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MAKJ – Mad Max

Last spring was the first time I had ever heard MAKJ’s remix of ‘All Gold Everything’ by Trinidad James.  I’ve played his remix of that song hundreds of times since then, and I’ve also been a fan of him since then.  I knew it was only a matter of time before MAKJ blew up, and by the end of 2013 he had become one of the fastest and brightest upcoming producers in the scene.  I’ve downloaded a ton of his edits and remixes which are really good, and he’s starting to crank out more and more original mixes which is awesome.  I’m always excited when I see a new tune of his on Soundcloud.  Yesterday I saw that MAKJ released a new original electro house track called Mad Max.  And let it be known for the record that Mad Max is an awesome track.  The intro is something really unique; it reminds me of the late 90s and early 2000s The Prodigy sound.  It would totally be perfect for a racing movie or a building action scene in movie.  The initial drop is fantastic and the sound is really addicting.  The tune will really get you moving.  It’s hard to describe but Mad Max is one of the more unique electro-house tunes I’ve heard in a while.  Lately there’s been a ton of big room and Melbourne Bounce in the electro house scene, but MAKJ brings back an older electro sound for Mad Max.  You definitely want to give this tune a listen because you will not be disappointed.  Plus MAKJ is awesome enough to give away this track as a free download so be sure to grab that.  2013 was a breakout year for MAKJ, and I’m sure 2014 will be an even bigger year for him.  Mad Max is definitely making his 2014 start out on an awesome note.

Tomsize – Blow Your Speakers

Normally I don’t think blowing your speakers is a good thing.  Luckily, I’ve never done it (yet), but many people have had to experience the horror of ruining and destroying their expensive speakers.  Plus, nobody wants to blow their speakers to start off the new year.  Blow Your Speakers is the newest big room house track from the French producer Tomsize.  Normally he produces trap and bass music, but this time he switches it up and gives us a big room tune.  The first thing that catches my attention in this track is the clean and hard-hitting kick.  This gives Blow Your Speakers a great solid foundation for the rest of the tune.  The drop is dope, and it’s also really unique because it’s different from most big room drops.  I can’t exactly say what makes it so different except that is has a darker and more raw feel to it.  Nonetheless, Tomsize created a monster tune that will definitely get people moving and jumping.  I can see this being played at festivals and venues around the world because of the energy it brings.  The track reminds me of GTA’s style and something that they could possibly cook up.  Blow Your Speakers actually reminds me of GTA’s newest track ‘Bola‘ because both tracks have a banging beat with awesome sounding synths that will make the crowd lose it.  It’s always awesome to see artists like Tomsize try and explore new genres; it’s even better to see when they try a new genre and absolutely nail it on the head.  Tomsize should explore the idea of producing more house tunes because I will be anxiously awaiting for more from him.  For now though I’ll just have to blast Blow Your Speakers.  Check out the free download of the track on Tomsize’s Soundcloud.  Blast this tune, and play it really loud; just don’t blow your speakers!

The Outhere Brothers – Boom Boom Boom (Kastra Remix)

Boom Boom Boom.  The New Jersey producer Kastra gives us an awesome remix of the 90′s hit, ‘Boom Boom Boom’ by The Outhere Brothers.  The original track by the hip-hop duo has an upbeat dance beat to it which reminds me of ‘I Like To Move It’ by Reel 2 Real.  I like the tune by The Outhere Brothers, and I actually discovered it from this video of a girl singing terribly over it that my friends showed me.  That girl’s version is hilarious, sad, confusing, and makes me instantly regret watching it every time.  So every time I listen to ‘Boom Boom Boom’ I instantly think of that haunting girl and her god-awful video.  Luckily, Kastra made a killer remix of the track which does not remind me of that haunting video constantly.  He put a an awesome electr0-house/Melbourne Bounce sound to the track which fits really well with the lyrics.  I love the initial drop, and it brings that awesome energy that most Melbourne Bounce tracks have.  The sound reminds me of something TJR would cook up, and I’m a ridiculously huge TJR fan.  So naturally I fell in love with this remix the first time I heard it.  Kastra released it on Christmas Eve as a Christmas present to thank his fans for their support this year.  He released it as a free download on his Soundcloud, so you should definitely give it a listen and check out this awesome remix.  Enjoy!

Dada Life – Rolling Stones T-Shirt (Art Thieves Remix)

Art Thieves consist are two producers from Burlington, VT who produce electro-house and progressive house.  I discovered Art Thieves a few weeks ago when I stumbled across their remix of ‘Time to Pretend’ by MGMT.  I immediately fell in love with the remix, and I’ve been listening to their remix of ‘Time To Pretend’ constantly in the past few weeks.  Since then I’ve been a fan of the duo, and I was ecstatic to see that they released a remix of ‘Rolling Stones T-Shirt’ by Dada Life.  A month ago they created and released their remix of ‘Kick Out the Epic Motherf*cker’ by Dada Life which I really liked.  Before listening to their remix of ‘Rolling Stones T-Shirt’ for the first time, I was hoping this Dada Life remix would be just as good as their last one.  It turns out I loved this Dada Life remix much more than their previous one!  They absolutely killed their remix of ‘Rolling Stones T-Shirt,’ and I’ve been listening to it non-stop.  Art Thieves always manage to produce and create beautiful melodies, and I think their melodies is what makes me love them so much.  Their melody in this remix is superb, and everything in the track fits perfectly.  They seriously know how to create fantastic melodies, and when you can do that your remixes will turn out fantastic as well.  There’s no doubt in my mind that I already prefer the Art Thieve’s remix of ‘Rolling Stones T-Shirt’ to the original by Dada Life.  I’ve always liked the original by Dada Life, but the Art Thieves just make the track more exciting and give it a better beat and overall sound.  I don’t know how the Art Thieves aren’t more popular, but if they keep producing amazing remixes then they will surely gain attention and popularity quick.  The duo is one of my favorite up and coming electro-house artists, and they have a ton boatload of potential and talent.  I’m excited to see where they will go in the near future, and I can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us next!  For now though make sure to listen to their epic remix of ‘Rolling Stones T-Shirt’ because chances are you will love it as much as I do.  Plus, the Art Thieves are awesome enough to give it away as a free download, and I highly encourage everyone to download it and play it everywhere.  Enjoy!

SNAILS & Botnek – KRMT

I’ve been following Botnek ever since I heard their remix of ‘Animals’ which was one of my favorite remixes of the ridiculously overplayed track.  In fact, we here at MMIBTY even did a write-up on Botnek’s remix of that track.  Anyway, the other day I saw Botnek and SNAILS did a song together called ‘KRMT.’ I listened to ‘KRMT’ and instantly fell in love with it the first time listening to it.  ’KRMT’ is an electro-house track, and this is one of the best electro-house bangers I’ve heard in the past few months.  I’m not exactly sure how to explain the drop except for it was amazing and mind-blowing.  The drop had such a unique sound, and I love the synths used to make it.  I can’t think of any track that even sounds like ‘KRMT’ because it’s just super unique.  It’s really refreshing to hear some special and totally original electro-house; so many tracks on the Beatport Electro-House charts sound so similar especially when it comes to the drops.  ’KRMT’ also has an awesome beat that doesn’t quit, and the song overall just packs an awesome in your face electro-house punch.  SNAILS & Botnek destroyed and nailed this track, and I hope that I will hear it in more sets in the future.  The track has already gotten tons of support from, and it’s sure to only keep getting more and more support.  After listening to the track non-stop for the last day and a half I figured I should check out more of SNAILS’ music because I had listened to a ton of Botnek’s music before.  Listening to his music I found that SNAILS has a really unique sound, and I ended up downloading almost all of the free tracks on his Soundcloud.  I have a feeling that with this type of talent, we will definitely be hearing much more about SNAILS & Botnek in the future which is exciting.  However, there’s no time like the present so if you love electro-house then ‘KRMT’ by SNAILS & Botnek should listen to it now.  Also the two artists are awesome enough to give it away as a free download which is always a nice treat.  Enjoy!

Wolfgang Gartner’s “Piranha” Doesn’t Bite

In the category of ‘artists who rarely disappoint’, Wolfgang Gartner is back with yet another masterpiece called “Piranha” out today on his label Kindergarten Records. If you’re wondering who else I think falls into that category, you can include Eric Prydz, Mat Zo, Mark Knight, and a few others (scroll through my previous posts to see). Wolfgang Gartner has so carefully crafted and perfected his sound and many elements of “Piranha” will sound familiar to you if you’ve heard his songs over the past couple years. Though Wolfgang tends to produce Electro-House songs, as “Piranha” can be considered, he always adds hints of funk, melody, and grooviness that few other dance producers can create. If you listen extra closely to “Piranha”, you even hear a Reggae-infused drum roll that you’d find in a typical Bob Marley song. Adding to the energy of the song is female vocal cuts singing “higher, higher, higher”. I love the piano breakdown in the middle only to build things up to an end-of-song explosion.

Wolfgang Gartner was one of the first real discoveries for me when I was getting into dance music and it’s nice that his sounds are still incredible yet refreshingly new.

Wolfgang Gartner – Piranha (Original Mix) | Purchase on Beatport