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Ludacris – How Low (Action 52 Remix)

Denver based house duo Action 52 ventures into the G-house world with this super fun vocal driven remix of the Ludacris classic How LowBeing a huge fan of house musics more hip-hop inspired tracks this one will definitely be going directly into my own personal set list and is sure to light up any dance floor. With a super bouncy bass line and a bit of tweaking on the vocals this track rises and falls perfectly as Matty and Scott set the listener up for the energetic verses. Grab the free download below via the Action 52 Facebook page and head over to HypeM and heart this track!

The Mudson Project: A Beautiful Catastrophe

Storm rolling in over Big Gigantic, Saturday Night
Storm rolling in over Big Gigantic, Saturday Night

*For the full photo album, click here to view on Facebook*

So much has been said about The Hudson Project already; hell, it even made national news. So when I sat down to write this wrap-up, I wanted to give everyone a first-hand experience of my time at THP. What follows is not a slanderous piece, rather it is a personal and honest account of the events that occurred the weekend of July 11th-13th, 2014 in Saugerties, NY.

My saga started with the arduous journey to the festival grounds. As aggravated as I was that the off-site parking was so far removed, forcing us to schlep all our shelter and sustenance well over a mile on foot, I was relieved to find later in the weekend that our decision to opt out of on-site parking was probably the luckiest one of my festival-going life.

Friday Afternoon Mud
Friday Afternoon Mud

Entering into the camping scene of the Bronx, I felt a not-so-fresh whiff of thick dust pollute my nostrils and throat, immediately calling to mind the horrific conditions of my Camp Bisco experience. The camping situation was already dismal in this particular borough, with nearly every tent and pop-up planted on a 30-45 degree angle and slouching downhill as a result of it. I had my first taste of mud trying to find what little dry camping ground remained, settling on a position straddling mud, horse manure and somebody else’s tent. We ended up dubbing the Bronx “Ghana.”

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Huxley – The Machine EP (Featuring The S-Man)

Remember that time I interviewed House veteran Roger Sanchez, when he stopped in San Francisco as part of his “Return of the S-Man” tour? Well, whether you read the interview or not you can revisit it HERE. During the 20-minute interview Roger said he had lots of new music coming out under his S-Man moniker, which embraces the deeper and darker side of House music. Among other tracks, the S-Man said he had a song coming out with British House producer/DJ Huxley. That song is out now, called “Callin’”, and to my pleasant surprise it’s part of a Huxley four-track EP called The Machine EP, out today on Aus Music.

Fans of the more underground side of Dance Music probably recognize the name Aus Music. Founded in 2004, Aus Music is the result of a union between Simple boss Will Saul and Ninja Tune artist Fink. They’ve released music by guys like Dusky, Bicep, Breach, Leon Vynehall, and plenty more. The label prides itself on detail, musicality, lush melody, an irresistible groove and a healthy dose of dub – and we get a lot of that from The Machine EP. The opening track is “Callin’”, the collaboration between the S-Man and Huxley, and it’s a straight up House banger, perfect for the dance floor. “Machina V2″ goes deeper, with more melody and vocals, as “Tendered” rocks the bass line hard, and “Oil Spill” has a serious driving beat. Huxley, far before this EP, has proven himself as a producer and so I always make sure to give his latest releases a listen. The Machine EP is a prime example of some solid bass-heavy House music, especially if you’re into deeper tunes and underground club life.



This Swedish / Mexican duo FUTURPOETS return to bring us an LP that has a great blend of Nu Disco and Deep House. With Remixes from Matchy & Bott along with Animal Picnic, this release off of Dear Deer is an excellent listen. “Walk Away” is sexy and smooth and brings to the table a great mix of what you would like to find a sultry house release. FUTURPOETS has been a recent favorite of mine as they have not tied themselves down to a specific style and continue to surprise. You can check out their album below.


Northern Nights Music Festival Is This Weekend! [ FESTIVAL PREVIEW]

After a long post-EDC hiatus from life and obligations, we are back with the next big thing that you NEED to know about if you live on the West Coast and don’t have plans this weekend (or even if you do) – the Northern Nights Music Festival! I’m fairly new to the area and apparently ignorant so I only heard about Northern Nights Music Festival this week. As soon as I actually looked into it I bought my ticket and made plans to make the short trek north to get my party on this weekend in the infamous Humboldt County. Your best bet is to follow suit, get those tickets, and come with. Let me tell you why.

Northern Nights Music Festival is far more than just a music festival. There will be art galleries, live art, crafts, silent discos, yoga, wellness workshops, standup comedy, yes this list is still continuing, a swimming hole for rafts and dancing, chill zones, craft beers, food vendors, and more! This festival doesn’t favor any one music or art genre, meaning it will attract festival-goers from all walks of life. This always makes for my favorite kind of festival. If the aforementioned bullet points weren’t already enough, Northern Nights Music Festival is very focused on sustainability. The festival organizers are going for the coveted, “A Greener Festival Award” this year, an award for focused on lowering CO2 emission, promoting fair trade, waste and water management, and recycling. So remember to do your part to pitch in!

Now, for the music – The Untz named Beats Antique the #1 act to see at Northern Nights Music Festival (read their preview HERE). If you don’t already know this wild trio, Beats Antique are an awesome fusion electronica group that merge live instruments with technological prowess to create a glitchy, dubstepy, brass bandy crossover vibe that is the perfect music to jam out to in the middle of the woods! Other acts to watch out for are Odesza, Justin Martin, and Girrafage, all of which you should check out even if you don’t feel like making the impulsive (but correct) decision to buy tickets right now and start packing your bags. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a festival I’ve never even been to before.

Grab your tickets here. Gates open at 8am on Friday. Be there or be not there but lame.

*We will be taking photos throughout the weekend and if you’re not at the festival keep an eye on our Instagram page for live updates. We will also be sitting down with some of the artists for interviews!*

NORTHERN NIGHTS MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014 from Northern Nights on Vimeo.

Haywyre – Smooth Criminal [FREE DOWNLOAD]

I grew up on Michael Jackson’s music. To be more exact, I used to play Jackson’s albums on my father’s record player, a piece of equipment he had had since before I was born; my dad’s album collection spanned decades. Perhaps it was Alien Ant Farm who re-popularized Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” back in 2001 when they released their cover of the song, which ultimately broke into the Top 40s. Now, in 2014, we have a brand new version of the timeless classic, this time written by Indiana based producer Haywyre (Martin Vogt). If you see a picture of Haywyre you’ll notice he has quite the baby face, but his skills date back to when he was six years old and began playing piano. Haywyre’s talent on the keys are obvious not just in his take on “Smooth Criminal”, but in plenty of other songs he has produced. I found out about Haywyre’s incredible expertise when the video of him performing “Smooth Criminal” went viral (see below). Martin defines his sound, according to Facebook, as “Post Avant-Garde Pre-Futuristic Jazz-Fusion”. Whatever it is, it’s good.

Haywyre Facebook | Haywyre SoundCloud | Haywyre Twitter

Stream and download:

Haywyre – Smooth Criminal