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Triad Dragons Debut Their Epic Party Kit

Responsible for producing the biggest dance music festivals in the Rocky Mountain region for over a decade, Triad Dragons have played a pioneering role in cultivating one of the most formidable dance music scenes nationwide. Events like Global Dance Festival, Skylab, Hallowfreaknween, and Decadence NYE, as well as the ever-popular NRG Thursdays at Beta Nightclub – DJ Mag’s #1 Club in North America, 2011 – have solidified Triad Dragons’ position as an industry leader.

Previously only an entertainment company, this newest incarnation of Triad Dragons is maintaining the tradition of packing parties and creating memories, albeit with a new twist.While there are various DJ/producers who play our events regularly, there has never been a cohesive Triad Dragons artist group. This is a completely new project that has been in the works for some time now, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone! The group is composed of TrajikkKevin Alves, and Ha Hau (owner of Triad Dragons).

The group is trying to make a splash with their first release which includes five brand new tracks all available for FREE! The EP plays like one of the many shows I’ve gone to in Denver, one big electro-house anthem after another. Throwing in elements of techno and dubstep leaves us with a more all-around complete album. Give the EP a shot this weekend, I’m sure no one will be disappointed.

Triad Dragons – Noise Complaint
Triad Dragons – Pew Pew Pew
Triad Dragons – Movement
Triad Dragons – Stand Up
Triad Dragons – Firewall (Featuring Joman)

**Zip package available through artists’ Facebook page**

Triad Dragons Facebook | Soundcloud | Global Dance

Manufactured Superstars Destroy Bijou Boston on 10-11-12

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Clad in their usual astronaut costumes, Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo came, saw, and conquered. The duo who make up the Manufactured Superstars, owners of Denver’s Beta Nightclub (voted #1 club in North America last year) and founders of the largest online dance music store, played a two-hour set of bumpin’ dance music where the beat did not stop the entire time. Bijou may not be one of my favorite clubs in Boston – due to its lack of dance floor, high prices, and emphasis on table service – but I will say this: it may have the best sound system of any venue in the 617. As one person put it, “it makes you feel like you’re rolling even when you’re not.” That sound system could probably make my mother sound like a good DJ.

I got there just in time to see the opener wrap up, grooving to his set of Tech-House and typical “opening DJ” music. Soon after, the boys ran up to the booth and dropped their recent single “Serious” on us – a song I have really been feeling lately and have begun working into my sets. From there the beat kept slamming and the Superstars never looked back. Did I mention how dope the sound system is there? Yeah, that didn’t hurt their cause…

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Skylab: Mission Blackout – The Review

Anyone that even remotely following this or any other blog out there can tell you at least one thing, Denver loves to dance! Hosting the biggest names at legendary venues like Beta Nightclub and Red Rocks, it isn’t surprising that fans here appreciate great music. So people like the Triad Dragons have made it their passion to always try to put on the best events in the country. They used to have to give away tickets to draw the crowds now fans jump at the idea of pre-sales because they are that confident in the Dragons. Yet, even knowing all of this we are all still blown away by the night as a whole.

It all starts with the venue, and there isn’t a better indoor structure in Denver than the Coliseum. Hosting such greats as Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones, this isn’t some modern day piece of junk music hall. As we pulled into the lots you could already see the 8,000+ attendees lining up to get inside. Once inside, one felt like they were in outer space as giant planets orbited the roof while the dj’s played on decks set up in a lazer wielding spaceship. Being able to scale the seating made for great breaks in the action and extra curricular activity for others.

The lineup was announced at Global Dance Festival earlier this year featuring headliners Porter Robinson, Gareth Emery, Zedd, Borgore, Downlink, and many more. So needless to say, we were all excited. Catching Borgore on the side stage was definitely a highlight, but was about all we could handle as the room became full of sweat and heat early on in the night. That was okay as the main stage hosted the majority of the lineup as well as most of the fans. Zedd built the crowd up as we raged the microphone and we could all hear the girls screaming for Gareth Emery. Porter Robinson was as good as ever and even Dragon & Jontron were out of this world. Flying in Lea Luna for a live performance was a great way to end the night.

Yet another great event hosted by Global Dance and Beatport and brought to you by the Triad Dragons. Be sure to catch the rest of their events this season including Hallowfreak’n’ween, Tracnegiving, and Decadence for NYE. Below is some tunage for the festival as well as a link to our photo gallery available via Facebook.


Zedd – Spectrum ft. Matthew Koma

Borgore – Decisions (Original Mix)

Dragon & Jontron – Blackout

Countdown To Launch: Skylab 2012

Fresh off the success of Global Dance Festival, Triad Dragons are partnering with the world-famous Beta Nightclub for the space-themed party that has become Denver’s largest indoor dance music event. SKYLAB 2012 is launching into the darkest depths of space and imagination with this year’s theme – Mission Blackout. The event will be held at the Denver Coliseum, the perfect venue for a pitch black party as fans are allowed to roam throughout the stadium seating and climb multiple levels to view the show from virtually 360 degrees.  Attendees are encouraged to embrace the darkness and come dressed as creatures of the night. This event was one of the highlights of my year and I advise everyone to start planning their launch into darkness!

Headlining the 18th annual SKYLAB is Porter Robinson, who at only 20 years old is recognize as one of the most talented producer/DJs in the game. Also gracing the stage is trance favorite Gareth Emery and Zedd – one of Germany’s hottest exports – who is kicking off his back to back tour with Porter later that week. And it couldn’t be a Colorado party without a handful of dubstep mavericks including Andy CDownlink, and the one and only Borgore! Local superstars Dragon, Ecotek, Jontron, Fury, Trajikk, and Kevin Alves will also perform. More acts across three stages will be announced in the coming weeks. And be sure to keep on the lookout for a ticket giveaway in the near future!

Doors open at 7 p.m. General admission and VIP tickets are now available.

Tickets | RSVP | Triad Dragons | Teaser


The 303 Mag Interview With Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand has been a staple in the house music scene for the past decade and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. He has made a name for himself with a number of hits, including “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” which is considered by many to be one of the best dance records of all time and his summer house anthem “So Much Love”. Hailing from the Netherlands, the 34 year old DJ and producer now tours the world regularly, making stops at just about every major dance festival planned for this summer. Tonight, Fedde returns to Beta Nightclub to celebrate the long weekend and I had a chance to speak with him to pick his brain.

303: You’ll be playing at Beta nightclub in Denver tomorrow night. From your perspective, What is it about playing at Beta that makes it one of the favorite destinations for DJ’s to play when in America?

FLG: It’s a proper, no-nonense club. It’s beautiful and it’s really what a good club is supposed to be about, which is a good sound system, good lighting and a place to dance. They made sure the club had all the functionality then set out to make sure it looked nice, which is very important.

303: You’ve just played at Electric Daisy Carnival in NYC and are headed to play at the Vegas edition next week. From your experience, what do you anticipate to be the biggest difference between the east and west coast crowds?

FLG: That’s a hard one. I don’t think I actually notice a huge difference and, especially with festivals in America, people are willing to travel miles and miles so often it ends up being a very mixed crowd.

303: If you could pick any producer to do a collaboration with that you’ve never worked with before, who would it be and why?

FLG: I would always love to work with Eric Prydz. He’s the master of mixing and his stuff always sounds absolutely amazing.

303: When you’re not working with or listening to electronic music, what do you listen to?

FLG: In the car is one of the few places I hardly listen to anything electronic. I end up listening to a lot more chilled out stuff. I love Jamiroquai and old funk music. I still listen to the St. Germain [Tourist, from 2000] album, which is kind of loungy and jazzy.

303: “Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit” is considered to be one of the best dance hits of all time. According to what I read, it’s played out in Detroit Red Wings and Tigers games. Did you ever expect it to be such a hit when you were producing it? Is there any significance to the sample you used about Detroit?

FLG: I never expected it to be this big. At the time we thought we had an interesting club record, but there was no label in the world that wanted to try anything like that at the time, so that’s why we put it out on our own. I redid the sample and was thinking of doing another like Amsterdam or something that would make sense for me. Detroit still made sense because growing up I went to a lot of festivals and I was always quite into techno in general. Especially because Detroit is a home to so many good guys and has such a scene there. In the end, it made sense to use Detroit, both from a musical perspective and for the city itself.

303: “So Much Love” was quite the smash last summer… Do you have a similar hit up your sleeve for this upcoming festival season?

FLG: That’s probably gonna be tough [to top] because it’s still doing quite well. I have a lot coming up though. I’m still working towards my album. Next thing that’s coming up is a release of me and Nicky Romero, which I think is going to be a big release for sure.

Fedde will be performing tonight, May 27, as part of Funday Sundays at Beta Nightclub. Tickets are $30 and are available online through Fla.vo.rous and in person at the Beta box office.

This article has been republished by the author from 303 Magazine.

Ecotek Ft. Paige – Forget About Tomorrow EP

Ecotek has become a staple in Denver nightlife holding residency at Beta Nightclub and helping to bring together the biggests acts every year for the Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Formally known as Kostas K, Ecotek has been essential in the rise of dance music in the Mile High City. With a constant stream of new material, Ecotek has ben able to reinvent himself time and time again. The following track made it into my Top Tracks of 2011 and features the same pairing of Ecotek and Paige to create an unbelievable orginal.

Ecotek ft Paige – Dreams Come True

Forget About Tomorrow brings us a similar lovestep feel that you can’t possible not love. Keeping a calm electro feel throughout the track Ecotek makes yet another amazing track. Included in the pack is a true house remix that lasts just over seven minutes with some serious buildups. And finally, fellow Beta Nightclub residents Trajikk and Joman have taken this somewhat peace track and have pumped in a thousand watts of bass into it. Their “Electrostep” remix lives up to the hype complete the three track collection.

Ecotek Ft. Paige – Forget About Tomorrow (Original Mix)

Ecotek Ft. Paige – Forget About Tomorrow (Kevin Alves Remix)

Ecotek Ft. Paige – Forget About Tomorrow (Trajikk & Joman Electrostep Mix)