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Decadence NYE Denver – Show Preview (December 30th-31st)


With New Years Eve quickly approaching, the city of Denver is gearing up for a huge night of dance music. After a great summer of music, Global Dance and Triad Dragons are back to bring us one of the premier NYE parties in the US of A. If you are familiar with the event you know about the top notch production and the top notch talent that it garners. This year is no exception! From trance to dub-step, the line-up includes A-list name after A-list name and a little something for everyone to enjoy. There is nothing better than a night of dancing to ring in the New Year! Catch the Decadence NYE 2014 Trailer after the jump and also check out the latest track by the Triad Dragons.



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In Case You Missed It: The Downpipe Anniversary Remixes

One of my latest DJ weapons and favorite tracks is the Bontan remix of “Downpipe” originally by Mark Knight & D.Ramirez vs. Underworld. Bontan is a British DJ and Producer who’s sitting in up-and-comer status but has a fantastic sound. Bontan really made splashes with his remix of Josh Butler’s “Got a Feeling” (Pleasurekraft Edit) which was a huge track over the Summer in the world of Deep House. Pleasurekraft clearly had some influence in growing Bontan’s name, but with his superb Deep sound and that infectious bass line he uses, I’m absolutely keeping him top of mind.

Bontan’s remix of “Downpipe” was part of an anniversary remix package released by Toolroom Records this past August, in celebration of ten years of Toolroom. This anniversary remix package is the second in Toolroom’s campaign, with other releases including “The Man with the Red Face” and “At Night”. While I was originally drawn to this package by Bontan’s take on it, all versions of “Downpipe” are quite good, including the original Tech-House groove. “Downpipe”, the collaboration between Mark Knight, D.Ramirez, and legends of dance music, Underworld, is a landmark track in the history of Toolroom Records. The original mix of “Downpipe” was crowned Essential New Tune on Radio 1 by Pete Tong and forming an integral part of the soundtrack to the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. The other remixes were produced by Armin Van Buuren and Adrian Hour. Armin’s version is a huge Big Room and Progressive bomb that is worthy of driving a massive crowd into a frenzy. Adrian Hour went the Techno route and gave us something that feels like the dancing is never going to stop. Adrian Hour absolutely gave us the late night rave remix and it does a nice job of rounding out the package.

You can purchase the “Downpipe” remix package HERE. You can purchase the original version HERE. Enjoy!

Mark Knight & D. Ramirez Vs Underworld – Downpipe (Original Club Mix)
Mark Knight & D. Ramirez vs. Underworld – Downpipe (Bontan Remix)
Mark Knight & D. Ramirez vs. Underworld – Downpipe (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
Mark Knight & D. Ramirez vs. Underworld – Downpipe (Adrian Hour Remix)

**Download the “Downpipe” Zip Package!**

Armin van Buuren’s Intense Tour Stops In Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s always been a peculiar city for dance music. It’s got enough of a foothold to say there’s a “scene,” but it’s never been big enough to rival the EDM mainstays of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. That didn’t stop Armin van Buuren from making a stop there during his “Intense” tour, and the city was glad he did.

Put on by the people at Soundgarden Hall (who may be, singlehandedly, creating Philadelphia’s current dance culture), Armin threw down a three hour set in the rain, on the river, and right in front of the skyline. We really couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off the season of summer concerts, and Armin made sure we did it right.

After an opening set by Antillas, Armin took to the decks at 8 o’clock; early, but the crowd was ready for the sunset set. Starting off, as he has been all tour, with the pounding drums and delicate violins of “Intense,” Armin went on to flex his newly formed progressive muscles while still making sure Philly wasn’t afraid of 138. Trance bootlegs of “Not Giving Up On Love,” “Concrete Angel,” and “If I Lose Myself” blended perfectly with his newer style, which he brought in droves with sing-along hits like “Alone,” “Sound Of The Drums,” and “Forever Is Ours.” And like many DJs before him, when “Who’s Afraid of 138″ began to pick up speed and the crowd was already in full swing, Armin held up his own Phillies Jersey: Number 138 to roars from the 7,000 person crowd.

But all good things come to an end. With about 30 minutes to go, as lightning began to flash over the river, Armin got on the mic and informed us that the authorities were shutting it down early. But, of course, he gave us one more for good measure. Hopping down from behind the booth to sing arm in arm with Trevor Guthrie, he played himself out to “This Is What It Feels Like” as the entire sold out crowd belted it out like there was no tomorrow.

After the show, the die-hard fans fled across the street in pouring rain to massive lines outside of Soundgarden Hall, where Rank 1 and Tritonal were spinnig the After Show. And being the great DJ he is, Armin popped in for an impromptu set to make up for lost time.

Ever since the dance music explosion, the majority of Philadelphian fans have been steeped in Dubstep tendencies. In just one night on the river, Armin van Buuren may have changed that. We’ll have to wait and see.

Armin Van Buuren’s “Intense:” He’s Still The King

 Even while riding a wave of overwhelming success (the King and Queen of the Netherlands recently stopped by the DJ booth during his set on Kings Day), Armin Van Buuren still presents an enigma in the world of dance music. In a genre where authenticity is criticized daily, he manages to maintain a unique sound—he should; after all, he practically shaped trance for the past twenty years. But at the same time, he’s a chameleon, adapting trance to the sounds surrounding the dance community. He’s all at once a leader and a follower. On Intense, his fifth studio album, this duality shines through and illuminates the work as, if not his finest, at least his most approachable.

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“Intense” Now Streaming On Spotify

A couple weeks back, we brought you Armin Van Buuren’s newest single, “This Is What It Feels Like;” now you can finally experience the rest. Spotify is now streaming Armin’s new album, “Intense,” before its May 3rd release date. Out just in time for the summer months, this album has serious potential to change the face of dance music in America (it being Armin’s first solo project since the EDM boom in the states).

Along with the album, Armin’s tour is one of his biggest to date in America. So if you haven’t grabbed your tickets yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. We all remember that first concert where we fell in love with house/dubstep/trap, right? Well it’s time to give trance its day. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Now pop on a pair of good headphones and get lost with the world’s #1 DJ.

PS: If you listen to just one track, make it “Alone.”


Armin van Buuren-This Is What It Feels Like feat. Trevor Guthrie (Original and W&W Remix)

After teasing the world during his ASOT600 tour with his new single, the King of Trance Armin van Buuren has finally released “This Is What It Feels Like” off of his upcoming album Intense (released on April 5, 2013). With melodic piano and vocals you can’t not sing along to leading up to yet another classic euphoric drop, we’re definitely seeing a move towards his more anthemic solo work after a three-year hiatus (2010’s Mirage was his last studio album). The song’s available on both iTunes and Beatport. Posted here as well is the heavier progressive remix by W&W (this is the one you heard during his Ultra sets). They’ve taken this beauty and turned it into a full on festival banger.

To complement the upcoming album, he’s making stops in Philadelphia, Denver, and Boston, among others—get details and tickets here. And New York fans who are still missing him after ASOT at MGS, don’t despair. Made Event’s just announced that he’ll be back in town closing out Electric Zoo on Labor Day Weekend! Go and give this one a listen or a re-listen for those with his Ultra set still on repeat, and get ready for Intense out May 3rd 

Armin van Buuren-This Is What It Feels Like feat. Trevor Guthrie
Armin van Buuren-This Is What It Feels Like feat. Trevor Guthrie (W&W Remix)

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