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BSBD Bootlegs Frank Ocean’s Hit Pyramids

Well it is safe to say I have been on kind of a Frank Ocean kick as of late. Amine Edge’s re-work of Ocean’s Lost has been stuck on repeat for me at this point for a couple months. Earlier this week Blue Sky Black Death, the production duo hailing from Oakland, released their upbeat and soulful bootleg of Pyramids by Ocean. Although I am not super familiar with BSBD they have been around for over a decade and the groups evolution appears to be constantly continuing. BSBD managed to maintain the lyrical story that Ocean initially portrayed in the original, and with a bit of reworking on the beat and the application of a few filters and synths the track really gained a gorgeous soft feel in this bootleg. Grab the free download below and check out the Blue Sky Black Death Soundcloud for more great tunes.

Cazzette 200,000 Fan Bootleg

In the world of dance music the men of Cazzette need no introduction. After coming off a hugely successful year, which included their full legnth album Eject, Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer have cemented their presence within the scene. To commemorate their 200,000th Facebook fan, which I feel is rather low for their caliber of talent, they have released an electro-house bootleg bomb. Deciding to take on The Chemical Brother’s Block Rockin Beats, the Cazzette team give it a breath of fresh air revamping it into an energetic dance floor destroyer.  Best part about this one is Cazzette is giving this one out for free! Grab this one now and be sure to be on the lookout for Cazzette’s new song Run For Cover, out December 10th.

Bastille – Of The Night (Stevie Mink Bootleg)

 Somehow I had never heard of Bastille before listening to this bootleg.  If you aren’t familiar with Bastille either, they are an indie rock/synth-pop band from London.  They are quickly gaining popularity worldwide, and I really like their song ‘Of the Night.‘  However I really like Stevie Mink’s Bootleg of ‘Of The Night’ even more than the original.  If you aren’t familiar with Stevie Mink, he’s a very talented dj from Melbourne, Australia.  From me saying that you probably assume he creates Melbourne bounce house tracks, but the funny thing is that he only has a few Melbourne bounce influenced tracks.  A dj from Melbourne who doesn’t produce much Melbourne bounce music?  That’s somewhat ironic.  Anyway, Stevie produces mostly progressive and electro house, but he does have a few Melbourne-influenced tracks.  I really enjoy listening to his remixes; they always are unique and always very well done.  He recently did a remix of ‘Wicked Child’ by Jason Herd & The Stafford Brothers which was even better than the original.  His bootleg of ‘Of The Night’ is no different, and I enjoy it much more than the original track.  The bootleg puts a fantastic progressive house spin on the song, and it’s done perfectly; the build is great and the bootleg keeps enough of the original track while putting his own spin on it.  I really enjoy Stevie’s progressive house remixes as well as his electro-house remixes.  He’s been cranking out a ton of remixes lately (4 in the last month), and he shows no signs of slowing down.  Once people discover Stevie, they’ll be hooked and wanting more.  I’m excited to see what else he has planned for us in the upcoming months.  Give the tune a listen, and if you like it download it for free off of his Soundcloud.  Enjoy!

Kanye West – All Of The Lights feat. Rihanna (Joel Fletcher Bootleg)

After listening to ‘Ode to Oi’ by TJR for the first time, I have discovered so much more Melbourne Bounce.  Melbourne Bounce is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres to listen to; it’s refreshing to hear something different emerging from the scene because I’m quickly losing interest in the whole trap fad.  One of my favorite things about Melbourne Bounce is the basslines are very prominent and noticeable in the song.  Plus the genre is so much fun to listen and dance to because it’s incredibly bouncy; it’s almost impossible for me not to dance or bob my head when I’m listening to the genre.  One of the great things about the increase in popularity of Melbourne Bounce is there are a lot of producers who are quickly rising to fame.  One of these producers is Joel Fletcher.  I remember that one day I stumbled across his Soundcloud, and I listened to some of his originals and remixes.  I was hooked, and I instantly became a fan.  Yesterday he released a free bootleg of ‘All of the Lights’ by Kanye West which features Rihanna and Kid Cudi on vocals.  The song was a huge hit for Kanye, and it peaked at #18 on the Billboard Hot 100.  I’m not in love with the original by Kanye, but I think it is good.  However, I love Joel Fletcher’s bootleg of the track.  He keeps many aspects of the track the same and leaves most of the vocals done by Rihanna.  Rihanna says ‘Turn Up the Lights” and twenty seconds later Fletcher unleashes an awesome drop filled with Melbourne Bounce madness.  If you’re a fan of Melbourne Bounce then you have to check out and listen to this fantastic bootleg.  Also, if you have never heard of Joel Fletcher then chances are you will in the near future; the young producer is quickly making a name for himself and shows no signs of slowing down.  The track is available for free download on his Soundcloud page so show Joel some support by listening and downloading it.  Bounce On.

The Bo!yos Bust Out The “Wizard Flute”

OK, let’s face facts. Martin Garrix‘s new track with Jay Hardway is no fucking “Animals”. It’s good, sure, but after everyone got so worn out on “Animals” the past several months, it wasn’t really what we needed to make us love Garrix again. It’s trite and formulaic, despite the fact that it’s only seems so because Garrix basically invented a sound that got too overplayed. That being said, I think the new “Animals” has certainly arrived in the form of New World Sound & Thomas Newson‘s (a.k.a. who?) collaboration “Flute”. It’s got the syncopation and unique sound similar to what Garrix laid down, yet it brings back the holy shit factor that “Animals” had and “Wizard” did not. I received a submission from Miami’s The Bo!yos this morning that takes the two songs, however, and wraps them up in a nice, trappy mashleg (a.k.a. what?). I don’t generally post mashup/bootleg/whatevers, however, after going back and listening to both of the songs individually, I have to unequivocally say that I enjoy this version more than either one independently. The Bo!yos open up with a toned-down version of the “Wizard” intro and builds into the “Flute” drop, only to surprise by switching it back the second time around. Enjoy the free download and DJ’s, make sure to work this one into your sets. I’ll be raging.

What So Not – High You Are (Branchez Remix)

Photo Credit: <a href="">Shoot People</a>
Photo Credit: Shoot People

While I love Flume, I have grown to not expect much from the collaborative offshoot project What So Not with Emoh, despite my blind love for just about every release that comes off of their home label Future Classic. I have come, however to expect very much from Brooklyn’s Branchez and frankly have never been disappointed. In the remix pack that came out earlier today on OWSLA, What So Not’s “High You Are” gets a makeover from producers like SCNTSTAstronomar and others. Branchez remix, however, is the clear standout of the bunch. It’s a stark contrast to the original – which I found to be quite obnoxious at times – and is much more listener-friendly, pairing the beautiful vocals with a complementary soundtrack. It’s out on Beatport now and you can give it a listen below.

What So Not – High You Are (Branchez Remix) | Purchase on Beatport

You may also remember Branchez incredible bootie of Rihanna‘s “Stay” – which even received support from the pop star herself. It’s a song that needs no introduction, so I’ll just leave it here for nostalgia purposes.