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UFO! x Hoodie – Fissa

Fissa is a slang word that means ‘party’ in Dutch.  Let me tell you this track by UFO! and Hoodie is definitely a party!  This is one of the best moombahton tracks I’ve heard in a while.  Both UFO! and Hoodie are known for their bangin moombahton and trap tracks, so when I saw these two did a collaboration I was excited.  I love moombahton, and I wish there was more of it out there.  Fissa had me hooked on it the first time I heard it.  The track has a great bangin beat that gives the track energy and makes it pack a punch.  I love how the two producers incorporated a lot of Spanish/Latin sounds into the track.  Fissa makes great use of Spanish guitar, horns, and a piano which really make the track unique.  I love the Spanish/Latin style and energy that UFO! and Hoodie gave this track; I think moombah is always better when it has Spanish/Latin elements in it.  So many tracks nowadays (especially on the Beatport Top 100) sound so similar and are pretty much cookie cutter tracks.  That’s something I’ve always loved about moombahton; it’s almost never the same, and artists make their moombah tracks unique.  By using a variety of instruments and changing the tempo, Fissa definitely stands out from other moombah tracks.  I really have no idea how UFO! and Hoodie aren’t more popular.  Both consistently crank out trap and moombah tunes that really stand out compared to other artists.  Plus both artists have a ton of talent in my opinion.  I think it may only be a matter of time before both of them blow up and become huge.  Listeners are always looking for something new and unique, and UFO! and Hoodie are there to do just that.  Also, UFO! and Hoodie are awesome enough to give Fissa away as a free download so grab it from UFO!’s Soundcloud or Hoodie’s Soundcloud.  Play this track loud at your next Fissa!

Ricky Vaughn – You’re Welcome N.*.G.G.A EP

Ricky Vaughn‘s  “You’re Welcome N.I.G.G.A (Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished)” is his return and evolution of the Moombahton sound he created years ago while producing for Sazon Booya. YWN features a total of 8 originals songs, 3 being collaborations with Maxx & EJ. Paul Lee & Yonta, in addition to a vocal feature from The R.O.A.R. The EP will be out for free NOW!

Must listen to tracks include “Oye Mami pt. 2″ and “Mad De Ojo.” With this revival of Moombahton from Ricky Vaughn, I would love to see some producers like ETC!ETC! and Bro Safari leave Trap music for a while ago go back to the type of jungle beats that made then the artists they are today.

1. You’re Welcome Ft Maxx & EJ2. N.I.G.G.A
3. Oye Mami Pt. 2
4. Original Ft Paul Lee
5. Mal De Ojo
6. Razz Ft Yonta
7. Back On The Scene Ft The R.O.A.R.
8. My Body (She’s Sexy)


Ricky Vaughn – Art Of Moombahton Volume 1

Ricky Vaughn is here to save Moombahton! The ex-Sazon Booya producer and DJ has been steadily making a name for himself as a solo act in the last few months, producing for all types of genres including Trap and Moombahton. His latest release is a 32 track mix titled Art Of Moombahton Volume 1 featuring plenty original productions and remixes from the man they once call Mr. Vega. The new mix also contains some exclusive new tracks from the likes of fellow Moombahton vets and newcomers ETC!ETC! , NoiseTwins, Dface and Big Makk. Check out the mix below and download it for FREE!

RickyVaughn Facebook | Twitter

Soundcloud Safari Vol. 2

Well it is time for the second round of our bass inspired safari through the talent laden plains of Soundcloud. Got another set of fifteen or so great new tracks for you today from some lesser known artists that continue putting out some great material, whether or not it is being recognized. The lack of influence by big record labels, promoters, and even the general public gives these unknown producers the ability to truly explore new sounds and ideas. With that came for the inspiration of Soundcloud Safari as well as a plethora of amazing free music has been created. Today we have some awesome new tracks from young gunners Charity Strike, Trill Scott HeronNAKFA and many more. Be sure to show these guys some love and hit that like, repost, comment, or share button as you listen through the tracks below. Or if you just wanna download all the tracks real quick and show your gratitude after a good listen, then grab this whole edition of Soundcloud Safari in the zip pack below!

Grab the full zip pack here!

LeDoom – Revolution

I have been following Austin, Texas based producer LeDoom for a little over 6 months now. Defining his music as ‘Doombahtone’ and being supported by artists such as; Knife Party, Dillon Francis, DJ Craze, Tittsworth, Nadastrom, Munchi, Kissy Sell Out, Bro Safari. Often gracing the Beatport top 100 I would imagine Ledoom’s big break will be coming soon.

About 30 minutes ago his new track popped up on my SoundCloud, unfortunately available via streaming only. Being a young niche producer this is a very greedy mistake in my mind, but nonetheless it’s a tremendous track driven by a solid bassline and some brief vocal samples, “Revolution” is a statement of versatility that LeDoom has shown in all his releases. Below check out this release and the rest of his stuff on his Soundcloud.

LeDoom Facebook | Ledoom Soundcloud

Soundcloud Safari: Volume 1

About two weeks ago I hopped on Soundcloud one morning and as I was listening to the days new tracks in my stream I noticed that the majority of people who I follow are lesser known artists that are almost always giving their music away. As I search the web daily for music, I wonder what threshold an artist must cross to truly garner the attention of the top music blogs? I am not sure the answer to my previous question, so to help some of these young guns out of their momma’s basements I have come up with Soundcloud Safari. The idea is that as I uncover new artists, that may or may not carry enough weight to garner their own post,  I will still be able to share their tunes with you all. The “Safari” part of Soundcoud Safari is meant to represent the jungle type beats and high levels of bass to be expected in these posts, everything from Trap to Moombahton to Cumbia to Zouk. This Safari has no schedule but will be posted each time fifteen new, worthy, and free tracks are poached off the plains of Soundcloud. This week we have some dope new tracks from the likes of DJ Theory, Blem, Willy Joy, Baile Phunk and even a free Marble Floors remix from MartyParty! Are you a Soundcloud animal looking to make it to the big top? Send me your newest jungle beats to or

***Grab the zip pack of all the tracks here.***