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Rose Quartz Release ‘Leaving Now’ Off Upcoming EP

Well, just in case anyone has been wondering what Denver-based electro-pop duo Rose Quartz has been up to? The answer is simple, a lot. The dynamic duo has transformed itself into a completely live show with the addition of two new members. After a heavy couple months of touring the country with the likes of St. Lucia, Cut Copy, and many more. The guys have finally returned home to give us the first sample off of Axis of Love, the bands upcoming EP which is slated to drop in full on January 6th. Today we have the EP’s debut track entitled, Leaving Now. The track comes to us in the form of a free download and is a gorgeous sentiment to love lost and the troubled feelings and times that often follow. Massive synths, vocal hooks, and huge stutters lift this track right off the ground, while the ever important message comes to the listener through the undertones and laid back vocals of lead singer Ethan Converse. We are pretty impressed with this new growth and direction Rose Quartz has pointed themselves in, and we couldn’t be more excited for Axis of Love to drop January 6th!

Mary Mary – Shackles (Praise You) [Dennis Kruissen]

Budding dutch house producer Dennis Kruissen has been on a roll lately with fun and beautifully composed house remixes.  Kruissen‘s newest remix utilizes the lovely vocals from the Mary Mary single Shackles (Praise You). With the addition of a super fun and bouncy bass line this track is 100 percent dance floor ready. Soulful vocals complement well placed snares and hi-hats while the big room sounds keep the track cruising from start to finish. Be sure to grab the free download below and if you aren’t familiar with Dennis Kruissen head over to his Soundcloud page for a mass of free tunes!

Koloto – Fox Tales

The newest track from Bad Panda Records comes from the multitalented instrumentalist and producer Koloto aka Maria Sullivan. Fox Tales is a beautifully composed instrumental track with layers and layers of sounds and creative construction. The track begins fairly simple but the calming organic sounds Sullivan has created really draw the listener into the track. With great acoustics and the creation of some really fun and abstract sounds this track is a great listen, be sure to grab the download below and head over to the Koloto Soundcloud for more great tunes.

BANKS – Beggin For Thread (Gryffin & Hotel Garuda Remix)

BANKS has been on one hell of a roll since the release of her new album entitled Goddess. Today we have a gorgeous deep-house remix of Begging For Thread from Gryffin & Hotel Garuda. Maintaining the airy feel and vocals of the original track, Gryffin and Garuda wrap this track up in a bouncy embrace while still giving us that classic mildly dark BANKS feel. The added bass line truly brings this track to the next level, making it totally club ready. I am not too familiar with Gryffin & Hotel Garuda but with production like this I can only hope that there are more beautiful tracks like this to come, grab the free download below!

The Game – Let’s Ride (SNBRN Remix)

SNBRN has been making waves in the house world in recent months and today he has dropped his newest stellar G-house remix of Let’s Ride by The Game. The track begins with some dark filters and interesting samples but quickly sweeps down into the melodic chorus staying true to the original. With a deep heavy bass line and solid composition accelerating this track to the dance floor it is sure to excite just about any venue. There is something about these G-house remixes that feels so familiar, nothing like some good nineties rap with a brand new beat all beefed up to make my day. Grab the free download below and head over to SNBRN’s Soundcloud page for a whole slew of great tunes!

Chocolate Puma Puts It On The Ground For 100K

Legendary Dutch producers Gaston Steenkist and René Ter Horst, commonly known as Chocolate Puma, have just released their newest single On The Ground in celebration of reaching 100 thousand followers on Soundcloud.  The track begins with some heavy synths and grainy filters complimented by deep vocals that quickly leads into a huge twang induced drop. With the addition of a few different percussion elements and some really exceptional filter work this track is one-hundred percent energy from start to finish. It isn’t everyday we get a free track from Chocolate Puma, I know I would have paid for it regardless, but I was also surprised to learn they had only just now hit 100K. Lesson being; go check out the Chocolate Puma Soundcloud as soon as possible because these guys have been in the game for over 20 years and they continue to push the envelope!