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Best of 2014: Electro/Big Room/Future House

Electro-House and Big Room House: pretty much two mainstays in the dance music world. But wait, what’s this Future House you speak of? Oh, it’s just another new sub-genre made up to describe a sound we had never heard before. Two key names emerged as leaders of this new Future House genre: Oliver Heldens and Tchami. Many producers tried to replicate and I’m sure we’ll see more to come in 2015 as Melbourne Bounce rotates out making room for this funky fusion of Electro drops and groovy basslines. Heldens, and even veteran Laidback Luke, describe Future House as a cross between Deep House and EDM, but I don’t quite see it that way. Regardless, you’ll notice our main stage banger category is now lumped into Electro-House, Big Room House, and Future House.

Because these sub-genres are always some of the biggest in any Dance Music category we opened up the list to 15 songs. Unlike the worlds of Deep House, Tech-House, and Techno, the Electro/Big Room/Future House tracks are most often played in the clubs, on the stages, and all over the world on respective radio stations/podcasts/mixes. These songs amp up the crowds, get bodies moving, and truly let you know what the drop sounds like. It’s great to see veterans like Nero, Wolfgang Gartner, Axwell, Knife Party, and TJR make this list. I was also particularly excited when the DJ’s DJ Sander Kleinenberg dropped his Future House track “Can You Feel It”. Other notable entries, for me, include Alex Metric & Oliver’s “Hope”, Oliver Helden’s “Overdrive”, and Tchami’s “Untrue”.

In no particular order, check out our top-15 Electro/Big Room/Future House songs of 2014:

    1. Knife Party – Begin Again
    2. Wolfgang Gartner – Unholy
    3. Mutiny UK & Steve Mac – Feel The Pressure (Axwell & No_ID Remix)
    4. Nero – Satisfy
    5. Galantis – You
    6. Oliver Heldens – Overdrive
    7. Deorro – Five Hours
    8. Don Diablo – Anytime
    9. David Guetta & Showtek – Bad
    10. Ummet Ozcan – SMASH!
    11. Sander Kleinenberg – Can You Feel It
    12. Deniz Koyu – Ruby
    13. Tchami – Untrue
    14. Alex Metric & Oliver – Hope
    15. TJR – Come Back Down

DallasK – Superfuture

I’ve been a fan of DallasK for a while now, and it seems like every new track of his is always well-done and smooth.  His new track ‘Superfuture‘ is no different.  I immediately fell in love with the melody; it definitely drew me in right away.  The first drop completely blew me away.  The build-up has this wonderful progressive-house melody, and out of know comes this intense and heavy electr0-house drop.  The kick is super clean and there’s so much power behind it.  The synths complement the kick extremely well, and both of these factors combined gives this track one of the heaviest electro-house drops I’ve ever heard.  DallasK threw a curveball because the second drop was much different than I anticipated.  I thought the first drop would be extremely similar to the first, heavy drop but instead the second drop was different; it essentially was the catchy melody but it was intensified and given a more whole sound to it.   I really like how he switched up the sound of the drops because it seems like too many producers make the second drop almost identical to the first; it’s nice to see some originality and not doing the same old thing over and over.  There’s not any lyrics, but there are small snippets of vocal samples throughout the entire song.  They perfectly fit the feel of the tune and really help push the song to the next level.  The production on this house track is extremely good, and Superfuture really shows what DallasK is capable of; the young producer has so much talent and potential.  If he keeps cranking out tunes as well produced and heavy as Superfuture, it is only a matter of time before he becomes huge.  I would love to see djs throw this tune in their sets because there’s no doubt in my mind the crowd would love it and go nuts.  The best part is DallasK is giving away Superfuture for free on his Soundcloud.  What’s better than that?  Well if you’re a dj then you can remix the tune too because he is giving away all the stems to it for free as well!  It looks like DallasK definitely wants people to remix Superfuture and put their own spin on it.  So give it a listen, download it, and even try remixing it if you’re a dj!  Enjoy!

In Case You Missed It: Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth – Flash

I rarely miss the opportunity to post a new song by our crowned “King of Electro-House” Lazy Rich. Though I may have missed the opportunity upon its initial release (May 12), I’m here to make sure Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth‘s song “Flash” doesn’t escape your attention. I keep saying how hard it is to find TRUE Electro-House these days and Lazy Rich is both a producer and label owner who makes it his job to ensure TRUE Electro-House stays alive and well. You’ve probably heard Lazy Rich’s name many times over, especially if Electro-House is your thing, but you may not have heard of up-and-comer Hot Mouth, who resides in Los Angeles and is a part of Deadmau5’s Mau5trap label. That’s right, even though Lazy Rich is the owner of Big Fish Recordings he released a track on Deadmau5’s label… funny how that works. I think the most ironic part about “Flash” is that I heard it on the most recent episode of Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Radio – a podcast known mostly for its Trance and Progressive stylings.

Either way – the track is fire and shows us both why Lazy Rich remains the King of Electro-House and why Hot Mouth is a producer to keep your ears on.



MAKJ – Mad Max

Last spring was the first time I had ever heard MAKJ’s remix of ‘All Gold Everything’ by Trinidad James.  I’ve played his remix of that song hundreds of times since then, and I’ve also been a fan of him since then.  I knew it was only a matter of time before MAKJ blew up, and by the end of 2013 he had become one of the fastest and brightest upcoming producers in the scene.  I’ve downloaded a ton of his edits and remixes which are really good, and he’s starting to crank out more and more original mixes which is awesome.  I’m always excited when I see a new tune of his on Soundcloud.  Yesterday I saw that MAKJ released a new original electro house track called Mad Max.  And let it be known for the record that Mad Max is an awesome track.  The intro is something really unique; it reminds me of the late 90s and early 2000s The Prodigy sound.  It would totally be perfect for a racing movie or a building action scene in movie.  The initial drop is fantastic and the sound is really addicting.  The tune will really get you moving.  It’s hard to describe but Mad Max is one of the more unique electro-house tunes I’ve heard in a while.  Lately there’s been a ton of big room and Melbourne Bounce in the electro house scene, but MAKJ brings back an older electro sound for Mad Max.  You definitely want to give this tune a listen because you will not be disappointed.  Plus MAKJ is awesome enough to give away this track as a free download so be sure to grab that.  2013 was a breakout year for MAKJ, and I’m sure 2014 will be an even bigger year for him.  Mad Max is definitely making his 2014 start out on an awesome note.

Tomsize – Blow Your Speakers

Normally I don’t think blowing your speakers is a good thing.  Luckily, I’ve never done it (yet), but many people have had to experience the horror of ruining and destroying their expensive speakers.  Plus, nobody wants to blow their speakers to start off the new year.  Blow Your Speakers is the newest big room house track from the French producer Tomsize.  Normally he produces trap and bass music, but this time he switches it up and gives us a big room tune.  The first thing that catches my attention in this track is the clean and hard-hitting kick.  This gives Blow Your Speakers a great solid foundation for the rest of the tune.  The drop is dope, and it’s also really unique because it’s different from most big room drops.  I can’t exactly say what makes it so different except that is has a darker and more raw feel to it.  Nonetheless, Tomsize created a monster tune that will definitely get people moving and jumping.  I can see this being played at festivals and venues around the world because of the energy it brings.  The track reminds me of GTA’s style and something that they could possibly cook up.  Blow Your Speakers actually reminds me of GTA’s newest track ‘Bola‘ because both tracks have a banging beat with awesome sounding synths that will make the crowd lose it.  It’s always awesome to see artists like Tomsize try and explore new genres; it’s even better to see when they try a new genre and absolutely nail it on the head.  Tomsize should explore the idea of producing more house tunes because I will be anxiously awaiting for more from him.  For now though I’ll just have to blast Blow Your Speakers.  Check out the free download of the track on Tomsize’s Soundcloud.  Blast this tune, and play it really loud; just don’t blow your speakers!

The Outhere Brothers – Boom Boom Boom (Kastra Remix)

Boom Boom Boom.  The New Jersey producer Kastra gives us an awesome remix of the 90’s hit, ‘Boom Boom Boom’ by The Outhere Brothers.  The original track by the hip-hop duo has an upbeat dance beat to it which reminds me of ‘I Like To Move It’ by Reel 2 Real.  I like the tune by The Outhere Brothers, and I actually discovered it from this video of a girl singing terribly over it that my friends showed me.  That girl’s version is hilarious, sad, confusing, and makes me instantly regret watching it every time.  So every time I listen to ‘Boom Boom Boom’ I instantly think of that haunting girl and her god-awful video.  Luckily, Kastra made a killer remix of the track which does not remind me of that haunting video constantly.  He put a an awesome electr0-house/Melbourne Bounce sound to the track which fits really well with the lyrics.  I love the initial drop, and it brings that awesome energy that most Melbourne Bounce tracks have.  The sound reminds me of something TJR would cook up, and I’m a ridiculously huge TJR fan.  So naturally I fell in love with this remix the first time I heard it.  Kastra released it on Christmas Eve as a Christmas present to thank his fans for their support this year.  He released it as a free download on his Soundcloud, so you should definitely give it a listen and check out this awesome remix.  Enjoy!