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Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 010

Yo, what’s up team? If you were lucky enough to get one of those spring break vacation things, I sure hope you enjoyed it because Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 010 is chock full of treats for you to get through the rest of the week and well into the weekend. The first track we have today is one by Pig & Dan called “Marshmallows.” I wouldn’t call it fluffy or sugary, but it’ll get you on your feet no doubt!

Up next is a strong, dark edit by Strange Fruit of Alt-J’s “Breezeblocks” that the duo reworked on their way to play Primary Nightclub here in Chicago two weeks ago. Not only did they put on a fantastic show, but every production they put out sounds better than the last! Pulsating drums carry the listener onward throughout Breezeblocks (Strange Fruit Dark Edit) leading up to a gentle guitar strum during the breakdown. Just listen, man.

Third goody out of the bag is a number by Jesse Voltaire titled “Love Under Will” released by Archipel. Soothingly hypnotic and at times showing shades of dub, “Love Under Will” retains its driving force all along. Fourth up is a track by Christian Prommer called “Waltz.” It’s got a sort of minimal/classical/house vibe that’s very inviting so check it out. You might have to throw Christian’s FB page a like, but is that really the end of the world if you get a sweet free song out of it? Nah.

Moving along, we pass along a super weird EP by Zhao called “Le Passé Reste” released today by Archipel. The title track has a really cool minimal air about it then things get progressively quirkier in Nuages et Fumées. Monochrome begins with a more stripped-down feel but surely don’t stay that way; this ain’t your roommates tech-house. Spatial gets even wilder yet followed by Allenaide, which may very well be some sort of attempt at interplanetary communication.

Making our way into the [MIX BOX] segment at the bottom of our enormous goodybag, we jump right into an hour-long techno mix by the gifted DJ Anna. Save this one for the gym, on the way to a club, or even at your party! The second mix we have for you today is a live recording from the debut of Chicago duo Shytone at Primary Nightclub last Sunday. Shytone is comprised of two very talented and well-known DJs named Kalendr & Inphinity. I’ve heard one or two of their productions and will be sure to include the next one I find that is available for free download.

Next is a dope techno mix [Supreme 144 to be precise] by Spartaque. Having a bad day? Toss this bad boy on. Closing out our tenth edition of the Oxtavius Magical Goodybag is a three hour and ten minute podcast mixed by Wolf+Lamb exclusively for our friends at Data Transmission across the pond. If you dig Wolf+Lamb, you’ll be pleased to learn that Spybar announced yesterday their new quarterly residency with none other than Soul Clap. For ticket giveaways, passwords for free entry, and much more, bookmark so you never miss a show and always pay the best price or no price at all!


ODB – Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Worthy’s Raw Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Today we present to you a completely new piece of music from the vaults of Worthy, available exclusively for you to play, download, share with friends, burn, edit, remix, bootleg, the possibilities are boundless. Worthy, a member of the Dirtybird team, remarks, ”I had an idea a year ago to do a remix of ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’, but was so focused on producing my full-length album that I had to put it on the back burner. When I went at it this year, it just came together so perfectly. I think since Wu Tang recently came out with new material, the energy was out there and the Shaolin came down and blessed me creatively. The track is the perfect blend of bass and suspense that I love in my songs.” Get ready to shimmy right into your weekend with this one! Also be on the lookout for his EP coming out April 21st via OWSLA!

We should also point out that Worthy and the rest of the Dirtybird crew received the 2014 IDMA (International Dance Music Awards) award for Best Indie/Underground Music Label. This is a huge honor and shows you just how far Claude VonStroke’s label has come. It’s impressive that a producer like Worthy and anyone else on the Dirtybird label can all have similar sounds but stay supremely unique in their own ways. That booty bass, Tech-House sound will always exist throughout Dirtybird productions but it really takes these special artists to remain exclusive in sound. Big ups to Worthy on “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”!

Depeche Mode – Should Be Higher (Amtrac Remix)

Not everyday do we see remixes come in of the legendary electronic band, Depeche Mode. Of course, the rising superstar Amtrac isn’t your everyday performer. Amtrac is solidifying himself as an all-star in the scene as he continues to demonstrate talent and creativity. Every release of his is different, ranging from 1960′s disco to progressive house made for the main stage. Today we have yet another free, downloadable remix of Depeche Mode’s recent single, Should Be Higher. Cranking up the intensity with a powerful melody, Amtrac keeps the vocals at the fore front of this remix. Be sure to find him at a festival stage this summer.

Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 009

Good evening, groove crew. I’ll keep this one brief because just listening to the first two pieces we have for you tonight will pay homage far better than my words ever will. The first, from Still Music is an unreleased remix by Frankie Knuckles himself of Mitchbal & Larry Williams’ “Jack The House.” The second is a commemorative mix Dimitri from Paris compiled of some of his favorite music from Frankie. Mr. Knuckles will truly be missed and never forgotten.

Freebie three out of Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 009 is a remix from Nic Fanciulli of Fleetwood Mac’s Big Love as a thank you for all the support this year. Though it would have been extra special to see him go back to back with his brother Mark, I was lucky enough to catch Nic at Spybar a few months back and had a fantastic time, so I’m sure Miami Music Week was an absolute blast for the Saved Records crew.

Moving along, we take a trip to the Netherlands for a free download by Walker & Royce ft. Javi called Let Me Be from our audiophile pals at Deep House Amsterdam. Walker & Royce (Sam and Gavin) met long ago but only began producing together in 2011. Fortunately Damian Lazarus took notice to one of their earliest releases and then the “You’re Not Welcome EP” happened through Crosstown Rebels and these guys were on their way.

Up next is a blissful summertime track from Tinush titled “Sommerregen” followed swiftly by an original Booty G-House track called “Fuck U” by Volac who is signed to Amine Edge’s label CUFF. The seventh free goody out of the bag is a sweet little deep techno number by the up-and-coming Chicago duo HXH. Keep your eyes peeled for these dudes in the club and on the cloud!

Progressing into our mix box segment, we are graced with the illustrious sounds of Boston’s Don Fochi. Recorded for Beantown Boogiedown Podcast number seventy-four, the Don spews one hour and thirty-sex sexonds–I mean second sex, fuck it–of passionate deep house from Bob Moses to Beta Ghosts and more. If you’re one of our many Burlington, Vermont readers, it’d be a poor life choice not to attend DEEP SEX ft. Don Fochi & Haitian (2KDeep, Sunday Night Mass, Party Guy Records, Planet 96.7) at the one and only Half Lounge Speakeasy on Church Street.

Our next mix is from another Boston resident DJ, Will Monotone, which was recorded live at Viva Warriors Miami just a few nights ago on the twenty-sixth at The National Hotel. That whole Viva team is spectacular so after listening to this stellar recording, it’s probably safe to say it was a good time.

Fourth featured mix in OMG009 is fifty-three minutes and eight seconds of Bisharat’s live set at this weekend’s 99th edition of The Pool House at the fun and funky Primary Nightclub here in Chicago. My House Of Chi brother Bart Takuski opened up the night so it was one of those times where getting to work by 10am on the dot Monday morning wasn’t exactly the first priority. This Sunday marks the 100th edition of The Pool House, so if you’re in the area, go catch Bisharat, Jordan Bernardo, Hummingbird, and Special E.D. for free before 1am ($5 after) with password “House Of Chi!”  Cannonball!!

Fifth mix for the trail ahead is by Mike Larry, a dude who really impressed my friends and me with his techno flow on one of our annual pilgrimages to Le Beach Club, located roughly a half hour outside Montreal in a place called Pointe Calumet. If you are in Montreal this Saturday night, don’t miss Mike Larry drop his sounds on a decent system at Habitat alongside The Junkies!

The final mix out of tonight’s goodybag is a one-of-a-kind recording of Maceo Plex going back to back with Danny Daze at Miami’s Winter Music Conference just four days ago live for Deep Ellum at Trade. Enjoy the tunes, team. Talk to you again soon.


Props for the photo, Amnah.

Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 008

Oh hey, how are ya?! We at MMIBTY sure hope this Spring thing is shaping up nicely for you because with all this great music coming in we have been working day and night just to make sure you’ve got it all on your go-to playlist by the time summer rolls around! As previously concluded, good music is timeless, so we’re pleased to bring you two free unreleased remixes of classic vocal tracks from Boston-based Producer and DJ Salvatore LoGrasso in this here Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 008.

Salvatore Marco LoGrasso has been an important fixture in the Boston house music scene for nearly a decade and has performed across the globe alongside Pirupa and Amine Edge & DANCE, and Davide Squillace played Sal’s “Don’t Stop Til Ya” Edit at BPM in 2012. LoGrasso’s sound is a strong amalgam of disco, funk, ghetto house, deep house, techno, and of course house. Once in a group with Pirupa, Leon, & Scot Cox called “Trebled Kids,” Sal also has releases on CUFF, Nurvous, Louder Music, Melodic Art, Foot & Mouth, InMotion, Monique Musique, Stealth, PlayPerView, High Definition, Prawler, Manchester Underground Music, Resonance, FlatBelly Recordings, and Let It Play to name a few!

I had a chance to chat with Sal the other day fresh off playing Sankeys NYC with Amine Edge and after a little convincing, he agreed to give us his unreleased remix of Michael Jackson’s 1979 smash hit “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” to share with you lucky dancing ducks. Sure, the remix is 120bpm just like the original but LoGrasso really has a knack for taking classic vocal tracks and putting a funky-ass spin on ‘em. His sharp percussion and signature kick give way to hefty, sauntering basslines and beauteous breakdowns and “Don’t Stop Til Ya” is no exception. Adding another anthemic weapon to your elaborate arsenal of beats, we pass along an edit of “Don’t You Want Me Baby,” this one with a fantastic vocal breakdown and robust bass that could damn well get your dive bar to appreciate house music. Keep an eye out for this maestro on SoundCloud and Facebook, especially if you’re a MA resident or one of those fortunate enough to visit the musical mecca that is Ibiza this summer as this guy is playing everywhere from Boston to Ibiza (and hopefully Chicago?)!

Also included in this eighth edition of Oxtavius Magical Goodybag is a smooth deep house remix of Timo Maas’ “Hunted” by Romanian duo Livio & Roby found through djmag’s SoundCloud. Digging deeper through our goodybag we find a rework by Cleavage of their well-received “Prove.” With a synth line reminiscent of old school garage, this “Psychedelic Dub Mix” is sexy but serious.

We’re very excited to share this week’s MIX BOX segment of OMG with you because on top of three remarkable sets/mixes, we also have a pair of two-part mixes to share! The first pair is the Harder They Come Spring Promo from Burlington, Vermont based Chris Pattison of Nexus Artists. As with the rest of today’s goodybag, there is garage and deep bass aplenty! Featuring tracks by Low Steppa, Hector Couto, Darius Syrossian, Jay Lumen, Josh Butler, Filthy Rich, Paul Woolford, NiCe7, Maxxi Soundsystem, & Sidney Charles (amonst others), these two halves complement each other perfectly and reaffirm Pattison as one of the main pillars of Burlington’s ever-growing music scene.

Spanish duo Pig & Dan are up next with their superb 2014 March Mix. Full of techno and tech house gems, this two act show is worth the intermission.

Seth Troxler takes the decks for a joy ride in Output NYC’s Outcast 001. I’d sound silly if I tried to describe this set, so do us all a favor: let loose and blast this, baby!

We’re not done yet! Great Britain’s Ant Brooks is on episode 26 of his Groovant Podcast and they just keep getting better. Featuring tracks/remixes by Mladen Tomic, Nicole Moudaber, Matt Sassari, Harvey McKay, Proudly People, DJ Anna, Oscar L, and Brooks himself, this is a podcast you should not only download, but also subscribe to!

Yes, we saved the biggest treat for last. This dude has been making waves throughout Chicago for several years now but with a growing fanbase in Miami, Mexico, New York, and beyond, Garrett B is sure to become a household name for techno- and house-lovers worldwide. Three and a half hours of his opening set for the one and only Jamie Jones at Spybar last week. BOOM! This is deep house or “ghetto sex tech” (as Garrett’s SoundCloud tag tells us) at its finest. Talk about warmin’ the place up!

Michael Jackson – D.S.T.U (Salvatore LoGrasso Remix)
DoNt YoU WaNt ME (Salvatore LoGrasso Remix)
Timo Maas – The Hunted (Livio & Roby Remix)
Prove (Cleavage Psychedelic Dub Mix)
Chris Pattison – HTC Spring 2014 promo part 1
Chris Pattison – HTC Spring 2014 promo part 2
Groovant Podcast 026 With Oscar L

Got two bucks? Here ya go.



Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 007

The name’s Goodybag; Oxtavius Magical Goodybag. If you haven’t yet noticed, it’s our seventh (007) installment of said series and we’re feeling pretty bloody chipper about it. That’s why today we dug deep through the labyrinths of the internet and, more crucially, Soundcloud, to deliver to you, our cherished reader, nine tracks and eight rather lengthy mixes. Sure, nowadays when we see a song that’s posted more than a handful of days ago it seems like old news, but that’s why this week we’ve shaken things up a bit by including several songs nearing their first birthdays and even a mix that’s almost–wait for it–TWO! But hey, we all know that good music has no expiry date, so let’s go on a little adventure because, believe me, the sounds in this bag are more than worth their, uhh, free download-ness…

The first track out of Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 007 is Uto Karem’s 2014 techno remake of his 2008 minimal track “Don’t You Know.” This one has more of a tribal vibe than the original and bangs pretty hard. Something tells me this will go over really well in Miami this year. Next, DAVI spices up Russ Yallop’s already stellar “The Journey” ft. Aimee Sophia. The third track we have for you today is Scarlett Nina’s rich deep house jam “Werkstatt 1.” The bass line on this has a mind of its own, communicating with the other instruments in a buoyant and effortless manner.

Fourth out of the bag is a regift from our friends over at Originally by Rebecca Brandt, Doctor Jeep puts his own spin on “The Moment.” Do yourself a favor and check out the full feature here. On to the next goody…

This funky number is a remix with a little drum and bass flavor by Montreal’s Stefny Winter of Platypus’ “Argyle.” Stefny has gigs in both Denver and Chicago pretty soon so I searched high and low for any free downloads I could find by the talented songstress/DJ and thankfully “Argyle (Stefny’s Bonus D’n'B Mix)” is one well worth listening to!

Moving forward, Isaac Tichauer’s “I’ll Let You Go” (French Express) is one I felt obligated to include solely because of how often I hear it played in the club and at parties in the past few months, so if you never tracked it down or just haven’t heard it yet, well, here it is. [RIP Aaliyah] Also included is Tichauer’s year-old “I Forgive You.”

The next song takes things down a notch, and by that I mean LEVER’s “Careless” is a chill, relaxing track, so keep it on deck next time you’re feeling burnt out, learnt out, or just plain turnt out.

Rustling through our goodybag further, we arrive at Urulu’s “Works For Me” Dub of Jessie Ware’s “Sweet Talk.” This remix radiates that pure house sound of yesteryear while incessantly rejuvenating the listener.

What’s that? No more free tracks, you say? Why, that’s preposterous! Don’t fret, y’all, because we have a combined listening time of damn near eighteen hours of podcasts, live sets, & promo mixes for you. So you could wake up at six in the morning, toss on this playlist, and still not be done by midnight. You’re welcome. Here’s a quick rundown in case you’re not quite convinced.

I. Detroit Techno Militita – The Grid Episode 26: this one was recommended by my fellow Chicago MMIBTY Writer/Representative “JD” and I’m pretty stoked on it.
II. Stefny – Archipel 10 yr Anniversary: Really neat & weird. Be sure to check out Stefny’s track “Do The Robo” on Beatport!
III. Nostaljack – 50 Mins of Deep Techno: This mix is by an up-and-comer out of Melbourne, Australia with solid dubby techno, acid house, and deep house
IV. Mia Wallace – Nightsweat Podcast 020: An extremely talented producer/DJ group based in Chicago. JUST LISTEN. THESE GUYS SHRED.
V. Dixon & Âme Boiler Room x Innervisions DJ Set @ ADE 2012: Almost two years old but these two are nasty, and TOGETHER?! One of those “wish I was there” moments. Âme played a fantastic set recently at Spybar but I actually can’t contain my excitement for the Maceo Plex + Dixon loft party that’s one looong month away.
VI. Habitual Hypnosis Podcast 001: Another Chicago outfit, this one a duo comprised of Happyghost and Housework. Check ‘em out.
VII. Second to last out of the bag is the second part to the one-of-a-kind set that was Joseph Capriati b2b Adam Beyer live from Metropolis in Naples. Capriati rocked the house at Spybar recently so now it’s Mr Beyer’s turn to do the deed. Enjoy free/reduced entry all night when you say “Oxtavius” at the door this Thursday, the twentieth of March. (More specifically, pronounce it like the emperor, not how you refer to your last sexual partner. Furthermore, ladies are free all night with password and gentlemen pay $10 after midnight. Just sharin’ the knowledge, man.)
VIII. Golf Clap puts Soundcloud’s six hour, forty-five minute cap to the test in good fashion!

Enjoy the goodybag, gang. See you on the dancefloor!