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The MMIBTY Interview with Break Science


On the evening of Thursday January 30, 2014 MMIBTY Co-Founder Jon Gilman and friend Steve Saltzman sat down with Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee who, together, are the duo that is Break Science. The interview took place at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club while Break Science and Paul Basic were there as part of the Seven Bridges TourThe show was a homecoming of sorts for drummer Adam Deitch, who spent several years in the city studying at the renowned Berklee College of Music. Paul Basic and Break Science both threw down and showed us why they’re rising stars in the world of Electronic Music, supported by the influential Pretty Lights Music family. Read about how Break Science came to be, what their writing process is like, what some of their favorite cities to play in are, and so much more! (MMIBTY): How did you guys meet and form Break Science?
Break Science (BS): We met through a mutual friend who’s a bass player. We were playing in NY in front of nobody, playing in the city every week for like two years, full band, and after a while we decided to go just the two of us. And that’s how Break Science formed basically, keys and drums and tracks.

MMIBTY: Do you have one particular kind of writing process you go through when you’re in the studio?
BS: We have a lot of processes; we definitely don’t stick to one fixed way. A lot of times one of us will bring in an idea, lately we’ve been working a lot in the van just cuz we’ve been on the road so much and that’s the only time we have. We’ll be in the van or the bus or at the airport or wherever with our units out just trying to find the inspiration to help us power through the hours that it takes to really sculpt, to create a song that we’re happy putting out into the universe. It definitely takes a while. We need to make sure it feels right, it sounds right in every way before we put it out to the masses. It takes a lot of time, but we get it done. We’re already working on the next record. We’re doing several remixes for different artists. We just cranked one out for Derek [Pretty Lights] that we got to play on the Pretty Lights tour, it’s a remix from the Grammy nominated album A Color Map of the Sun. Sometime’s we’ll just jam though, we get on the piano or the drums and we’ll record it on an iphone or on laptop speakers then we’ll take that, sample it, chop it up, lay some drums over it. There’s a million different ways [the writing process] could happen. We enjoy not having a set thing, like you send me a track and I send you a track. We have done that, but that’s just one way.

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Pretty Lights Returns With “A Color Map of The Sun”

With long overdue releases from Daft Punk and Pretty Lights finally coming to light, this has been quite the summer of high expectations. And both artists share a lot, at least in this writer’s eyes. Both helped shape my love and passion for electronic music very early on, when I began to become consumed by the digital noises they produced and was particularly enticed by the hip-hop crossover of Pretty Lights’ music. Derek Vincent Smith, while he has maintained a rigorous tour schedule, has not produced a full length album in over two years, pouring his work over that time into today’s release A Color Map of The SunFor some background, Derek travelled the world working with many musicians creating his own samples from jam sessions and instrumentals, making his own vinyl records with the sole purpose of re-sampling it all for this album (which you can listen to on the included second CD). Needless to say, Derek poured his heart and soul into the production of this album and it shows: Not in the immediately apparent sense but in the abstract, intricate and technical sense, whereby listening you can hear a gentle soul feeling the music more than ever hearing it, orchestrating it more than ever producing it.

Anyone who’s ever been to a Pretty Lights’ show knows the large pool of fans he draws from – fans of jam bands, hip-hop, electronic music, indie music, you name it. The diversity of his music, especially over the course of his collection, is largely responsible for that, as throughout his nearly decade-long career he has produced music for the quieter, more instrospective moments of life as well as the more impactful and high-energy ones. And it doesn’t hurt that his shows are always as visually (and aurally) stimulating as the name would indicate. Pretty Lights has almost always produced music that you would be excited to introduce all your friends to, but wouldn’t hesitate to bring it home to mom and dad either. A Color Map of The Sun finds Derek returning to the mellow, hip-hop and soul roots he laid down in all his other full length albums, particularly his 2006 debut Taking Up Your Precious Time and its double-album follow up Filling Up the City Skies.

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Paper Diamond Drops “Paragon” EP

Well the time has finally come, Alex B, better known as Paper Diamond has finally released his long awaited Paragon EP. As we watched the release get delayed on this album multiple times the hype began to build and we all knew we were waiting on something special. Teaming up with everyone from Cherub to Protohype, Paper Diamond took it to the next level with this full 11 track EP that is an absolute amazing listen from start to finish. As Paper Diamond has branched out from his beginnings as a member of the Pretty Lights family he has maintained some of the PLM sound while really creating a specific set of his own sounds that seem more refined with each new release. A few of my favorites from the new EP are XIX feat the beautiful voice of Angela McCluskey, and of course Jus Like Clockwork a collabo with the LA breakout duo Cherub. Be sure to check out the whole EP below and show Paper Diamond and Elm and Oak some love for once again hooking it all up for free!

Paper Diamond Gets Tricky With Sleight of Hand; Pretty Lights Releases Around The Block

Yesterday Paper Diamond gave fans a treat with his track “Sleight of Hand”. What was originally supposed to be the day when Mr. Diamond (Alex Botwin) dropped his new EP Paragon, April 16th instead turned into a day when he released a B-Side Instrumental. “Sleight of Hand” was written in 2012 while creating Paragon and features something his old-school fans will be sure to vibe with. This track fuses Paper Diamond’s signature bouncy electronic beats with hip-hop elements for a fresh roll-your-windows-down banger. I know if I had heard this song without knowing who it was by, my guess would be Paper Diamond or someone in the Pretty Lights Music family – it just has that feel.

The Paragon EP will be available for free download next Tuesday, April 23rd. Make sure you grab it!

Speaking of Pretty Lights Music: it may have slipped under your radar, but Derek Vincent Smith released his latest track on Sunday the 14th. Called “Around the Block”, the soulful track features the vocals of Talib Kweli, who is hands-down one of my favorite lyricists past or present. While the beginning of the song rides on piano rolls and sounds that cause me to picture images of the sun setting, the 2:30 mark features a shift that heads towards a Dubstep-esque groove. This mood-boosting breakdown returns to the song’s original elements to wrap up the cut and to seal the deal on yet another awesome Pretty Lights track.

You can head HERE to download the track and other work by Pretty Lights’ artists.

Everything is perfect
Everything just fine
We keepin’ everything movin’
While the sun is shinin’

Pretty Lights – Around the Block ft. Talib Kweli

Wick-It & Eliot Lipp Are Just A Couple Of City Dwellers

I was quite intrigued when I went on to my SoundCloud stream yesterday and saw a free release from Wick-It The Instigator and Eliot Lipp. While Wick-It operates out of his own independent camp and Lipp comes from the Pretty Lights Music family, both have a similar sound and style of downtempo Electronic music sprinkled with Hip-Hop influences (although both producers have material that spans the Electronic spectrum). Wick-It is especially rooted in Hip-Hop if you’ve ever heard any of his remixes or even his mash-up album of Big Boi and the Black Keys. With opening lyrics of “All my city dwellers from the Bay to the Bean”, this one really makes me yearn for the Summer as I plan to put my snapback real low, my windows even lower, and my volume extremely high. These guys consistently release music for free so make sure you show them some love in return for their awesome beats.

Shuffle Sunday Vol. 2 Featuring Designer Drugs, edIT, Mord Fustang, Gramatik, and Chromeo

In case you missed Volume 1, here’s a little info about our newest segment Shuffle Sundays: So bhanna came up with this concept a little while ago but of course waited way too long to get it started. The idea behind Shuffle Sunday is this: whoever is running the post any given week will simply go through their iTunes on shuffle, sorting through all sorts of tracks spanning genres, older and newer, and find stuff we’ve never posted before or that we haven’t posted in a long time. We sift through a lot of music on a weekly basis and a lot of it ends up falling through the cracks. So the point here is to introduce you (and us) to some tracks that may have slipped under the radar and reintroduce us to some old classics. Sound off on our Facebook page if you really like it!

Back during my senior year of college (2010) I was just starting to really get into Electronic and Dance Music, but I didn’t necessarily have a favorite artist or know what direction to go in with my downloading and listening choices. When I was in Australia the year before, I had downloaded compilations such as Ministry of Sound Sessions and Clubbers Guide which proved to be great resources for all kinds of new music, mostly in the House realm. In a similar fashion, I had stumbled across the NYC-based Designer Drugs who are a prevalent force in the Dance Music world, but if you only pay attention to the mainstream you may not have heard of them. Their sound is grimy and unique and I’d probably most closely relate it to sounds of the Jack Beats. They released a remix compilation in 2010 and this week I rediscovered their remix of Treasure Fingers‘ “Cross the Dancefloor”. The original is a funky Nu-Disco tune and the Designer Drugs remix keeps some of that funk and adds a layer of grime to it. Check it.

Treasure Fingers – Cross the Dancefloor (Designer Drugs Remix)

In a complete musical 180, the next song I shuffled to was edIT’s “Laundry”. For those new to the program, edIT is a member of the Glitch Mob but he has released some of his own solo material. I had no idea who the Glitch Mob were until my first year at Electric Zoo in 2010. In an effort to become more familiar with them I had downloaded a discography of the group and each of their members. “Laundry” comes from the album Crying Over Pros for no Reason which was released in 2004 – a time at which I referred to all dance music as “Techno”, as most casual listeners do. The tune is very chilled-out and stays true to edIT’s Glitch-style roots. This is certainly nothing you’ll hear on the dance floor but it is a beautiful piece of work that you can tell had a lot of work put into it.

edIT – Laundry

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