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Flume – Pretty, Polished, Prefabricated


Flume has been one of my favorite producers ever since I caught ahold of his work a couple years ago on a blog I follow. Buried in the emergence of trap and the lingerings of electro it was very refreshing to hear some soulful unique and upbeat productions from a teenager on the other side of the planet. Last week I was lucky enough to be able to catch him live in Vermont, so I brought my camera and a couple of friends to Higher Ground in South Burlington for what I anticipated to be a good production.

The hype for this show was unreal, it sold out easily a month in advance and tickets day of show were being sold and bought for $100 and up! This to me was highly unexpected, given the type of music Flume produced and the crowds that usually populate electronic showcases at Higher Ground I expected probably a ¾ sell. This however is due to the fact that most people attending the show, given what they were wearing and how they were acting, probably had no idea who Flume was a week prior to purchasing a ticket, and it probably went something like this…

Breh 1: “Hey bro you going to Flume?”

Breh 2: *finishes shotgunning Heady Topper* “Nah man, what’s that”

Breh 1: “DUDE, he’s sick. Fucking tours with Skrillex and shit, gonna be a sick show”

Breh 2: “Fuck yeah, i’m down lets go”

Breh 1 & 2: consume as many drugs as possible and go to a show they had just heard about.

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Haywyre – Smooth Criminal [FREE DOWNLOAD]

I grew up on Michael Jackson’s music. To be more exact, I used to play Jackson’s albums on my father’s record player, a piece of equipment he had had since before I was born; my dad’s album collection spanned decades. Perhaps it was Alien Ant Farm who re-popularized Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” back in 2001 when they released their cover of the song, which ultimately broke into the Top 40s. Now, in 2014, we have a brand new version of the timeless classic, this time written by Indiana based producer Haywyre (Martin Vogt). If you see a picture of Haywyre you’ll notice he has quite the baby face, but his skills date back to when he was six years old and began playing piano. Haywyre’s talent on the keys are obvious not just in his take on “Smooth Criminal”, but in plenty of other songs he has produced. I found out about Haywyre’s incredible expertise when the video of him performing “Smooth Criminal” went viral (see below). Martin defines his sound, according to Facebook, as “Post Avant-Garde Pre-Futuristic Jazz-Fusion”. Whatever it is, it’s good.

Haywyre Facebook | Haywyre SoundCloud | Haywyre Twitter

Stream and download:

Haywyre – Smooth Criminal


Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Throttle Remix)

Throttle joins the expanding forces hailing from Australia, on a joinery of disco domination as the music sweeps over the American dance scene. More and more club bookings and festival stages have been designated to the disco movement this summer, bringing a smile so wide to myself and the rest of the team here. Throttle believes he fits into the Dirty Disco sub category with that being the title of his mix series. Several of his originals have over 100K views on Soundcloud with his Avicii remix of “You Make Me’ even earning him a spot to open for Avicii during his Australian tour this past winter. Out now is his newest remix, the familiar vocals of Sam Smith are paired with some amazing piano rips and groovy guitar chords. Grab the remix for free ninety-nine while supplies last.

MMIBTY Interview with Solidisco

Solidisco swung through Boston this weekend as part of their mini New England tour that will take them to casinos, pools, and New York City over the long holiday weekend. Making their debut at Emerald Lounge, we took the opportunity to catch up with the duo from Buffalo. Young, bright, and thirsty are all great descriptors of these kids – check out what they had to say and be sure to keep a look out for the disco beat makers!

Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Tour Dates

MMIBTY: Hey guys, how are you doing, welcome to Boston!

Solidisco: Thanks man it’s great to be here. This is our first time playing in Boston together actually, so we are pretty excited for later on.

MMIBTY: Oh that ‘s awesome, how is this summer shaking up for Solidisco? Club shows, festival gigs – where are you finding yourself the most?

Solidisco: I’d say mostly clubs recently, heading down to New York City to play at Cieolo this Friday and then a pool party at Mohegan Sun on Sunday. That will be fun, we’re pool party DJ’s I guess (laughter).

MMIBTY: Have you noticed an increase interest in in disco bookings lately as the style seems to drawing more and more fans?

Solidisco: Wouldn’t necessarily chalk it up to these venues you wouldn’t expect to go, uh I guess, but I would say it’s more of a result of hard work as us as artists are constantly releasing new work and doing some great collaborations. everyone thought disco was going to make a comeback aftter the Daft Punk album,  but you don’t see a lot of kids trying to record “Get Lucky”, most of them are trying to make “Animals.”  

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Viceroy Hits The Road For Some Summertime Lovin’

It’s no question that Viceroy is one of the biggest names in dance music right now. With a stellar past year full of big-name collaborations, chart-topping remixes and buzz-blog no.1′s, Viceroy is constantly making moves. With his ‘summertime all the time’ motto fully emblazoned in everything he touches, 2013 saw Viceroy bring his unique brand of lush, tropi-cool house disco to clubs and parties across the world, including showcases at CMJ in New York, and tours across Australia, Asia and South America – soon no continent will be left untouched. 2014 is off and running fro Viceroy as he really comes into season with the impending summer sunshine. With many private pool parties, large festival gigs, and even a few Budweiser Made in America events already planned, I implore you get out and catch him live. We will be live at The Sinclair in Boston on June 13th taking pictures with pink flamingos and mai-tais, we hope to decide to join us!

MyKill & Walker – Without Time

Without Time is the result of first time collaborators MyKill out of San Francisco and one third of the dynamic team that is The Holy Coast.  The final piece is something of beauty, creating a whole new side of the indie disco sound full of throbbing synths and bass that will blast through your hair. The hint of saxophone is magnificent, the vocals are that of beach party legend, creating a perfect gem to blast all sumer long. We recently also found out that this is only the beginning of these two and that we should expect more as the summer heats up!