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Groovy New House Tracks from Kaskade and EDX

As Mondays are often the days I attempt to climb out of the haze that the weekend has thrown over me, it’s always a pleasure combing through my SoundCloud feed and discovering new music that Music Monday has unleashed on the world. Two tracks in particular caught my attention today and because they both have a groovy, fun House vibe I thought it would be appropriate to share them here. The first track is Kaskade‘s relaxed remix of “The This This” by Late Night Alumni and the second, but not lesser, track is called “Remember House” by EDX – something a little more ready for the dance floors.

Most fans of Kaskade know that he has two very different sounds he likes to tinker with: one side is Deep House, as he first rose to popularity thanks to his loungey tracks (give It’s You, It’s Me a listen from cover to cover if you haven’t already) and the other side is straight up bangers like what you would likely hear if you saw Kaskade at a music festival. Fans of Kaskade also know that he is one of the founding members of the band Late Night Alumni and you may or may not know that they have an album called Eclipse dropping in May on Kaskade’s label Arkade. This is Late Night Alumni’s 5th album and it contains soothing vocals by Becky Jean Williams and production by John Hancock. Eclipse will mark the first full-length album from Arkade.

Today Kaskade released his remix of “The This This” which you will get for free tomorrow when you pre-order Late Night Alumni’s album. Give the track a listen below, it’s got all kinds of feels throughout.

Next up is Swiss producer EDX’s latest track “Remember House”. EDX has been in the game for years, producing quality House and Progressive House that span melodies, tempos, and aggression levels. EDX has a weekly radio show that he releases in conjunction with music blogs like ours and we had the pleasure of featuring a couple of these mixes (LISTEN HERE | AND HERE). EDX’s track goes a little harder than Kaskade’s remix above, but it certainly has a funky bassline and may just very well be ready to shake some clubs.

EDX’s press release describes the track: “Layering a deep bassline with infectious hi-hats and the old school-sounding vocal of ‘Do You Remember House?’, EDX hints at a new musical direction for 2015. Whilst keeping his trademark, up-beat progressive stylings, ‘Remember House’ comes through with heaps of energy of a modern club jam.”

Stream the track below and make sure to go grab a copy at Beatport when you’re finished!

Oh and if you want to hear more of EDX’s new direction he absolutely murders this latest mix:

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deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (Shiba San Remix)

When producers deadmau5 and Kaskade got together in 2008 they brought us the house anthem “I Remember”. “I Remember” is the type of song that is absolutely timeless, it’s haunting vocals from Haley Gibby have blared through the speakers of countless festivals, clubs and venues across the planet. The unedited track is nearly 10 minutes long and its radio edit has topped almost ever major publicized chart. With this magnitude it is easy to assume there must be remixes in the thousands, so it is surprising to see today, in 2014 almost seven years later, a remix that is making waves from a producer who you wouldn’t really expect to see it from.

On November 25th the mau5 released a remix package called “5 Years of Mau5″ that contained what was decided as the best ever deadmau5 tracks remixed by various artists. I expected some big names on it but what was surprising was seeing the producer Shiba San representing his remix of “I Remember”, and it is really good.

I have been a big Shiba San fan ever since I discovered the track “Okay” this February. The Ghetto House scene has seen some big triumphs this year with Amine Edge & Dance + Shiba San at the helm, and with this remix release on mau5trap records one can only assume good things are to come.

Take a listen to the remix here, and share.


A Response To Dubco’s Ocean Club Eulogy

Eric Prydz performing an epic set at Ocean Club Quincy MA, Summer 2013
Eric Prydz performing an epic set at Ocean Club Quincy MA, Summer 2013

Yesterday the music collective Dubco posted an article eulogizing Boston’s Ocean Club at Marina Bay. For those who don’t know, it was recently announced that Ocean Club would be no more and that luxury apartments would be built in its place. Though Ocean Club gained its name only a handful of years ago when DePasquale Ventures (Prime Nightclub, Umbria Restaurant, Quattro Restaurant, Bricco Restaurant, etc ) purchased it, the venue itself had been around for two decades under various aliases. Over the past few years Ocean Club’s rise in popularity was a direct response to the rise in popularity of dance music (or EDM as many of the club-goers would call it). Promoters like MASS EDMC and NV Concepts took the reins in booking talent to entertain crowds at Ocean Club, and management from Prime and the-now-closed Splash ran operations. Even resident DJs from the Boston community, like Bamboora, Voltran, and Dirty Dek, were part of the action. During each of the last couple Summers, rumors were always swirling about Ocean Club closing and that the venue would be torn down to make way for residences – I had always doubted this rumor. But it looks like the claims were not unfounded as the greater Boston area loses a key player in the dance music scene.

I’m not here to shit on Dubco for writing a mostly negative article on the late Ocean Club. Being a part of the media I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion – I can’t say Dubco’s piece was right or wrong. In fact, I share some of the same views the Dubco author provided his/her readers with. What I’m here to do is offer my perspective and history with Ocean Club.

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2013 in Review: Progressive House

Progressive House is one of those sub-genres of Dance Music that can fall victim to the blurred lines controversy. Personally speaking, when I think of Progressive House I think of songs that come from the Pryda Friends camp (Eric Prydz, Jeremy Olander, Fehrplay) as well as certain songs by guys like Mat Zo, older Hardwell, some Funkagenda, and even older Wolfgang Gartner. These days, however, some of the biggest names in dance music are falling into the Progressive House category with a much more crowd-friendly and uplifting sound – or a main stage, Big Room vibe.

Our list that is the best of Progressive House from 2013 takes a little from column A and a little from column B as far as what types of sounds are represented. We get some truly astounding and creative gems from guys like Eric Prydz, Jeremy Olander, and Fehrplay, we get some radio singles by the likes of Kaskade, Axwell, and Cash Cash, and some songs that fall somewhere in between by Mat Zo, EDX, and Kryder.

From a personal perspective, I think the Pryda Friends camp takes the cake and I’m expecting 2014 to be a huge year for Eric Prydz’s understudies Fehrplay and Jeremy Olander. There’s no way we can discredit Kaskade and Axwell for continuing to show why they’re at the top of the game, and the always impressive Mat Zo has proven to us this year why his album Damage Control hit #1 on the iTunes Dance charts.

Make sure to show all artists some love and let us know what you think of the list!

*Continuous Mix Below!*

2013 In Review: Deep House

We saw an amazing change in the musical climate over the past twelve months. The scene at nightclubs and festivals were very lopsided a year ago with electro house and bass filling up the majority of time slots. People craved what became known as “brostep,” constantly looking for something harder, something heavier. But oh how the musical taste makers would be surprised as this past summer saw the demand for a more sessionable set. The vibes were strong this year as entire stages could be found full of deep house fans stomping their feet and smiling from ear to ear. The deep house shows are now the ones people are talking about, the place that you can bring and dance with a girl, the scene where you will find the coolest cats in town. Just think about it, when’s the last time you went to a dubstep show? Below you will find a thought out, diversely curated group of music that we feel best defines the growing movement of deep house here in America. We hope you enjoy the vibes and look forward to dancing with you very soon but for now enjoy the continuous mix from EASTablished below.

Spaveech Injects Some Tech into Kaskade’s “Atmosphere”

And the producer who doesn’t quit…well, he hasn’t quit. Spaveech, probably my most-posted-about up-and-comer, just released his take on the widely popular anthem “Atmosphere” by Kaskade. You’ve probably heard this track at festivals, on your local dance radio, or at the gym (yes I fall into all three buckets), but you’ve probably never heard it remixed in quite the fashion that Spaveech has. Keeping the vocals intact (performed by Kaskade himself), Spaveech gives this one a little more bounce and a little more drive by turning it into a Tech-House thriller. We don’t really hear a huge difference until the ground-shaking main section comes in around 2:50, at which point a crowd would surely erupt. What amazes me most about Spaveech is that he really has no boundaries. He’s produced Trap remixes, original Progressive House bangers, and of course tracks that are a little more minimal like this “Atmosphere” gem.

I’m just waiting for the day when Spaveech gets picked up and goes on a tare because it’s really only a matter of time. If you like what you hear show the kid some love!