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Concert Wrap-Up: Feed Me & Mord Fustang @ Boston’s Royale Nightclub 2.4.13

Recognize this picture? Well you should, because although I took it last week it’s reminiscent of Feed Me‘s last U.S. tour (and yes that was also called the Feed Me With Teeth tour). If you need a reminder check out our photos from April 2012, which is the last time Feed Me (Jon Gooch) last visited Boston’s Royale Nightclub.

By the time last Monday night’s show (2.4.13, the first show of back-to-back nights in Boston) wrapped up at Royale I felt like I had a slight case of déjà vu – at least due to Feed Me’s set. As already stated, Mr. Gooch was using the exact same stage setup he had on his tour less than one year ago (and I’m almost positive he was wearing the same t-shirt as last year), which begs the question why should I come out to see you this time around if the title of your tour seems to be the main draw (the “With Teeth” part)? Having seen him on more than just one occasion I also know he has a tendency to play sets comprised of greater than 90% of his own songs. Sure, I’m a HUGE fan of Feed Me’s productions, as you can tell by reading my review of his most recent release Death By Robot EP, but I also knew exactly what to expect during this show and I don’t like knowing what to expect from a DJ. Feed Me is an extremely talented producer, DJ, and artist and the mixing was flawless during his set. But when DJs play mostly their own productions it leaves for very few surprises, save for the order in which they play their songs and/or the unveiling of some unreleased material. One of the things I value most in live DJ sets is the ability of the DJ to surprise me and to introduce me to music I hadn’t heard previously. Again: I love Feed Me’s music, but having only been around for a few years, he doesn’t exactly have a deep collection of tunes to dig in to and I felt like he was just zipping through his material for the hour and a half he spun.

Another artist who mostly stuck to his own stuff was the tour opener Mord Fustang, who is hands-down one of my favorite producers. His set, musically, excited me much more than Feed Me’s. That’s probably because if I had to choose either of these producer’s music to listen to it would be Mord’s. Here was my problem, however, with Mord Fustang’s relatively short set (only an hour??): he had absolutely no stage/lighting show. Fustang played on a dark stage that housed his DJ setup on top of a fold-up table with a black tablecloth over it. You have to figure that with Feed Me’s incredibly elaborate “Teeth” stage setup, Mord Fustang would at least get some kind of way to show off too, but he merely let his DJing do the talking. I did like bopping around to Mord Fustang’s set but I’m not sure I’ll ever see him play a better one than he did at Electric Zoo 2012.

So I think I need to back up here…

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Feed Me’s Death By Robot EP

You may have missed it but yesterday Jon Gooch, better known by his fans as Feed Me , dropped a three-song EP called Death By Robot on Mau5trap Records. I get excited anytime Feed Me releases new music because he is one of my favorite Electro-House artists out there. He is extremely talented in his production skills and his sound is incredibly unique. Oh yeah, and all the artwork you’ve ever seen associated with Feed Me was done by him with no shortage of intricate detail.

Death By Robot may be a relatively short effort, but what the EP lacks in length it makes up for in size. That is, the tracks are BIG.  Two of the songs, “Death By Robot” and “Dialup Days”, clock in under four minutes and even though they are short they are fully developed. “Gravel” is probably the biggest banger of the EP, clocking in at 5:30. Around the two minute mark we’re treated to a hard-hitting Feed Me-esque Electro drop that just feels so right. A minute later the feel of the song changes to an off-beat Trap/Dubstep style pattern, eventually returning to its Electro-House foundation. I love the use of talk box in “Death By Robot” and “Dialup Days” is probably the funkiest tune of the three, with a fun bounce to it and typical “Feed Me sounds”. It may not be a crazy Electro song, but not all of them have to be, right?

Feed Me is on tour with the awesome Mord Fustang this winter so make sure to get to one of his shows. He comes to Boston for two nights at Royale: February 4th and 5th.

Go pick up the EP at Beatport!

Feed Me – Death By Robot
Feed Me – Gravel
Feed Me – Dialup Days

2012 In Review: Indie Dance (Nu-Disco)

Yet another huge year in the genre of indie dance as we saw the spread of up-beat love spreading through the festival circuit. Perhaps also the most questionable genre to fall under the realm of Electronic Dance Music as many claim it to be just disco music from the sixties. Stuff that our parents used to listen too.  The music will never gain the popularity of the electro house and trance producers, but to those who love it, there isn’t anything better. When the sun is at its’ highest during the summer months, there isn’t anything better than laying by a pool and crushing RAC’s  Hollywood. Tracks like Those Days are perfect for grinding and bumping in the club while Doses and Mimosas is what I turn on in the morning after the long night. The music is so versatile and unique, but most importantly it makes you smile. Love the music you listen and you will be a happier person. Enjoy some of my favorite tracks from this past year and I really encourage you to download the pack for those summer days that are hopefully coming soon!

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got
Purity Ring – Obedear
Cherub – Doses and Mimosas
Amtrac – Those Days
Bailey Smalls – Love Tonight
Pretty Lights – We Must Go On
RAC- Hollywood (ft. Penguin Prison)
The Knocks – The Feeling
Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out
Solidisco -Turn Around


2012 In Review: Essential Mixes & Podcasts

Essential Mixes

Pete Tong and his infamous program on BBC Radio 1 has completely taken the EDM world by storm and any artist would consider it a high honor to be asked to leave their two-hour mark on the history of the show. Many major artists today got their start years ago by releasing a mix through the show (think Kaskade, Rusko, and MSTRKRFT) and now the entire EDM world stays captivated to hear what artist Mr. Tong deems talented enough to take over a chunk of programming (even though it is in the wee hours of the morning) on the legendary BBC every week. Even though we haven’t listened to every one, here’s a list of some of the standout Essential Mixes from this year that you’re sure to enjoy.

1. Rustie – Perhaps the most compelling case for best Essential Mix of the year goes to this young gun out of Glasgow, UK. Using the opportunity that Mr. Tong offered him to put himself on the world stage, Rustie does not dissapoint with a set so diverse and complex, yet perfectly blended.  You may be hearing rock, Southern rap, electro, and god-know-what else all at the same time and not even be aware. The set is  a departure from anything you’ve ever heard before yet maintains a listenable quality that is unexpected and welcome.
[Tracklist and Download]

2. Eats Everything –  One of the hardest working DJ’s in the game today, Eats Everything has been a constant on the underground circuit in England for years. His musical tastes will never make him huge here stateside, but I don’t think he really much cares about that. Just finishing a tour with Tong himself, I was pleasantly surprised with the energy and track selection he provided that evening. The song selection for this mix is made up almost entirely of his personal edits and remixes, just proving how much effort and love he has for the music.
[Track and Download]

3. Feed Me – Still in my eyes Feed Me is one of the most underrated DJ’s on the mainstage these days. Jonathon Gooch started his prolific career under the stage name Spor, I highly acclaimed D’n’B artist in UK. When the dubstep bubble hit  a few years back, Jon started a “side” project under the moniker Feed Me. This project has grown into his full time gig, now traveling the world with a full stage production titled Teeth.  He designed the entire set, just like he designs his album art and personal logo. This set exemplifies his creativity as he plays almost exclusively original work.
[Tracklist and Download]

4. Moguai – For a DJ the hardest thing in today’s market is to stay relevant. There are so many new names popping up every year, it is hard to stay in the lime light. Moguai has effortlessly done that, as he has grown up from the German club scene to now still releasing records on labels like Mau5trap. This Essential Mix defines the term German Electro that many believe only Boys Noize creates. Have a listen and you’ll hear why we chose this for the number four spot on our list.
[Tracklist and Download]

5. Flux Pavilion – Well this is definitely a case of last, but not least. Exploding onto the BBC Radio 1 decks with  Jahova, Flux gives us the hardest hitting Essential Mix to date. Playing everything from classics to unreleased material , he walks us through it all with humor and laughter. Bringing a tracklist of over forty songs, this mix can be enjoyed by all because of the perfect mixing and production that went into it. He is by far one of my favorite performers, with this mix being a staple in my car since it first was release.
[Tracklist and Download]

Podcasts & Radio Shows

If you’re a true music junkie like us, you constantly need new music to fill your ears whether it be at work, on the commute, working out, or for the evening activities. We have found that searching for new music can sometimes be tiresome and that it is much easier to listen to someone that has already done it. Most big name acts have started releasing weekly mixes in the form of Podcasts or radio shows like those on Sirius XM  and other channels. These mixes become part of our daily lives as they are directly downloaded to our phones and computers giving us all of the music we could possibly ever want. At the very least we hope that this helps you fill those silent hours when you think there is nothing else to listen too.  (In no specific order)

1.Fool’s Gold Radio – A-Trak [Soundcloud]

2. Trashed – Tommy Trash [iTunes]

3. Epic Radio – Eric Prydz [iTunes]

4. Dark Light Sessions – Fedde Le Grand [Soundcloud]

5. Mainstage – W&W [iTunes]

6. Magic Tape – The Magician [Soundcloud]

7. Diplo and Friends – Assorted [BBC Radio 1]

8. Weekend Workout – Felix Cartal [iTunes]

9. Group Therapy – Above and Beyond [iTunes]

10. Behind the Iron Curtain – Umek [iTunes]

Example’s ‘The Evolution’, EDM Revolution

With the widespread takeover of EDM into mainstream music, people tend to take less notice in the vocalists that are singing and instead are focused in on the beat when listening to electronic music. Example has been producing since 2004, and has within the past year made his mark in the states. His style is distinct, and both his voice and his lyricism are recognizable. This week, the follow up album to ‘Playing In The Shadows’, which had plenty of big hits, was released. ‘The Evolution of Man’ has lots of depth and yet again has an all-star lineup of producers. Including all the artists on the deluxe edition CD (which is recommended), the album features Benga, Skream, Dillon Francis, Dada Life, Laidback Luke, Tommy Trash, Calvin Harris, Dirty South, Feed Me, Alesso, Zane Lowe, Friction, and Alex Smith. Taking all those big names into consideration, the songs sounds slightly different from what we would expect from these producers. The talent of these producers, however, truly shines as they provide great instrumentals for Example’s vocals to flow so smoothly over. Today I have a few tracks for you guys to check out, as well as a throwback from Example’s previous album. Make sure to check out the rest of the album though, which is available on iTunes today!

Example & Benga – Come Taste the Rainbow

Example & Alesso – Queen of Your Dreams

The Deluxe Version, contains more new originals as well as some great remixes of some tracks off the regular version.

Example & Dillon Francis – Someone to Die For

Example & Alex Smith – Close Enemies (Joker Remix)

Now for the throwback! This was one of the bigger singles off ‘Playing In The Shadows’ and was produced by Jon Gooch, also known as Feed Me.

Example – Changed The Way You Kissed Me

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Make sure to wish Example the same on his Facebook page!
Example: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Kill The Noise Destroys Minds With BLACK MAGIC

Jake Stanczak, who now a days is known as Kill The Noise, dropped a hell of a EP on the EDM community this week. ‘Black Magic’ is filled with bombs that have been in his DJ sets for quite some time, and because of that, has given the EP quite alot of hype. The album has a variety of genres, and his mastery of them as well. Electro house, trap, dubstep, it’s all there. There is alot of strength in these productions, but some of them I felt were stronger than others. I’ll showcase a few of my favorites off the album I think are worth listening to, but you should definitely check out the rest of the EP cause there’s something for everyone on it.

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