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In Case You Missed It: Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth – Flash

I rarely miss the opportunity to post a new song by our crowned “King of Electro-House” Lazy Rich. Though I may have missed the opportunity upon its initial release (May 12), I’m here to make sure Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth‘s song “Flash” doesn’t escape your attention. I keep saying how hard it is to find TRUE Electro-House these days and Lazy Rich is both a producer and label owner who makes it his job to ensure TRUE Electro-House stays alive and well. You’ve probably heard Lazy Rich’s name many times over, especially if Electro-House is your thing, but you may not have heard of up-and-comer Hot Mouth, who resides in Los Angeles and is a part of Deadmau5’s Mau5trap label. That’s right, even though Lazy Rich is the owner of Big Fish Recordings he released a track on Deadmau5’s label… funny how that works. I think the most ironic part about “Flash” is that I heard it on the most recent episode of Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Radio – a podcast known mostly for its Trance and Progressive stylings.

Either way – the track is fire and shows us both why Lazy Rich remains the King of Electro-House and why Hot Mouth is a producer to keep your ears on.



Mikkas – Syndrome [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Big Fish Recordings is the Vancouver-based record label run by Electro-House DJs/producers Lazy Rich and Hirshee. As far as I’m concerned Big Fish is one of the few Electro-House labels out there that sticks true to its sound and continues to release good, hard-hitting Electro in a world where the genre of Electro-House has become watered down. Big Fish is home to some premier names in Electro-House like FTampa, Lucky Date, Dirtyloud, and of course Lazy Rich. But the label doesn’t just thrive on big-name artists – it also releases loads of music by up-and-coming producers and lesser-known DJs. I’d put Danish producer Mikkas somewhere in between. I found out about Mikkas when Porter Robinson exploded onto the scene and would often play one or two of his songs in live sets. Mikkas also remixed Porter Robinson’s “Unison” on the Spitfire LP. Lazy Rich kept me abreast of Mikkas through The Lazy Rich show, a weekly two-hour podcast of Electro-House. This past Friday Big Fish offered up Mikkas’ track “Syndrome” for free download. The track originally dropped in 2011 but it’s timeless and contains a perfect balance of hard-hitting Electro and melodic breaks. “Syndrome” is a little on the darker side but it shows off Mikkas’ excellent production skills. I think true Electro-House is a dying genre so I hope Mikkas and his label mates continue to crank out great tunes like “Syndrome”. Check back to the Big Fish SoundCloud page each Friday for a free download!

Lazy Rich Cranks Up Sander Van Doorn’s Joyenergizer

Lazy Rich, the UK-native-turned-Canadian producer/DJ who we’ve dubbed the king of Electro-House, released his cranked up remix of Sander Van Doorn’s “Joyenergizer” last week. In a world where many dance music tracks have been falling deeper and deeper into the realm of Big Room House and festival anthems, Lazy Rich has stayed laser-focused on bringing us the latest and greatest in hard-hitting Electro-House tracks via his label Big Fish Recordings and his weekly radio show The Lazy Rich Show. You can take a look HERE and flip through all the material we posted by Lazy Rich, all of which have been true Electro-House gems. Now the label chief is back with his take on one of the biggest tracks of 2012, complete with a dirty chainsaw drop and many of the same elements of the original track. Rich actually managed to turn the drop of the original “Joyenergizer” into the breaks of his remix and it works perfectly.

If Lazy Rich is a new name to you, make sure you dig through his collection. And if you’re a fan of Electro-House make sure you listen to his radio show and see him live when he comes to a city near you!

Sander Van Doorn – Joyenergizer (Lazy Rich Remix) | Purchase on Beatport

Jimi Frew has Depth Perception

Jimi Frew – Depth. If you haven’t heard about it, you soon will. One of the main reasons I got into dance music is because of the semester I spent in Australia, where one of the most commonly heard music genres is some form of Electro – whether you’re at a bar, a club, or hanging out in an Australian’s dorm room. Jimi Frew (formerly fRew) is an Australian, born and bred, and as a result has been influenced by that scene from a DJ and producer perspective. His newest track “Depth”, released June 3 on John Dahlback‘s Mutants records is an absolute smash. I apologize for not posting it sooner, but this is one to keep in your rotations, especially you DJs looking for some extra punch. In fact, when I first heard the track I thought it was by Dahlback himself, but “Depth” really shows you how capable Frew is of destroying speaker systems. The sound he has found, combined with the vocal sample of “Ground floor going down”, falls right into my wheelhouse of what I look for in an Electro-House song. This sound is similar to guys like Tommy Trash and John Dahlback and will be one I continue to seek out. For more Jimi Frew sounds, head over to his SoundCloud page.

BONUS material comes from Jimi Frew and fellow Australian Bass Kleph on their track “Gum”. Also released on June 3, it’s another Electro-House gem from Lazy Rich‘s Big Fish Recordings label. Check them out!

Jimi Frew – Depth | Download at Beatport
Jimi Frew & Bass Kleph – Gum | Download at Beatport

True Electro-House with Case & Point’s Upgrade EP

This week Boston natives Case & Point (Casey & TJ) dropped their Upgrade EP on Lazy Rich’s label Big Fish Recordings. I was excited to hear what they had come up with after really enjoying their remix of the Bingo Players’ track “Out of My Mind”. To my pleasant surprise, I learned that both tracks on the Upgrade EP are true Electro-House gems that remind you this is what Electro-House is supposed to sound like. Neither songs include vocals – which is fine with me since I’m mostly into musical selections based on their beats, their bass lines, etc – but they do include driving kick drums and my type of dance floor fillers. “Upgrade” is a track whose breakdown/build-up reminds me a bit of Zedd’s song “Codec”, both in the chopped vocal sample and the synth sounds. The words “I need an upgrade” come across the speakers right before a crashing drop, something I think fits very well. If I had heard “Razor” without knowing who produced it, I might guess it was a John Dahlback track. And that’s a huge compliment because everything Dahlback puts out these days is pure filth. I really do like both of these tracks and I think you will too. The boys that are Case & Point continue to grow in popularity and they continue to impress me with their production skills. Great choice by Lazy Rich, one of my favorite Electro-House DJs, to include C&P on his label. If you’re in or around Boston Friday night, make sure to go catch their FREE show at Gypsy Bar (RSVP HERE)!


Case & Point – Upgrade
Case & Point – Razor

Lazy Rich’s Breakfast of Champions Remixes

Back in April of last year Lazy Rich dropped his then-newest banger “Breakfast of Champions” on his label Big Fish Recordings. Electro-House chainsaw massacre fans received a treat last week when Lazy Rich unveiled three new takes on the track. I can say with complete honesty that I had never heard of any of the artists who assumed remixing duties, but what I can also say is that these remixes go hard as a mother, fucker. None of the remixes are vastly different from Lazy Rich’s awesome original (they’re all Electro-House @ 128bpm), but they all do contain elements that make them unique. For example, I think my initial favorite is Zorastra‘s because it manages to bring in some funk while slowly building up to a destructive drop. If you can produce a song that is both funky and hard-hitting, you’ve probably got me in your wheelhouse as a fan. Rabbit Killer‘s remix is a surprising one because it starts off melodic and has elements of festival anthems but the drop is pretty insane. And whatever he did at 4:48 is something you wouldn’t expect towards the end of a song – make sure you check that part out! And let’s not forget about DJ Exodus, LJ-MTX, and A-Peace‘s collaborative remix because, you guessed it, it’ll make you want to punch a baby!

Make sure to check out all of these artists, who have 200 Facebook fans to over 10,000, and to show them some love. And don’t forget about the King of Electro-House Lazy Rich!

Lazy Rich – Breakfast Of Champions (Original Mix) | Purchase on Beatport
Lazy Rich – Breakfast of Champions (DJ Exodus, LJ-MTX and A-Peace Remix) | Purchase
Lazy Rich – Breakfast of Champions (Rabbit Killer Remix) | Purchase
Lazy Rich – Breakfast Of Champions (Zorastra Remix) | Purchase

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