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What The Festival 2015 [Full Lineup Revealed]

Get your reading glasses, folks. What The Festival has revealed the rest of the musical acts set to take over Wolf Run Ranch on Dufur, Oregon this June– and quite frankly, it’s a doozey. We were already pretty mesmerized by the Phase 1 lineup, but now there’s even more to be excited about. Headliners Big Gigantic, Odesza, GRiZ, and Keys N Krates are now joined by Thomas Jack, billed here as Thomas Jack’s Tropical Pool Party, which might just be the coolest pool party I’ll ever go to in my life. The support bill has now grown exponentially too, including highlights such as West Coast Bass mastermind Minnesota, the always amazing Anna Lunoe, and UK producer Ambassadeurs, to name a few of many stunning new additions.

I’m not breaking any new ground here when I tell you this lineup is absolutely stacked. What The Festival is known for its diverse and excellent musical lineups, but it is also known for its breathtaking scenery, a grandiose art walk, and some of the best vibes this side of the Mississippi. Having never been to the festival, we are excited to take Wolf Run Ranch by storm and fully immerse ourselves in the What The Festival experience. As evidenced below, this experience is going to have one helluva killer soundtrack.

See you guys on the Ranch! Keep an eye out for more What The Festival preview content, including our favorite acts and music playlists.

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Durante – Slow Burn Feat. Chuck Ellis

“Slow Burn” may sound like the output of a long-seasoned, veteran producer from the UK, but in fact, it’s the latest offering from 21-year-old young gun, Durante, from right here in Los Angeles. Teaming up with singer/songwriter, Chuck Ellis, Durante has fused Chuck’s tender, pop-leaning vocals with pinpoint piano stab breakdowns for a breezy House hit that matches easy listening vibes with superlative potential for peak time play. Showcasing an adeptness and musical understanding far beyond his 21 years in “Slow Burn,” Durante is poised for some serious attention going into 2015. The single has been released for free via the NEST HQ record label, a subsidiary of OWSLA.

The First Annual Cloak ‘N’ Dagger Festival Brings The House To Denver

Well just in case you thought the festival season was over out here in Denver, The Hundred wants to extend one more invite to their first annual Cloak ‘N’ Dagger festival located in Denver’s Golden Triangle District. Spread out over four stages between Club Vinyl and City Hall we will witness as a plethora of artists not only on local and national levels, but international acts as well takeover Denver’s Capitol Hill. With one stage being reserved for strictly for local acts, all the homies are sure to be out and about including Action 52, Keepers (brand new track available below), Need & Necessity, Real Cosby and many more. However as stacked as our local line-up is the big guns will also be coming to town including the likes of Cashmere Cat, Gigamesh, Golf Clap, Graff, Holy Ghost, Justin Martin, Moon Boots, Thomas Jack and so many more. If you are a lover of house, disco, indie-dance or anything off the deep end then this is definitely a must attend event. Even after a massive summer of amazing line-ups The Hundred has blown us away once again by sneaking in one last big party during these dog days of summer. Check out some of our favorite tunes from headlining artists below and be sure to grab your TICKETS as soon as possible, there is no doubt in my mind these are gonna go quick!

MSCLS – Time To Move feat. Carmen Clayton

It was over thirty years ago that Carmen Clayton released Time to Move to very little acclaim, but over the years this funk single has continued to reinvent itself. In the modern era, most of us all know this sample from the widely popular NERO track, Must Be A Feeling. As much as we all loved that track, I couldn’t be more excited to showcase MSCLS‘s rendition of Time to Move. Flexing their softer side with this release, the vocals are paired perfectly to a slow moving, classic disco funk theme. While most of MSCLS’s releases have been heavy on the future-bass, this offering shows us his versatility which we will hopefully be hearing more of very soon. MSCLS quickly told THUMP how this track came to fruition.. “I was just kinda digging around youtube to spark some ideas and ran across the vocal from Carmen Clatyon,” he tells THUMP. “I decided to throw it over the track just to see what it sounded like and then kinda fell in love with it.” Enjoy the free download on this one.

Flume – Pretty, Polished, Prefabricated


Flume has been one of my favorite producers ever since I caught ahold of his work a couple years ago on a blog I follow. Buried in the emergence of trap and the lingerings of electro it was very refreshing to hear some soulful unique and upbeat productions from a teenager on the other side of the planet. Last week I was lucky enough to be able to catch him live in Vermont, so I brought my camera and a couple of friends to Higher Ground in South Burlington for what I anticipated to be a good production.

The hype for this show was unreal, it sold out easily a month in advance and tickets day of show were being sold and bought for $100 and up! This to me was highly unexpected, given the type of music Flume produced and the crowds that usually populate electronic showcases at Higher Ground I expected probably a ¾ sell. This however is due to the fact that most people attending the show, given what they were wearing and how they were acting, probably had no idea who Flume was a week prior to purchasing a ticket, and it probably went something like this…

Breh 1: “Hey bro you going to Flume?”

Breh 2: *finishes shotgunning Heady Topper* “Nah man, what’s that”

Breh 1: “DUDE, he’s sick. Fucking tours with Skrillex and shit, gonna be a sick show”

Breh 2: “Fuck yeah, i’m down lets go”

Breh 1 & 2: consume as many drugs as possible and go to a show they had just heard about.

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Haywyre – Smooth Criminal [FREE DOWNLOAD]

I grew up on Michael Jackson’s music. To be more exact, I used to play Jackson’s albums on my father’s record player, a piece of equipment he had had since before I was born; my dad’s album collection spanned decades. Perhaps it was Alien Ant Farm who re-popularized Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” back in 2001 when they released their cover of the song, which ultimately broke into the Top 40s. Now, in 2014, we have a brand new version of the timeless classic, this time written by Indiana based producer Haywyre (Martin Vogt). If you see a picture of Haywyre you’ll notice he has quite the baby face, but his skills date back to when he was six years old and began playing piano. Haywyre’s talent on the keys are obvious not just in his take on “Smooth Criminal”, but in plenty of other songs he has produced. I found out about Haywyre’s incredible expertise when the video of him performing “Smooth Criminal” went viral (see below). Martin defines his sound, according to Facebook, as “Post Avant-Garde Pre-Futuristic Jazz-Fusion”. Whatever it is, it’s good.

Haywyre Facebook | Haywyre SoundCloud | Haywyre Twitter

Stream and download:

Haywyre – Smooth Criminal