. Vol. 1 features such artists as Final DJ’s, Luminaire, Geisha Twins, Solidisco, and Le Crayon, many of which you might remember as being featured on this very blog. Best part is: it’s all free. That’s right, 22 tracks of sweet dance-floor goodness all for free. So head over to their Facebook page, like it, then download both parts of the compilation fo’ free!

FOGO VOL. 1 – A Compilation Presented by

Get it for your collection here.