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Who Is Danny Tenaglia, And What Does He Do To People? [An Interview]

(Photo by: Gary James)
Recently I had the honor to sit down with the legendary Danny Tenaglia. He had just finished playing at the infamous (((Stereo))) in Montreal and gave me a call via Skype to talk about a few odds and ends of his life as a life changer.

Danny Tenaglia is what I refer to as a DJ’s DJ. He has humble beginnings in New York City and has been mixing tracks together since my parents were running around in diapers (I’m 25).  He is one of the most highly respected and regarded DJs in the world of house music. He has traveled the globe and every venue on the planet is happy to open their doors to this wise and charismatic gentlemen.

Born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, ironically currently becoming the second coming of a genre of music that Danny Tenaglia rode a wave of in the 90’s.  He was born to an Italian family who had hopes and dreams of him becoming a doctor or lawyer, but Danny Tenaglia being the man he is set his goals are far different’ dreams, and with much certainty achieved his goals.

I decided to open our conversation up by asking a Danny a little bit about living in Brooklyn, and if it had any influence on his music. I wanted to know if that salsa sound that is so ever prevalent in his music was a result of the large African American and Latino culture that made Brooklyn the vibrant and beautiful place it is.

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MMIBTY Radio 002 Featuring ERLE

Hello MMIBTY followers, we are proud to announce MMIBTY Radio 002 with San Francisco based producer ERLE. Born and raised in Oakdale California, residing in San Francisco, the multi instrumentalist scotch-enthusiast known as ERLE has been playing keys and drums since he can remember, eventually turning his love into a profession after 6 years of schooling. With an arsenal of tunes ready to go this is just the beginning of his reign over the new-wave of house music. Influenced by Dusky, Gorgon City, Pink Floyd, and the entire Dirtybird crew, ERLE’s sound brings his own style to the increasingly popular Night Bass style sound currently running LA. Seeing ERLE preforming live brings you to shake that ass pretty quick, his style is quite diverse always staying with the up tempo breaks, his performance is always getting people grooving! We will be airing his mix this FRIDAY October 17th, don’t forget to check out his Facebook, soundcloud ect. Click share, like and show it to all of your friends!!



Matt’s House 004

It’s been a little while but welcome back to another edition of Matt’s House. Like always, I strive to bring the very best in Deep, Progressive, Electro, and everything in between. Today we have a few songs that I have recently discovered that I think should get some attention. No matter how new or old good music is good music. Thanks for stopping by for some tunes and be sure to check back soon for some more great music. (Click the Shopping Cart for FREE DL)


First up, we have a remix of one of my favorite bands growing up. This one will get those nostalgic juices flowing. Throw this one on and sing along, I know you know the lyrics too.


Next up, we have a new one from Addal. Addal is still pretty new to me but this song definitely got my attention and deserved a spot on the top 3.  This one isn’t for Free DL, which is the usual at Matt’s House, but it is a deep house gem never the less.


Last up this week, we have another track on the deeper side. This one comes from Teddy Cream, a duo out of Australia. Usually known for their Melbourne Bounce remixes, they have changed it up a bit as of late. Check these out now and be sure to stop by next time for another edition of Matt’s House.


Tom Flynn does not make EDM. He makes sexy sophisticated Deep House and Nu-Disco, music for adults, not kids in kandi and tutus. His name is not recognizable yet in the US, but that’ll soon change. If you’d not heard him before he’s behind Hot Creations monster hit this summer ‘Hoochie‘ and regularly releases tracks on the label, as well as Defected and dirtybird. He makes deep down and dirty music for dark sexy clubs, and I think if you check him out you’ll dig him too.”

The above words came from Chris Robins over at Infamous PR, one of the public relations firms we have the pleasure of working with in an effort to break new music out to the masses. To be honest, Chris had me with his opening line about Tom Flynn not making EDM, but rather making music for adults and not kids in kandi and tutus. This really spoke to me because as much as I understand that tutus and kandi are things that come with the dance music world, it’s not really my scene. Give me a four on the floor beat, a groovy bass line, and some 21+ vibes and that’s all I really need from my dance music. Seems like Tom Flynn is right up  my alley. Today Tom Flynn released his latest track “Yes Yes Y’all” for free download in anticipation of his Fall US tour which is stopping in major cities like San Francisco, Boston,  Denver, Chicago, NYC and more. The track certainly has Disco elements but what I love most is that it samples the legendary Hip Hop track “I Used To Love H.E.R.” by Common. “I Used to Love H.E.R.” came from Common’s debut album Resurrection all the way back in 1994 and it’s great seeing a House producer incorporating it into his songs. I’m a fan of “Yes Yes Y’all” and I’m now very curious to see what Flynn’s live sets are like.

If you’re in one of the cities listed below and you’re a fan of “music for adults” definitely go check out Tom Flynn after you grab this free download!

Anjunadeep 06 (Mixed By James Grant & Jody Wisternoff) – OUT NOW!

“Whoever’s in charge of A&R at Anjunadeep deserves a pay rise”

-Resident Advisor

To find out the answer to that question we don’t have to look far. James Grant, brother of Above & Beyond’s Jono Grant, takes on the A&R responsibilities at London’s Anjunadeep. Of course this comes alongside fellow label chief Jody Wisternoff and together they handpicked the sixth edition of Anjunadeep, aptly titled Anjunadeep 06 which is a collection of a whopping 30+ tracks and is officially out today on iTunes. For those not close to the music industry, A&R stands for “Artists and Repertoire” and it is the division of a record label that is responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists and songwriters. In essence, Resident Advisor is saying the Anjunadeep team did a fantastic job of selecting and cultivating artists on its roster and in my opinion this is especially evident with the release of Anjunadeep 06.

Last week I posted a couple tracks on Anjunadeep 06, by Deep House masters 16 Bit Lolitas (called the Deep In My Soul EPLISTEN HERE) – but that was merely the tip of the iceberg. Anjunadeep, as a label, has been gaining steam over the years and with the release of 06 it’s clear they put a lot more muscle behind promotion, marketing, and quality control. The boys over at Above & Beyond have even been talking about the release for weeks during their Group Therapy podcasts, and if you haven’t been listening you can surely bet they’ve been playing plenty of tracks from it as well. Even the official Anjunadeep 06 website was carefully crafted with visually appealing design, to help the viewer both see and feel the vibes coming from today’s release.

While I haven’t had a chance to listen to the entire album front to back, I have had a chance to enjoy many of the selections made available in podcasts, on YouTube, and streaming in SoundCloud (see below). While the album contains songs from many artists I’m only now discovering, one theme remains the same: Deep, Soulful, and Melodic House music. As someone who spends his weekdays at a 9-5 job, there was no better way to unwind after a long Monday than with Anjunadeep 06. Unlike most of the music we post here at MMIBTY, most of the 30+ songs on this album are not meant for the clubs nor for getting your parties started. Instead, Anjunadeep 06 is perfect for sunsets, beaches, lounges, relaxation, spending time with that special someone, and anything else that the deepest of Deep House is meant for. The album contains tracks by artists such as Dusky, Lane 8, Jody Wisternoff, James Grant, Beckwith, Eli & Fur, and plenty of others you may or may not have heard of. Though this is not one of our typical free downloads, I highly recommend you spend the $10.99 iTunes is asking for hours of near-perfect House music – and to support the artists who helped put it together. I have no doubt I’ll be listening to this for months to come and my guess is that if you appreciate the Deeper, more Melodic, and more chilled-out side of House music you’ll feel the same way.


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16 Bit Lolitas – Deep In My Soul EP [Anjunadeep]

It’s been a bit since I posted something out of the Anjuna camp and if my memory serves me correctly this is the first Anjunadeep release I’m writing about. Most people in the dance world know about the juggernaut trio Above & Beyond and their record label Anjunabeats. Those who are less in the know may not be aware that Anjunabeats gave birth to Anjunadeep back in 2005. In its early years Anjunadeep existed as a sub-label to Anjunabeats, releasing Deep Trance and Progressive House, but it has since evolved its output to cover the deeper end of the electronic music spectrum, focusing predominantly on Deep House. Yesterday’s release by Dutch duo 16 Bit Lolitas (Ariaan Olieroock & Peter Kriek of Amsterdam) was one I had marked on my calendar, as it contained the title track “Deep In My Soul” which is a stellar Deep tune that has been played by Above & Beyond countless times in their podcasts.

The 16 Bit Lolitas are relatively new to me but their music is beautiful. The Deep In My Soul EP contains three quality tracks that are extensive and calming and take you through soundscapes that remind me of late nights and early sunrises. “Deep In My Soul” contains an infectious groove that calls to the forefront an artist like Booka Shade and the repeating vocal hook absolutely gets lodged in your brain. “Premium Emo”could have been written by Tycho and is definitely the most relaxing track on the EP. The final track “Higher State” starts off like a St. Germain track but with licks of muted trumpets and light guitar riffs it takes its own shape as a 16 Bit Lolitas original.

The boys of 16 Bit Lolitas, though much biographical information isn’t available, made their mark with tracks like “Murder Weapon”, “Nobody Seems To Care”, “Sedna”, and remixes for the likes of Sander Kleinenberg and Armin van Buuren. This comes after the duo joined the award-winning Armada Music with their Bits & Pieces label, back in 2007. But I know them as a Deep House duo who have made a significant impact on the Anjunadeep label and I’ll be making sure to keep my eyes out for more Deep and beautiful tracks buy these guys.

The EP is available on Beatport now so go over and grab it and show 16 Bit Lolitas some love!

If you want to check out the 16BL’s other sounds, they have a mix series. Here’s the July 2014 edition: