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Gramatik – The Age of Reason [FREE ALBUM]

Gramatik has teamed up with BitTorrent to release his new LP “The Age of Reason”, yes you read that correctly, one of the most recognized names in digital music production is teaming up with a company that is has is often under the gun as a channel that promotes music piracy.

It is tough to contemplate why a music producer would work in tandem with a company that produces software that is often used to download media illegally and in large quantity. It seems right off the bat that this is a poor decision, but Gramatik and his team are no newbies, with a discography that is pages long, Dreams About Her EP, Expedition 44, Street Bangerz Vol.1, Street Bangerz Vol.2, Water 4 The Soul Ep, Street Bangerz Vol. 3, to name a few and comes with strings of production credits on various labels from hip-hop to top40 radio ghost writing, Denis Jasarevic (Gramatik) is certainly making a very well thought out move here. Continue Reading…

Exmag – Proportions (Full Album) FREE DOWNLOAD

Although you may have never heard of Exmag by name (yet), the lowtemp sound that this band is producing is nothing new to your ears. A recent formation, Exmag has been performing opening sets for band leader Gramatik for a few months now, slowly creating a repertoire of music that is the basis for their breakout album. The novel five-piece Brooklyn collective features Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero, Mike Iannatto, Illumntr, as well as the boundary-pushing funk master, Gramatik! Appropriately released on Gramatik’s Lowtemp record label, the sounds of Exmag are definitely not EDM, but hit heavy on funky R&B baselines all while using synths. The live act is a most see and is a great example of how electronic music is evolving as it matures. The album is perfect to listen to all the way through so please enjoy the free download and make sure you catch the boys as they begin to tour in 2014!

Gramatik – Obviously (Feat. Cherub & Exmag)

We are so close to finally entering The Age of Reason as Gramatik drops the third and final single off his upcoming album. It is only a matter of time now until we have a full LP of free, funky beats to jam out too. Obviously is a collaboration with Cherub and Exmag. You should all be aware of Cherub after such unbeleivable tracks like Jazzercise and Doses and Mimosas. Exmag is fairly new to the scene, Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero, Mike Iannatto, Gramatik, and ILLUMNTR formed this super group to save the universe… one space babe at a time. All together there are a lot of players teaming up to make Obviously and original that is lowtemp, but full of future funk. Keep your eyes peeled as the countdown now begins for the complete album release from Gramatik!

Reflecting on Electric Zoo 2013: EZoo5

A look at the brand new Main Stage East
A look at the brand new Main Stage East

For complete photo albums, head to our Facebook page to check out Day 1 Photos | Day 2 Photos

Look, what happened this past weekend on Randall’s Island is a tragedy – there’s no way around it. It was a tragedy for a few reasons, mainly because two people died, but also because of the national coverage it received and how it negatively affects the dance music scene as a whole. Oh yeah, and also because it was the fifth year of Electric Zoo: an event people from around the country had been looking forward to all Summer and a milestone for its founders. Sunday was a highly anticipated day of the festival, featuring sets by some of dance music’s biggest DJs, a world-record twerk wall, a Dim Mak stage, and a Drumcode stage. But due to the “safety concerns” by Mayor Bloomberg and the city of New York, Day 3 was shutdown and EZoo5 came to an abrupt end. Sure, fans are getting a refund but that’s a huge letdown all around. I could sit here and tell you how people must educate themselves and look after one another, but that has already been shoved down your throats thanks to guys like Tommie Sunshine. While I side with guys like Sunshine, A-Trak, and Kaskade (click that link to check out their Ecstasy PSA) , I also think situations like recent “overdoses” and arrests in Boston are getting out of hand. But I’m not here to focus on that. I’m here to talk about the two days that DID make the beginning of EZoo5 an enjoyable time. (I’ll say, however, I am a bit surprised we haven’t received much of a statement from the founders of Electric Zoo… but that’s for another discussion.)

So, Electric Zoo was in its fifth year this past weekend. I had attended all but the first year, making this the fourth year in a row I’d be trekking to Randall’s Island NYC for Labor Day weekend (check out 2012 and 2011). Electric Zoo has always held a special place in my heart. It was my first music festival ever and it was what I consider my first real exposure to dance music. I let my friends, who later became the MMIBTY founding team, introduce me to DJs and music I’d never heard of, taking me around to different stages and giving me doses of “must-see” experiences. I’m talking about guys like Rusko, Wolfgang Gartner, Boys Noize, and Armin Van Buuren among others. Not a ton has changed about the festival over the years. Starting year 3 EZoo expanded to three days and more and more people started getting involved, up to 100,000 people last year. This year the biggest change with Electric Zoo was the addition of a second main stage (oxymoron?). The designs of Hilltop and Riverside changed. The Hilltop stage was placed in the middle of the tent while rotating 360 degrees. The Riverside stage was very long across the width of the tent, with an intricate stage design that went 3-D with each night’s closing performance. Sunday School Grove stayed exactly the same as last year, allowing fans of Deep House, Tech-House, and other Underground music to experience sets in front of a lit-up neon school bus.

click through to read the rest of my thoughts plus you can listen to my top-3 sets from the weekend!

Continue Reading…

Grizmatik- My People

Here’s some brand new Grizmatik for ya called ,”My People”. When listening to this track, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to describing it is “good vibes”, just good vibes all around. It’s sounding like a perfect jam to throw on in the car and vibe to. No wonder why the track photo hints at that type of scene to set the mood. GRiZ and Gramatik really know how to whip up some good ass music together. Aren’t you all so glad they found each other and decided to collaborate? What a match made in music heaven. I’d categorize this one under funky-electro-soul, for the win. Check it out and grab your free download off of their Soundcloud!

Grizmatik is beginning to prepare for their biggest show to date, set for Halloween night at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, CO! Word directly from GRiZ and Gramatik themselves, there will be some “very special guests” for this particular show as well, which sounds even more exciting! There will be a limited fan pre-sale this Wednesday at 12 PM MST on and the general sale will be this Friday at 10am MST. Get on that, people.

Grizmatik- My People

2013 Colorado Global Dance Festival Review and Photo Album

After an immensely fun weekend at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre, there is no doubt this was the biggest Global Dance Festival to date at Red Rocks! With Sunday almost selling out and great attendance for both Friday and Saturday there is no doubt that the weekend was a massive success. Although initially I had doubts about Global’s choice to use each night to sort of highlight a genre or audience type, but in the end I realized this was a great decision. As Friday brought out the best in live dance music acts, Saturday brought the dubstep and electro fiends, and Sunday rounded out the week nicely with about 9,000 or so bass heads in attendance!

Beats Antique stole the show for me on Friday as they flooded the stage with their usual Cirque Du Soleil type entertainment and amazing live performance leaving the crowd in awe. Saturday began with amazing bass filled sets from Basscrooks, Candyland, and Carnage that merely reaffirmed by belief in the immense talents all three posses. Arty, Sander, Emma Hewitt, and Savoy finished out the night down on the main stage leaving the crowd in an absolute frenzy. Well everybody said Sunday was the day to be there, and with amazing performances from Kill Paris and Sound Remedy to start off the night, it seemed Sunday just may have it all. With a massive back to back 2 hour set from Baauer and RL Grime followed by Griz, Gramatik, and finally Grizmatik, the crowd was stoked to say the least. Finally to close out the weekend, Mr. Tigran Mimosa smoked the place out leaving us all begging for more with his first true headlining set at Red Rocks.

All in all the weekend was a massive success and we at MMIBTY would like to thank everyone at Global Dance for all their hard work and efforts to make this amazing event happen each summer. Gorgeous weather combined with epic line ups made for the perfect storm of music, dancing, and partying that is so specific to the venue that is Red Rocks. Be sure to check out a bunch of tracks from the weekend in the set below as well as the full Photo Album from all 3 days of the gorgeous madness that was Global Dance Festival 2013 in Colorado!

GDF 2013 Photo Album – Friday 7/19

GDF 2013 Photo Album – Saturday 7/20

GDF 2013 Photo Album  -Sunday 7/21

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