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Odesza – Always This Late (Illenium Remix) [FREE DL]

Today we bring you the latest from Denver artist Illenium. Seeing most of his success in the melodic dubstep scene, he is back with a huge remix of Odesza. With much of his inspiration coming from artists like Seven Lions and Sound Remedy, it is easy to see how such a beautiful remix was produced. The pads are extraordinary, the samples are on point, and the breakdown is epic. Here is what Illenium, also known as Nick Miller, had to say about remixing Odesza, “When I put on their new album, this song really set the mood. I wanted to put my own spin on something that was already timeless and beautiful to see what boundaries I could push.” Grab this song for FREE! and be sure to check out more of Illenium’s awesome work.


Bassnectar – Noise (PANTyRAiD Remix)

Fresh off the lot is a remix of Bassnectars “Noise” by the one and only PANTyRAiD. Yesterday the NVSB (Noise Vs Beauty) Remix album came out featuring 22 tracks, including new Bassnectar remixes and bonus goodies. Featuring artists like Craz, Run DMT, Stylust Beats, Champaign Drip and many more, this remix package is as well-tailored and produced as the original NVSB album that hit shelves about 5 months ago.

Bassnectar is known for taking his time and releasing high quality and cheese free tunes, so it is no surprise to me that when it comes to putting his name behind something, he was going to make sure he had the crème de la crème in bass music behind his remix package, PANTyRAiD being one of them.

The NVSB album was a massive hit and if you’re lucky you may be able to catch Bassnectar at a venue near you, as he is currently on tour. In the mean time check out this remix of my favorite track on NVSB “Noise”. It is absolutely dripping in guttural bass lines and deep dark melodics, while still keeping true to the original tune.

You can grab the Remix bundle AND the NVSB album right here. 

PANyRAiD Facebook | PANTyRAiD Twitter | PANTyRAiD Soundcloud


Flume – Pretty, Polished, Prefabricated


Flume has been one of my favorite producers ever since I caught ahold of his work a couple years ago on a blog I follow. Buried in the emergence of trap and the lingerings of electro it was very refreshing to hear some soulful unique and upbeat productions from a teenager on the other side of the planet. Last week I was lucky enough to be able to catch him live in Vermont, so I brought my camera and a couple of friends to Higher Ground in South Burlington for what I anticipated to be a good production.

The hype for this show was unreal, it sold out easily a month in advance and tickets day of show were being sold and bought for $100 and up! This to me was highly unexpected, given the type of music Flume produced and the crowds that usually populate electronic showcases at Higher Ground I expected probably a ¾ sell. This however is due to the fact that most people attending the show, given what they were wearing and how they were acting, probably had no idea who Flume was a week prior to purchasing a ticket, and it probably went something like this…

Breh 1: “Hey bro you going to Flume?”

Breh 2: *finishes shotgunning Heady Topper* “Nah man, what’s that”

Breh 1: “DUDE, he’s sick. Fucking tours with Skrillex and shit, gonna be a sick show”

Breh 2: “Fuck yeah, i’m down lets go”

Breh 1 & 2: consume as many drugs as possible and go to a show they had just heard about.

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G Jones – Ring the Alarm EP (Free Download)

It’s time to give those subwoofers a workout, boys and girls. West Coast bass music wizard G Jones released his new EP, Ring The Alarm, for free on Bandcamp today via SATURATE!RECORDS. As a tried and true connoisseur of West Coast future bass music, I have no problem admitting that Ring The Alarm is absolute top shelf material. Bass music really doesn’t get much better than this, and bass producers really don’t get much better than G Jones. An established master of his craft, G Jones is absolutely relentless with his new EP, rattling listeners’ eardrums and bodies with 9 brief-but-beefy bass bangers, including collaborations with Minnesota, Doshy, and Mad Zach. This one’s going to be on repeat for a while.

Each track is only a few minutes long (in fact, only two of them actually pass the 3-minute mark), but good things come in small packages. The distinguished West Coast bass sound drips throughout every second of this EP. Every kick, every clap, every horn, every synth leaves a heavy impact, and the booming bass is at once both chaotic and soothing. My personal favorite track on the EP is the Minnesota collaboration, “Orbital,” which is just more proof (if we even needed any) that these two Santa Cruz homies are the undisputed heavyweight champions of West Coast future bass music.

Check out the title track, “Ring The Alarm,” below. Then follow the download link, name your price on Bandcamp, and voila: free bass music! Also, check these tour dates to see if G Jones will be bringing his West Coast bass goodness to your hometown.

Free Download: Ring The Alarm EP

Alma – Ashes To Ashes (feat. Kill Paris)

Kill Paris has become a household name under the MMIBTY roof over the past few years as we have seen him grow and evolve his musical taste and appetite. Defining and building the genre Luvstep under the OWSLA banner seemed to entertain him for awhile, recently however he’s eyed the record label business. Creating the properly tittled Sexy Electric label, Kill Paris has set out to offer free music from some of his favorite rising stars. Having already once collaborated with songstress ALMA on “Avalanche” back in December, it was a no brainer to do a follow up track. The sounds of bass that Kill Paris loves to create require the sexual vocals that can only be song by ALMA. These two have amazing chemistry and can only hope to see more from them in the future.

Paper Diamond FREE TICKETS – Burlington, VT

If you haven’t heard, Paper Diamond is spreading the love on Valentines day at Higher Ground in BTV. Yup that’s right, the Diamond himself will be taking the stage with LOUDPVCK and Gent and Jawns as support.

Paper Diamond’s “Cold Crush” tour is sweeping the North East at the moment and it’s not something to be missed. The show at Higher Ground this Friday is actually sold out, so that really sucks if you didn’t get a ticket. But if you didn’t fear not, you have a chance to win one right here through MMIBTY, just follow the link below!

While you are doing that, make sure to check out Paper Diamond’s new track “Black Rose” right here!