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Step Rockets – Kisser (Lazerdisk Remix)

As we see the influence and rise of the sub genre Jersey Club emerge this season, many are pairing these beats with the sensual vocals of classic R&B singers. As artists like Wave Racer set the standard other acts are giving the new style a go around. Lazerdisk, a VT turn LA based duo, are taking a stab at the music with a remix of Step Rockets Kisser. Personally being a huge fan of these slow rhythms and blasting bass lines, I love what Lazerdisk was able to do here. This track needs to be played at loud levels to keep the party going later tonight.

Lazerdisk – TAPE III

If you have missed the last few installments of the TAPE series by Lazerdisk, have no fear, the best is yet to come. Basically the guys from Lazerdisk are going to all the record stores mentioned in A-Trak’s travel site Infinite Legroom. If you don’t know what Infinite Legroom is, its blog designed by A-trak that looks at places to fly, eat, drink, and pack. I’d suggest taking a look, it’s cute to see A-trak try to become the next travel gnome.

But after Lazerdisk hits one of these record stores, and plunder their content very throughly they head back home with some tasty vinyl treats in hand and create a very good 15 minute mini-mix inspired by what they found! They take a quick snapshot of the street that the record store is on and voila, a great taste of something unique and creative.

Track List:

1. Heaven – Let Me Go
2. Fatback – Backstrokin’
3. Q – The Voice of ‘Q’
4. Vicky D – The Beat Is Mine
5. The Aleems – Release Yourself
6. Arcade Fire – It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)
7. Letherette – Space Cuts
8. The Brothers Johnson – Celebrations
9. Jammy – Walk Away
10. Captain Murphy – The Ritual
11. Onra – V.B.B (Feat. Jay Kin & Amalia)
12. Mood Rings – The Line


Lazerdisk Burlington VT + Ticket Giveaway!

Only a few days ago the duo known as Lazerdisk kicked off their “Party Sex Is Dead” tour and us on the right coast cannot be happier. They will be hitting all the major cities in the East coast as well as making the pilgrimage back to their homeland of Burlington Vermont.

Right above the legendary restaurant and bar called Nectars, a place where some weird band named Phish had their first few gigs, is a neat little venue called Club Metronome. This 300 person club has had some pretty famous people walk through its doors from Joey Garafalo to RL Grime. Every time Lazerdisk has been posted on the bill outside it has been absolute mayhem, all of the residents of Burlington hold a special place in their heart for the DJ Duo and we expect nothing less this go about.

Make sure you get your tickets ASAP and try to win some right here on MMIBTY! Below you will find some links on how to get free stuff for this show as well as a mix the boys dedicated to the sound you will be hearing this go around. Hope to see you all there!

Party Sex Is Dead TOUR

They may be done with the “Party Sex” but by no means is the party over at all. Lazerdisk as they shall now be called is launching a pretty lengthy tour to spread the word of their new name change, and their new sound to go along with it. From Maine to Mexico the boys will be playing constantly until Novembers end, embarking on the next tier of their career.

Not only do we have the honor of helping to announce their tour, we will also be covering the event in three of the cities mentioned on the tour list, Burlington, Queens, and Boston. Make sure to stay tuned to our outlets for FREE TICKET GIVE AWAYS and INTERVIEWS to these events, it is something you certainly do not want to miss. Also don’t expect to see those Stormtrooper masks.

Along with the tour announcement comes a fantastic minimix that Lazerdisk has put together as a preview of their new sound and what you should be expecting to hear live. Packed with a few exclusives that you can only get on this mix and their new funk-layered upbeat sound that is as intelligent as it is mature, I personally am very excited to hear live the new and improved Lazerdisk.


TAPE II by Lazerdisk

“Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own; and from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, is but a succession of changes so gentle and easy that we can scarcely mark their progress” – Charles Dickens. Well we can spend the next few centuries discussing the meanings and importance of Chuck’s quote here, but I like to take home from it that change is an unavoidable and necessary aspect of everything we come to know. Often we try so very hard to maintain consistency around us but it is more or less true that adaptation is more fitting because moving with the river is a lot better than swimming against the current.

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Lazerdisk (Party Sex) Mix for Diplo & Friends

Not for nothing, it’s been a while since I’ve listened to a mix twice in a row (outside of the occasional essential mix, like Hot Since 82′s or Skrillex’s) and a lot of that has to do with the fact that I haven’t really been impressed with many lately. Sure, I still subscribe to quite a few of my favorite podcasts, which are great for a listen through once, but it’s been a while since I’ve heard one that has impressed me on all fronts: creativity, song selection and mixing. Lazerdisk (who shortened their name, I guess) just put through one such mix on Diplo‘s BBC syndicated Diplo & Friends radio show. The hour long mix packs in a whopping 67 songs, so for you doing the math at home, nod with approval. And we’re not talking 128 into 128 here… tracks from all walks of life have made their way into the mix. I was even pleasantly surprised to see Paces, one of my favorite up-and-coming artists, had his song “Ignite” featured on the mix (albeit for 45 seconds). While I’ve never seen Lazerdisk live and, quite honestly never felt drawn to, this mix has turned that around completely, as they are now definitely on my list to check out soon. Grab the free DL and take this one to go. Make sure to check out their new remix of Lorde‘s “Royals” while you’re at it, also featured on the mix.