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G Jones – “New Beats 2015″ Mixtape [FREE DOWNLOAD]

G Jones is on an absolute tear. 2014 saw the Santa Cruz based beat-maker and West Coast Bass mastermind tour the country like a madman, headlining bills, playing countless festivals, and embarking on the epic Mind Machine tour with fellow Santa Cruz bass-creator Minnesota, among other things. Oh, and releasing a TON of free new music. Well, it looks like G Jones has no intention of slowing down in 2015 with the release of his latest mixtape, simply titled “New Beats 2015.”

The new mixtape just serves as further proof (as if we needed any) that G Jones is a tried and true connoisseur of all things West Coast Bass, pummeling listeners with an endless barrage of bass buffets. The beauty of future bass music is that there really is no limit to the new sounds that producers come up with, and these new sounds are in no short supply here. “New Beats 2015″ consists entirely of 19 unreleased original G Jones tracks and collaborations, including a couple of awesome collaborations with Mad Zach and Doshy.

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Example’s ‘The Evolution’, EDM Revolution

With the widespread takeover of EDM into mainstream music, people tend to take less notice in the vocalists that are singing and instead are focused in on the beat when listening to electronic music. Example has been producing since 2004, and has within the past year made his mark in the states. His style is distinct, and both his voice and his lyricism are recognizable. This week, the follow up album to ‘Playing In The Shadows’, which had plenty of big hits, was released. ‘The Evolution of Man’ has lots of depth and yet again has an all-star lineup of producers. Including all the artists on the deluxe edition CD (which is recommended), the album features Benga, Skream, Dillon Francis, Dada Life, Laidback Luke, Tommy Trash, Calvin Harris, Dirty South, Feed Me, Alesso, Zane Lowe, Friction, and Alex Smith. Taking all those big names into consideration, the songs sounds slightly different from what we would expect from these producers. The talent of these producers, however, truly shines as they provide great instrumentals for Example’s vocals to flow so smoothly over. Today I have a few tracks for you guys to check out, as well as a throwback from Example’s previous album. Make sure to check out the rest of the album though, which is available on iTunes today!

Example & Benga – Come Taste the Rainbow

Example & Alesso – Queen of Your Dreams

The Deluxe Version, contains more new originals as well as some great remixes of some tracks off the regular version.

Example & Dillon Francis – Someone to Die For

Example & Alex Smith – Close Enemies (Joker Remix)

Now for the throwback! This was one of the bigger singles off ‘Playing In The Shadows’ and was produced by Jon Gooch, also known as Feed Me.

Example – Changed The Way You Kissed Me

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Make sure to wish Example the same on his Facebook page!
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DUB Edition Vol. 3

Dub Edition is our opportunity to bring you some of the best, most creative dubstep music we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying lately. Don’t expect blasting brostep here… Expect the more melodic and musical side of dubstep that will have your ears (and maybe other body parts) tingling with enjoyment.

Since I started this series, I’ve had such a blast rediscovering my love for dubstep. I never fell out of love with dubstep, but the overload of total dubstep crap that comes my way is hard to process sometimes and interferes with the few amazing producers who continue to push the envelope and reinvent the genre for the better. Today, I want to start all you off with a new remix from Joker. If you don’t know about this Bristol-based monster, you haven’t been paying very close attention. Check out his essential mix from last year – it is one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever heard.

Redlight – Get Out Of My Head (Joker Remix)

It’s taken me long enough to work up the courage to express my deep, genuine praise for 12th Planet’s newest EP The End Is Near but it’s about time I gave it some props. After having the opportunity to check out 12th live a few months back, I started to really appreciate the guy’s talent. This EP seals the deal. He makes some truly unique dubstep.

12th Planet – The End Is Near Pt. 1

We posted this track on our Facebook Page a couple weeks ago but we’ve gotten such positive response from others loving the Voodoo Farm tracks we’ve posted in the past that I had to throw it up here. Why is this guy not more popular? Couldn’t tell you. Head to his Facebook Page and change that.

The Beatles – A Day In The Life (VOODOO FARM Dubstep Remix)

MY MAN MINNESOTA! Who would’ve ever thought dubstep could sound so beautiful? Recounting all the dubstep shows I’ve been to lately, Minnesota still stands at the top of my list for one of the most awe-inspiring dub shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. He’s gonna be at SnowBall… Are you??

Fenech Soler – Demons (Minnesota Remix)

And last but certainly not least, Adventure Club. Being the idiot that I am, I arrived to their show at Cervantes to buy tickets less than three minutes before they sold out, I was told as I stood 20 deep in the line. Very happy that they were able to sell out such a venue, however it’s unsurprising being that they now have over 75K fans on Facebook and are about to start a tour opening for Big Gigantic. Well, to anyone who went, I hate you and am extremely jealous. Here’s their newest remix. Can’t be overlooked like everything else in their catalog. And of course, free as always.

Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

2011 in Review: Editors’ Selections & The Breakthrough Artists of the Year

Well, here we finally are. The last day of 2011. When we set out to do this 12 day long review of all the best in EDM, we were really trying to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of everything that went down in the wide world of electronic music. While everyone else is talking about Charlie Sheen and Steve Jobs as the biggest components of 2011, we were giving you the best tracks from the whole year among the best music videos, mixes, live performers and even more. We put a lot of work into all that content, but now it’s time for our most exciting post of the year. Not only did we all decide on which artists made the most significant impact in 2011 were, but we also get the opportunity, as the writers of this blog, to share with you our favorite tracks of the year. We did our best to avoid overlap so each set should be a pure aural experience full of different and futuristic sounds that we bumped our heads to all year long. I hope you enjoy and, as a friend of mine recently said, we look forward to going out of 2011 with a bang and waking up in 2012 with a wicked headache.


I’m a sucker for vocals… what more can I say…

Get the whole list HERE.


Entire list available for download [HERE]


I couldn’t begin to tell you how many songs were added to my collection in 2011. My ears are always open for that next great track – whether it’s from a podcast, a music festival, a DJ at a club, or my friends passing on word. I keep a running list on my phone of songs I need to download and as an aspiring DJ I need to constantly consider what will keep people moving on the dance floor.

My top 10 list was extremely difficult to put together and it’s gone through several revisions. As one can see, my favorites are mostly House and Electro-House, but I made sure to include a couple other sub-genres. This list is in no particular order:

Download this ZIP pack HERE

BONUS: Here are 7 honorable mentions for you to download, including songs by Arty & Mat Zo, Avicii, Tommy Trash, and Sub Focus


Soups Bangers: All zipped up for your listening pleasure!

2011 In Review: Podcasts & Essential Mixes

Welcome to the first installment in our review of 2011 and all the crazy music that came along with it. We’ll be providing you with a post a day covering the best of everything EDM on the days leading up to 2012. We felt that it was only appropriate to start with our favorite podcasts and BBC Radio 1 Essential Mixes from the past year. Why? Well, a lot of the music we listen to and find comes straight from podcasts and mixes. We spend a lot of time listening to these, whether it be at work, at the gym, or on the road and look forward to new ones all the time. Here’s the top 5 podcasts from this year and if you’re not already downloading/subscribed to these, better get started.


1. Tiesto’s Club Life Podcast – Despite the fact that Mr. Tiesto spends every waking moment touring, producing, DJing, tweeting, collaborating, mixing, and God knows what else, he still makes time in his weekly schedule to produce this hour-long podcast (the actual show is two hours long but only hour 1 is available on iTunes). It is one of the all-time most popular music podcasts on iTunes and for good reason: Tiesto, just as he’s been unafraid to experiment with new sounds and genres this year, does not hold back in bringing you whatever good music he might feel like playing, regardless of what category it might fall into. Always a good podcast to work out to and discover some new music. [iTunes]

2. The Lazy Rich Show – The Canadian native may very well be the king of electro-house being that he runs his own label (Big Fish) which plays host to some major players and has had several massive hits this year (Better Wipe That Up, Protect Animals remix, Wildcat remix, etc.). Our favorite thing about Lazy Rich, however, has to be his monthly podcast. While some people might feel like two hours of hyphy electro is an overdose, if you’re looking to do anything of high intensity, this podcast undeniably fits the bill. Every show, he counts down his top 10 of the past month, plays a few other fun tracks, then features a one-hour guest mix by some of the biggest names in electro house (Darth & Vader, Revolvr, Spencer & Hill, Mord Fustang, etc.). Don’t sleep on this one. [iTunes]

3. Radio 538: Dance Department – Dutch DJ and radio host Dennis Ruyer brings us this weekly podcast which is a real treat if you’re looking to get away from the standard American diet of generic house, electro, and dubstep. While you will occasionally hear a track you know mixed in, mostly Mr. Ruyer exercises his knowledge and experience from years and years in the Dutch music industry and his connections throughout the EDM world to bring you funky, danceable house grooves plus a guest mix, usually by an international superstar DJ (Axwell, Deadmau5 and Avicii were all guests this year). If you’re looking to expand your tastes or discover some new artists and music, make Dance Department your first stop. [iTunes]

4. Trance Around The World (TATW) [iTunes, Streaming & Set Lists] – The Triumvirate of Trance and Progressive music have been on a tear lately and this year Above & Beyond have locked themselves among the greatest DJs in the world on DJ Mag’s Top 100 – ranking at #5. Each week these Englishmen bring us two hours of the latest and greatest in Trance and Progressive, which often revolves around their unique blend taken from tracks released on their own Anjunabeats label. No longer is Trance about 140bpm four-on-the-floor beats and uplifting vocals, but it’s now become standard fare to hear some wobbles and other elements of Electro-House on these podcasts (check out BT & Adam K’s “Tomahawk” if you don’t believe me). Thanks to TATW, we’ve been able to bring you tracks by awesome up-and-comers such as Arty and Mat Zo, as well as tracks by veterans such as Kyau & Albert, Ferry Corsten, and Above & Beyond themselves. Don’t judge a book by its cover – just because the word “Trance” is in the title does not mean that’s all you should expect to hear each week. Bring this one to the gym, on a long car ride, or to your study sessions and you won’t be disappointed.

5. Dada Life: The Podcast – The two kings of bananas, champagne and balls-to-the-wall party antics do these monthly podcasts, albeit usually a little off schedule. When the boys get time amidst their touring and producing, they put together these hour-long mixes featuring some of the biggest and most popular tracks in the house/electro scene over the past month. While these podcasts rarely showcase really new or obscure music, they do a great job at catching you up on anything you might have missed and it’s a guarantee that all the songs are quality. [iTunes]

You can find tons of other podcasts FOR FREE on the iTunes Music Store.

Essential Mixes

Pete Tong and his infamous program on BBC Radio 1 has completely taken the EDM world by storm and any artist would consider it a high honor to be asked to leave their two-hour mark on the history of the show. Many major artists today got their start years ago by releasing a mix through the show (think Benga, Rusko, and MSTRKRFT) and now the entire EDM world stays captivated to hear what artist Mr. Tong deems talented enough to take over a chunk of programming (even though it is in the wee hours of the morning) on the legendary BBC every week. Even though we haven’t listened to every one, here’s a list of some of the standout Essential Mixes from this year that you’re sure to enjoy.

1. Kaskade – In what we believe is, far and away, the best essential mix from this year, this superstar American DJ got his shot to show the world why he deserves to be one of the biggest names in house music EVER. His mix features a bunch of his own tunes, some of the biggest house tracks from this year and of all time, and he mixes it all together flawlessly. Even someone who doesn’t appreciate house music can appreciate how amazingly listenable this mix is. [Tracklist and Download on Kaskade’s SoundCloud]

2. Joker – This dubstep mogul from the UK just fucking delivers on this essential mix which features music all over the map. One of Joker’s specialties is hip-hop dub and while you’ll find quite a bit of that on here, there’s also plenty of slow sections featuring disco and funk music as well as other underground UK indie music that keeps you engaged throughout the entire set and balances the whole mix. Only expect more great things from this producer in 2012. [Tracklist and Download]

3. Laidback Luke – The Dutch mix king himself does his usual shenanigans by packing a full 64 tracks into his two-hour essential mix. That’s a lot, but it’s unsurprising given the skills this guy possesses in DJing. If you’ve ever had the chance to see him live, you know how this guy will keep you on your toes the entire time and never miss a beat, despite the fact that he picks and mixes a lot of his music on the fly. I’ll bet this mix was a first take, and it’s still utterly amazing. [Tracklist and Download on]

4. Pete Tong – That’s right… the host and longtime DJ Mr. Tong brought his own essential mix to the table this year and it features the kind of amazing music you’d expect from someone who’s been in the electronic music world for over 20 years and been collecting music from some of the best artists, known and unknown, that entire time. [Mediafire Download]

5. Martin Solveig – Well, it’s been a big year for Mr. Solveig. His single “Hello” went beyond viral and is now a household tune. His massive tour schedule brought him to some of the biggest festivals of the summer the world over and he was even nice enough to grace Denver and Boston with some amazing sets. This essential mix plays out like a top 40 mix of EDM music (including house, dubstep, electro and more) which isn’t such a bad thing when those songs include all the biggest tunes from Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner, Boys Noize, Afrojack, Bassjackers, and the hit-maker himself. [Tracklist & Download on Chemical Jump]

DUB Edition: Smooth New Dubstep Tracks

Today I got some dubstep tracks that I think will personally impress anyone, dubstep fans or not. This is a brostep-free zone. Some of the best producers doing it right now are the one’s you haven’t heard of yet and I’m here to prove it.

First, Joker’s tune, still unreleased from a couple years back, “Snake Eater” is a masterpiece that uses an amazing vocal sample with 007-like horns that will have you bobbing your head accordingly. You may remember hearing this one on his Essential Mix.

Joker – Snake Eater

Right off the BBC, DJ MistaJam brings us his VIP remix of this beautiful dub track by Skinkahbell. Such cool, laid-back sounds and awesome vibe. You may also remember Joker’s edit of this in his Essential Mix.

Skinkahbell – Something In Your Eyes (MistaJam VIP Remix)

The next two tracks come from some producer’s that are pretty new to me but these tracks speak for themselves. Ditta & Dumont bring warm synths to this vocal-heavy track, making you simply want to swoon along with the bass.

George Michael – Careless Whisper (Ditta & Dumont)

Finally, Bullwack, who earned popularity for his “Rolling In The Deep” remix a few months back, does similarly dirty things with synths, a piano and a fat bass backing. Feel-good intro with a heavy drop. Definitely the heaviest of the bunch.

Eddy – Need (Bullwack Remix)

One more late addition? Forgot this one was on my list. The Prototypes, purveyors of melodic dubstep who we’ve featured on this blog before, bring their latest remix and it is a smooth, chill dub track that will tickle your eardrums with elements of glitch and drum and bass.

Friction – Someone (Ft. Mclean) [The Prototypes Remix]

Thanks to The Burning Ear for some of these finds.