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Jerry Folk – So Long ft. BB Diamond

We have grown quite fond of the young Norwegian Jerry Folk’s remixes over the past year, so the release of this original track So Long ft. BB Diamond definitely made our ears perk up. Teaming up with London’s BB Diamond to create an original vocal track resulted in nothing less than pure airy bliss. Folk’s tracks often carry an overriding vocal element that to some extent drives the track with this original being no exception, however in the past most of his releases have been remixes. With the addition of a bass line that is nothing less than bounce combined with well placed vocals this track does it all. From the synth-pop-esque riff throughout or the additional aired out filters this track is sure to put a smile on your face and get just about any dance floor moving. Grab the free download below and be sure to check out Jerry’s Soundcloud for a stockpile of super fun deep house tracks and remixes.

ICYMI: jackLNDN – Don’t Forget [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Infectious House music brought to you by jackLNDN on this Sunday night. The UK, London-based, producer is one of our favorites here at MMIBTY and we’ve written about him numerous times, sharing his music with as many people as we possibly can. Back at the end of November jackLNDN released his track “Don’t Forget” and it’s been met with amazing responses. While it took me a few weeks to catch up, I’m brining you “Don’t Forget” as an in case you missed it feature, but making sure to point out it’s just the first track on jackLNDN’s Summer Never Ends – Vol. 1 EP. The piano intro hooked me in immediately but what was more impressive is how Jack was able to work in Electro-House wobbles into an otherwise Deep House tune. No lyrics to speak of, but the progression of the tune almost calls someone like a Pryda or Fehrplay into the picture. Turn the lights down low for “Don’t Forget” and make sure to keep an eye on jackLNDN especially with the release of his new EP coming soon!

jackLNDN writes about “Don’t Forget”:

The first track from the new ‘Summer Never Ends – Vol. 1′ EP. This one takes a deeper, progressive route. As always, it’s a free download. Enjoy!

Kid Astray – Back To The Ordinary (Option4 Remix)

Option4 is back on the remix decks, and this time he has brought the bounce to the Kid Astray single Back To The OrdinaryI don’t know if I can say I was really a fan of this track before it got the Option4 treatment. Utilizing the clean and crisp vocals of the indie-pop hit Option4 injects the track with a super fun breakdown and a bass line that is sure to make dance floors across the nation move. Well-placed samples, undermined vocal filters, additional snares, and a great piano hook keep this track moving from start to finish. Option4 truly breathed life into this track with his remix, go check it out now on HypeM and show the Denver ringleader some love!

deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (Shiba San Remix)

When producers deadmau5 and Kaskade got together in 2008 they brought us the house anthem “I Remember”. “I Remember” is the type of song that is absolutely timeless, it’s haunting vocals from Haley Gibby have blared through the speakers of countless festivals, clubs and venues across the planet. The unedited track is nearly 10 minutes long and its radio edit has topped almost ever major publicized chart. With this magnitude it is easy to assume there must be remixes in the thousands, so it is surprising to see today, in 2014 almost seven years later, a remix that is making waves from a producer who you wouldn’t really expect to see it from.

On November 25th the mau5 released a remix package called “5 Years of Mau5″ that contained what was decided as the best ever deadmau5 tracks remixed by various artists. I expected some big names on it but what was surprising was seeing the producer Shiba San representing his remix of “I Remember”, and it is really good.

I have been a big Shiba San fan ever since I discovered the track “Okay” this February. The Ghetto House scene has seen some big triumphs this year with Amine Edge & Dance + Shiba San at the helm, and with this remix release on mau5trap records one can only assume good things are to come.

Take a listen to the remix here, and share.


Option4 – You’re ILL

The man behind Denver’s exploding house music scene and Night Supply Records, Option4, is back at it again and this time we have got one hell of an original production on our hands You’re Ill. Option4, better know around the mile high as Brennan Bryarly has been on a roll lately with remix after remix topping charts on HypeM and music outlets across the interwebs. With the cleverest of samples, Option4 wastes no times getting this track rolling. Sampling The Packs chart topper Sneakers, Bryarly adds a mean set of snares and a super fun bass line. Along with some other great original production elements we couldn’t be more impressed with this one from our boy Option4!

Joe Bermudez Exclusive Mix

If you’re from the Boston area Joe Bermudez is probably a name you recognize and likely a DJ you’ve seen at least once. If you’re from anywhere else in the country – or the world for that matter – Joe Bermudez is likely a name you’ll start to see more and more. Whether you’ve heard Joe on his syndicated Mass Movement Radio show, seen him spin anywhere from a small Boston Garden bar to an opening set for world-class DJs like Rusko (tomorrow night at The Paradise) to Ultra Music Festival, or heard any of his original productions or remixes (for the likes of Britney, Rihanna, and Ke$ha) you know he’s got everything going for him right now. It’s just a matter of time until he breaks out.

I’ve talked to Joe on multiple occasions, witnessing several of his DJ sets, and he is an extremely humble guy. Joe got his start when he was just 18 at a Boston-based radio station, allowing him to program music for the masses. To me Joe has always had a poppy sound, but he’s always been able to balance commercial music with the edgier and more preferable sounds of the House Music world. If I had to compare Bermudez to any DJ or producer out there, it would likely be Kaskade: a melodic overtone with the ability to throw down bangers like any veteran DJ. When Joe reached out to me saying he wanted to record a Deep House mix for the blog I was skeptical at first. My thoughts were, what does a DJ who produces Pop House music and spins on the mainstream side of things know about Deeper sounds? Well, apparently a lot because I’ve already listened to this mix twice today and it’s fantastic. It starts off real smooth, with a late night feel, and moves into club-ready tracks as the mix progresses. The mixing is flawless and though it only contains 11 tracks, it’s an hour of House music that never loses my interest.

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