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Review: Mord Fustang’s Debut Artist Album “9999 In 1″

Estonia is a small country located in the Northeast portion of Europe, commonly referred to as the Baltic region. With a population around 1.3 million people and a size comparable to Vermont and New Hampshire combined, Estonia isn’t exactly the center of the dance music world. There is, however, a certain electronic DJ and Producer who has emerged from his peers as a supremely talented and unique artist. His name is Mord Fustang and despite spending years producing singles, EPs, and remixes, last week he finally released his very first artist album called 9999 In 1.

On a personal level I’ve been following the 24-year-old Mord Fustang since 2011 when the incredible “Lick the Rainbow” was on heavy rotation for my friends and me. Any fan of “Lick the Rainbow” knows just how unique the track is – it has one of the most devastating drops in Electro-House in the past few years with heavy doses of Electro wobbles, yet contains uplifting melodies and some perfectly-chosen jazz licks. While Mord Fustang likely took a lot of time to find his sound, “Lick the Rainbow” to me, now defines his style. Fustang’s sound has that futuristic, video game edge that also molded guys like Porter Robinson, yet stays true to dance music often with four-on-the-floor beats around the 128bpm range. Since I discovered Mord Fustang I have made sure to pay attention to all his music and it should be noted that the entire A New World EP, which “Lick the Rainbow” can be found on, is nothing short of incredible. All of Mord Fustang’s releases over the years have built on the unique sound he’s carved out in his productions and they keep our bodies moving the whole time. Even more so, the couple times I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Mord Fustang perform live I left feeling impressed and wanting more.

But I’m not here to talk about the past, I’m here to talk about the present and future of dance music by way of 9999 in 1.

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Pierce Fulton Teams Up With Project Pink And Mixes for Breast Cancer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Everyone from local organizations to the American Cancer Society to the NFL have promoting pink in an effort to raise money and raise awareness for the battle against Breast Cancer. During a time when the dance music scene has been taking a lot of flack for low points among the community, a few key groups are making an effort to change that opinion. Elektrik Entertainment, White Raver Rafting, and Your EDM have teamed up to host a series of four podcasts featuring some of the hottest artists in the industry. For every 1,000 plays the podcasts get they’ll be donating $50 to the American Breast Cancer society. All you have to do to support Project Pink is listen to great music and share it with your friends.

I’m very impressed by not only the strides these groups have taken to make a difference, but also by the lineup of DJs they’ve enlisted. Pierce Fulton wraps up the series with his awesome hour-long guest mix. Having walked the same campus as Pierce at the University of Vermont, where this blog saw its start, it’s always refreshing to hear new material from him – whether in the form of an original track, remix, or DJ set. What I like about Pierce Fulton is he’s not afraid to take chances and that his style can range from Trance to Electro-house to Progressive and even some Bass Music (Trap, Dubstep, Moombah, etc). I always make sure to focus on Pierce Fulton’s mixes because I know they’re going to be exactly my style – hard-hitting drops and melodic breaks, with edits mixed all the way in. This particular mix features tracks by Mord Fustang, Eric Prydz, Norin & Rad, and Mat Zo – all of whom are some of my favorites in the industry. We also get a crushing mashup of Dada Life vs MUST DIE! – Feed The Fever Dream Part 1, which took me completely by surprise. Even a bigger treat was the mashup of Eric Prydz’s “Every Day” with Rustie’s “Slasher” (not listed in the track list, but it’s there!).

Included in the set below are the other three mixes from Chachi (coming to Boston’s Estate Nightclub tonight), Hyperbits, and the Disco Fries. Pierce Fulton also returns to Boston in a few weeks to play Prime Nightclub.

*Even if you don’t listen to these mixes in full, press play so we help raise money to fight Breast Cancer!*

Tracklists after the jump!

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Jorts – Cloudworks

I’ve been keeping my eye on Jorts ever since the release of his moombahcore remix to Knife Party’s “LRAD”, which remains one of my favorites of the many, many remixes of that track. Jorts is a great example of a kid with a passion and a talent for production – in the year since he started producing under his current moniker, he has churned out over 10 originals and remixes, ranging from electro to dubstep to moombah to trap. Despite only having amassed 35 Facebook likes (come on, don’t you have more friends than that bud?), Jorts is no doubt a great talent in the studio (or the bedroom, as the case more likely is) and has a bright future if he sticks to his instinct and keeps producing quality music like this, his latest, “Cloudworks”. The track could just as easily been produced by Mord Fustang, and at times it certainly sounds like it was. Making use of delicate sections contrasted with speedy and scratchy electro drops, Jorts has in “Cloudworks” one of his finest productions to date. Here’s what he had to say:

“The most upbeat and airy song I’ve probably ever made, hence the name. Ironically, also the dirtiest drop I’ve ever crafted. That said, don’t let the fake drop at 1:00 fool you. I spent many long hours on this, hope you enjoy! Many more original tracks will be on the way.”

Make sure to show Jorts some love on Soundcloud and Facebook!

Concert Wrap-Up: Feed Me & Mord Fustang @ Boston’s Royale Nightclub 2.4.13

Recognize this picture? Well you should, because although I took it last week it’s reminiscent of Feed Me‘s last U.S. tour (and yes that was also called the Feed Me With Teeth tour). If you need a reminder check out our photos from April 2012, which is the last time Feed Me (Jon Gooch) last visited Boston’s Royale Nightclub.

By the time last Monday night’s show (2.4.13, the first show of back-to-back nights in Boston) wrapped up at Royale I felt like I had a slight case of déjà vu – at least due to Feed Me’s set. As already stated, Mr. Gooch was using the exact same stage setup he had on his tour less than one year ago (and I’m almost positive he was wearing the same t-shirt as last year), which begs the question why should I come out to see you this time around if the title of your tour seems to be the main draw (the “With Teeth” part)? Having seen him on more than just one occasion I also know he has a tendency to play sets comprised of greater than 90% of his own songs. Sure, I’m a HUGE fan of Feed Me’s productions, as you can tell by reading my review of his most recent release Death By Robot EP, but I also knew exactly what to expect during this show and I don’t like knowing what to expect from a DJ. Feed Me is an extremely talented producer, DJ, and artist and the mixing was flawless during his set. But when DJs play mostly their own productions it leaves for very few surprises, save for the order in which they play their songs and/or the unveiling of some unreleased material. One of the things I value most in live DJ sets is the ability of the DJ to surprise me and to introduce me to music I hadn’t heard previously. Again: I love Feed Me’s music, but having only been around for a few years, he doesn’t exactly have a deep collection of tunes to dig in to and I felt like he was just zipping through his material for the hour and a half he spun.

Another artist who mostly stuck to his own stuff was the tour opener Mord Fustang, who is hands-down one of my favorite producers. His set, musically, excited me much more than Feed Me’s. That’s probably because if I had to choose either of these producer’s music to listen to it would be Mord’s. Here was my problem, however, with Mord Fustang’s relatively short set (only an hour??): he had absolutely no stage/lighting show. Fustang played on a dark stage that housed his DJ setup on top of a fold-up table with a black tablecloth over it. You have to figure that with Feed Me’s incredibly elaborate “Teeth” stage setup, Mord Fustang would at least get some kind of way to show off too, but he merely let his DJing do the talking. I did like bopping around to Mord Fustang’s set but I’m not sure I’ll ever see him play a better one than he did at Electric Zoo 2012.

So I think I need to back up here…

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The Finding Nemo Mix by MMIBTY Co-Founder GBallz

On Friday during Winter Storm Nemo (I still can’t believe we’re naming every single storm now…) I decided to record a new mix. Given the fact that I have been really into Deep House and Tech House recently, and the fact that I had the pleasure of seeing Jacques Greene throw down an awesome set Thursday night at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge, I thought I’d take the mix in a Deep and funky direction. Depending on how familiar you are with songs off the beaten path, you may recognize some of the tracks but there’s a good chance you won’t know all of them. A lot of the songs are new within the last few months and almost all of them are from 2012 and 2013, with a surprise throwback to close out the set.

I really think you’ll like what you hear as the feedback has been great so far. Check it out and let me know what you think! Tracklist after the jump

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Mord Fustang Releases Taito

All I can say is that it has been awhile since Champloo was released, so when rumors surfaced of a new Mord Fustang track needless to say I got a little excited. This funky beat has your number before you even gave it out, your hooked for better or worse. A pulsating throb enters your bloodstream as Mord builds the beat into an iconic anthem before dropping into a plethora of funk almost halfway into the track. This song is downright fun, nothing but smiles come from this one. I can see this as a permanent fixture on my playlist for the immediate feature.

Mord Fustang – Taito (Original Mix) | Beatport