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MMIBTY Interview with Solidisco

Solidisco swung through Boston this weekend as part of their mini New England tour that will take them to casinos, pools, and New York City over the long holiday weekend. Making their debut at Emerald Lounge, we took the opportunity to catch up with the duo from Buffalo. Young, bright, and thirsty are all great descriptors of these kids – check out what they had to say and be sure to keep a look out for the disco beat makers!

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MMIBTY: Hey guys, how are you doing, welcome to Boston!

Solidisco: Thanks man it’s great to be here. This is our first time playing in Boston together actually, so we are pretty excited for later on.

MMIBTY: Oh that ‘s awesome, how is this summer shaking up for Solidisco? Club shows, festival gigs – where are you finding yourself the most?

Solidisco: I’d say mostly clubs recently, heading down to New York City to play at Cieolo this Friday and then a pool party at Mohegan Sun on Sunday. That will be fun, we’re pool party DJ’s I guess (laughter).

MMIBTY: Have you noticed an increase interest in in disco bookings lately as the style seems to drawing more and more fans?

Solidisco: Wouldn’t necessarily chalk it up to these venues you wouldn’t expect to go, uh I guess, but I would say it’s more of a result of hard work as us as artists are constantly releasing new work and doing some great collaborations. everyone thought disco was going to make a comeback aftter the Daft Punk album,  but you don’t see a lot of kids trying to record “Get Lucky”, most of them are trying to make “Animals.”  

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Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dillon Francis Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

I’ll admit that I’ve kind of gotten over Dillon Francis as of late. I used to love his productions and had a blast seeing Dillon Francis DJ live on multiple occasions. Maybe it’s because I started getting into the more underground side of Dance music, better suited for Dillon’s alter-ego DJ Hanzel, or maybe it’s because Dillon has gotten away from his Moombahton roots, but either way he hasn’t had my attention. Well that all changed today when a new Dillon Francis remix popped up on my SoundCloud feed. And it wasn’t a remix of just any song – it was a remix of the classic track “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk. I’ll put aside my disappointment that this remix isn’t of the Moombahton variety (a dying genre?), because Dillon Francis’ Trap remix is extremely well-done. I love the chopped up vocals and I think it has an original sound for a genre that has been beaten into the ground over the past couple years. It takes a special producer to successfully remix a dance classic and I think Dillon Francis nailed it. He writes:


2013 in Review: Indie & Nu-Disco

2013 has been an amazing year for the EDM industry as a whole, Indie Dance and Nu-Disco are two genres that seem to have truly exploded this year as we witnessed tracks such as Royals and groups like Disclosure reach every radio station and musical outlet around the world. With Daft Punk and Pharrell’s track Get Lucky crushing charts and album sales since its release there is no doubt that EDM skeptics from previous years are finally coming around and truly enjoying these more approachable genres. Clearly there were the obvious five or six tracks from the list below that just couldn’t be left out as they quickly climbed to the top of Billboard’s top 100 list and often remained there for months. Then there was also a new generation of lesser knowns that have truly broken out of their shells and caught the worlds attention this year such as Duke Dumont, Hot Natured, Russ Chimes and many more.

The list below is filled with some of the years most creative and fun tracks, containing uplifting beats sure to get just about any dance floor moving and vocals that even your parents can relate too. We couldn’t be happier with the diversity of this years list it is great to watch as young guns like Anna Lunoe, Amtrac, and Thomas Jack make their way alongside the likes of Daft Punk, Boys Noize and Dillon Francis. With many of these tracks gaining a lot of momentum in the music industry as a whole we are witnessing more and more sold out shows and events and hearing more and more of our favorite artists on all sorts of media outlets be it radio, film, or television, 2013 has truly been a huge year for the Indie Dance and Nu-disco Movement. Have a listen to the tracks below which are in no specific order what so ever, but all of a quality we at MMIBTY carefully deemed as the years best. Be sure to support all the artists on the list and check out the continuos mix below from EASTablished!

Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (Huglife Remix)

Fuckin. Nailed. It. Listen, I like the good ol’ Cedric Gervais remixes of Lana‘s songs as much as the next guy, but Huglife just gave LDR the remix she really deserved. The artist formerly known as Slink (aka the artist formerly confused with Sliink) has brought us some amazing remixes in the past, two of my favorites being his “Wicked Games” remix (which I rated as one of my favorite songs of 2012) and his remix of Skream’s “In For The Kill” remix. These past few months he’s been on tear, just dropping remixes left and right. To date, we’ve seen remixes of Chris Malinchak‘s sensational hit “So Good To Me”, Ellie Goulding‘s “Burn” and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and that’s just mentioning a handful of them. This has to be one of my favorites of Huglife’s to date, though. It would be a travesty to refer to this as trap as it’s so much more than that. Lana Del Rey contributes the introspective melody and his use of pitched down vocals and reverberated percussion accentuates the mood appropriately. Make sure to give Huglife a follow – I expect more very big things to come from this budding producer.

Also check out his new unoffical edit of Ellie Goulding’s latest track “Burn”, which has been on repeat for me lately.

The Krew Just Keeps On Getting Wetter

Yet again, the dopest krew in the EDM community presents us with another badass track that’ll have us all immediately feeling their good vibes. Krewella‘s new single called, “Live For The Night” that just debuted today, is going to be on their next upcoming album that is scheduled to be dropped this fall on Colombia Records. Like always, this track is fun, badass, and pretty much just makes me want to rage my face off. Isn’t that what these guys are all about anyways? They certainly succeeded in making some amazing music that makes people feel good, want to dance, and just live in the moment and have a good time.

A while back I remember seeing on tumblr that Yasmine (pictured right, incase you weren’t already aware of who is who) went on a rant about how harsh the haters in the music industry are and touched upon how she was actually beginning to worry about how much hate they were going to get on account of their new music that was soon to be released. This blog post was simply a late night rant about this topic that seemed to be really getting to her, but she decided to post it and I’m really glad she did. She was 100% real and made some really good points. After the new Daft Punk album came out, there was a lot of back and forth between musicians, as well as fans and anti-fans that were hating on it and it started to get out of control on social media sites, if you all can remember. Yazzy said, “…it’s impossible to scroll through my timeline on any social media and not see a post that is hating on something or someone. ” Ain’t that the truth.

Then she went on to say this:

“This is fucking scary for an artist. We’re coming upon the conclusion of the full length album, and for anyone who puts their heart into the music they create and let it out into the world once it is (almost but not ever quite) perfect knows how anxiety-inducing it is in the current day and age to do such a thing. Some support you, but others will stop at nothing to cut you down and make you feel worthless about yourself as a musician and even a person sometimes. Really though, if I had a dime for every person that didn’t know one of the three of us, yet called out some deep character flaw they couldn’t possibly know… ”

(Read the rest of Yasmine’s tumblr post here.)

I can’t even imagine how that must be, always living under the spotlight and taking all of the scrutiny and judgement from people 24/7. In the end, it’s all about who cares about you and the people who love you who matter the most, and Krewella definitely has more fans than haters from what I can tell. They rock. Show these guys some love and don’t hesitate to comment on their Facebook or tweet at them and make their day a little brighter. Every little nice comment can make all the difference. Download “Live For The Night” on iTunes HERE! Here’s a quote to leave y’all off with, “Only speak words that make souls stronger.” Peace.

Krewella- Live For The Night


Vinnie Maniscalco – TaKillYa

Depending on your past experiences with this interesting nectar, chances are the picture above either makes your mouth water or makes you head straight to assume the position around the bathroom toilet. Whatever the case may be, it’s summer and tequila is a part of it. And wouldn’t you know, entrepreneur and VERY QUICKLY rising producer Vinnie Maniscalco out of Colorado is here with the perfect song to compliment your tequila drinking fun. The guy originally know for his role behind blog and promotions company Got Bass Music in Denver has now found quite the niche in the wave of trap producers, setting himself apart with an ear for for different sounds. This remix of The Champs’ well-known “Tequila” adds just the right amount of punch to the original, making it a great addition to your summer playlists. Grab the free DL on his Facebook page.

If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to check out his fantastic remix to Daft Punk’s “Doin’ It Right” below!