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AC Slater – Back To The Floor EP

It’s been nearly a year since the inception of Skrillex‘s multi-purpose media platform, Nest HQ, and now the curatorial site will also serve as home to a free-release label known simply as Nest. Today Bassline aficionado AC Slater kicks things off with his club-ready inaugural EP, Back To The Floor.  AC Slater has compiled a collection of five club-ready jams, in which the heavy bass champion provides a call to action to return to a focus on music and not so much the DJ. AC explains – “Back to the Floor is just a statement of where my head is at musically. Taking the focus from the superstar DJ concert back to the clubs. The whole “put your hands up” and shit is cool but it’s kinda played out for me personally. I want to focus more on the music and how it makes the individual feel. Everyone having their own experience and vibing out in the club rather than watching someone tell them what to do. It doesn’t have to be on 10 all the time. It’s okay to zone out and get lost in the music…” We couldn’t agree more with what AC Slater says and his music truly lifts up to his words. Download the EP here or through the Soundcloud links below.

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French Horn Rebellion – Swing Into It EP Release

The Brooklyn based horn toting brothers, FrenchHorn Rebellion, are back at it with a brand new four track EP available for free download. The new EP entitled Swing Into It is a blast from start to finish as the Molinari brothers paint a picture of their newly created “Next Jack Swing” sound. The EP contains two brand new originals featuring gorgeous vocal support from HAERTS and St. Lucia, as well as two outstanding remixes on the title track from the Chordashian’s and Ghost’s of Venice. French Horn Rebellion has truly exploded onto the scene in the past few months and if you have the opportunity to see them live I would take full advantage as they put on one hell of a show with live horns and all. Grab the free download of the full Swing Into It EP below and enjoy!

jackLNDN – Drop Out EP

It comes with great pleasure and honor in premiering the debut EP from one of the rising stars in the british disco scene, Mr. jackLNDN! Hearing him search for the perfect sound over the years has been quite entertaining from the early remixes of Porter Robinson‘s “Language” and Cazzette‘s “Weapon” to the more recent remixes like  Goldroom‘s “Embrace” and his “Summer Never Ends Mix.” The evolution of jackLNDN’s career has been documented well here at MMIBTY and it is finally time for his coming out party. The Drop Out EP is pure bliss to my ears, hitting every dance note needed to bring my smile side to side. My favorite track has got to be the leading jam “Drop Out,” with it’s upbeat vibes that I will be sure to ride right into spring. Be sure to check out the entire EP as it is free download and for the love of god give this kid some support so we can finally lure him over the pond!

Oh and that little logo at the top of the album artwork is his new logo, he wants to know what you think?! Hit him up on Twitter!

Artist Spotlight: Louisahhh!!!

Surveying the various subgenres of EDM, there are few DJs/Produces that are capable of maintaining my interest. I look for artists who are always willing to push themselves musically and keep the world of manufactured formulaic sounds on its toes. Every once in awhile I will hear an artist and I will become instantaneously fascinated, from the moment I heard Louisahhh!!!’s sound I was completely intrigued.

Louisa Pillot, started singing and playing instruments during her adolescence. In her late teenage years, she became interested in the New York City club scene & worked up to becoming a DJ. In 2006, she moved to L.A. to concentrate on her music career and lent vocals to Danny Daze for the track, “Your Everything,” which was released in 2011. In 2013 she dropped her debut EP, Transcend, on Bromance Records.

I was introduced to her hypnotic, deep, vulnerable, raw sound during her performance at Vinyl Nightclub in Denver, Colorado (Full Photo Album Here). Standing in the epicenter of carefully placed Funktion1 speakers, I immediately thought to myself, this lady is a gangster. A total G. Her stage presence is to die for. Her technical skills, her drops, her singing along to songs, her smile… Whoa. If you ever get an opportunity to see Louisahhh!!! in action, do not even hesitate on purchasing tickets, just do it. I swear you will develop a crush on her as fast as I did. She’s absolutely sensational. Watch her amazing Boiler Room Paris DJ set above, download the track on Soundcloud below.

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Brillz & Minxx – Fuzzy Peach (LOUDPVCK Remix)

I had the pleasure of listening to Brillz mix for THUMP earlier this evening at the gym and when this song came on, I didn’t have to look at any tracklist – it just stunk of LOUDPVCK. The LA duo‘s sound is unmistakable and has me strongly convinced that their remix of Jackal’s “Shakedown” is one of the best trap songs of the year. As part of Brillz’s upcoming RETWONKED EP, set to be released on December 10 on KTN’s Slow Roast Records, he recruited the likes of Milo and Otis, Luminox, Bro Safari and UFO to take on tracks from his TWONK LP that was released earlier this year. The LP was phenomenal and if you haven’t heard it, I strongly suggest you check it out. “Fuzzy Peach” was one of my favorite tracks on TWONK, particularly for its sound reminiscent of Die Antwoord thanks to Minxx‘s contribution, so I was thrilled to find out that LOUDPVCK got a hold of it. The remix is a fitting revival that bumps like a Brillz track with the eccentric flavor that has become the expectation from LOUDPVCK.

Brillz ft. Minxx – Fuzzy Peach (LOUDPVCK Remix)

Be sure to check out Brillz’ mix for THUMP, as it does indeed thump.

Bit Funk – Soul Satisfaction

The much anticipated “Soul Satisfaction EP” from Bit Funk is due to drop very soon and the fine folks at THUMP gave us an unexpected treat this morning with the release of the first single. Bit Funk is getting really groovy as of late with this track being no exception as piano chords and a funky bass carry the melody. The soothing vocals are a fantastic selection as Bit Funk continues to stockpile original releases as his reputation grows and grows. I can’t wait for the full EP, expected later this month, as I know it will be a catalyst for a huge 2014 for this phenomenal producer!