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Tommy Trash & Wax Motif – HEX Deconstructed [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Tommy Trash and Wax Motif. Two Australians prominent in the dance music world who we associate with slammin’ tunes and even wilder DJ sets. Waxy and Tommy collaborated on a track called “Hex” back in the Fall, released on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings. The tune is a huge Progressive House banger with Tommy Trash’s signature bass lines and percussion topped with uplifting melodies that will get stuck in your head for days. Though no lyrics are present, “Hex” has all the makings of a polished Progressive House tune from two veterans in Tommy Trash and Wax Motif. You would surely expect “Hex” to be a frequently-played track during festival season.

I was very interested to see that Tommy Trash and Wax Motif stepped away from the dance floors and into the studio to work with a full orchestra on the “Deconstructed” version of “Hex”. This version features Tommy Trash on piano and classically-trained musicians playing “Hex” in a whole new style. Daniel Heath arranged the Deconstructed version and it sheds a whole new light on a huge dance track. It’s always interesting for me to see dance producers stripping things down and going back to their musical roots.

Enjoy the track and free download!

Tommy Trash & Wax Motif – Hex Deconstructed

Kill Paris Releases New Full Length Album “Galaxies Between Us”

For the duration of the time we have been aware of Kill Paris here at MMIBTY, it’s difficult – if not impossible – to remember any of his productions we didn’t like. He’s always proven himself to be a humble, talented producer, more concerned with his craft than ever with fame. So imagine my excitement to see that he had finally come out with his next big release Galaxies Between Us, which is being self-released for free on his website (and also on iTunes if you want to show your support). It’s no coincidence that this album drops right as Kill Paris is about to embark on tour, hoping to drive already eager fans to his exciting live show.

The sound itself on the album on first listen seems mellow by KP standards; he certainly has turned down the heavy and punchy bass that many of his productions had become known for and that had characterized his sound from the start. Instead, the direction is much more poppy, with a definite disco influence. The lead single “Operate” is actually not one of my favorite tracks, but there are some really nice standouts on the album. The vibe of the record matches up perfectly with the inbound spring weather and has me excited to check him out when he blows through Boston next month. Check out the album below and be sure to check out his Facebook page to see when he stops by your city on tour!

Andrew Bayer – Do Androids Dream EP & Spring Tour

“The Do Androids Dream project is about joining the dots between the different musical landscapes that I have moved in over the past 5 years or so, but also about putting my club sound at the heart of the experience,” explains Bayer. ”Do Androids Dream Part 1 and Part 2 are very epic and unravel over several minutes… They’re essentially clubby progressive tracks. The lead track Super Human with Asbjørn has an indie-sensibility at its heart, but is actually a real peak time anthem in my sets, before Tomorrow Boys explores the glitchy electronica of ‘If It Were You, We’d Never Leave,’ but blended with the song writing skills of Asbjorn.”

-Andrew Bayer

I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Bayer back in the Fall for what I consider one of the coolest question/answer sessions I’ve conducted over the lifetime of this blog. Bayer’s sound is so unique and so polished that it’s hard not to get excited both about his music and his live shows. As someone who’s appreciated Adam Bayer’s music since the guys at Above & Beyond and Anjunabeats brought him to the forefront of electronic dance music, the thought of seeing him live – which has yet to happen for me – is one that really raises the anticipation levels.

The mysterious, genre-merging Andrew Bayer has announced his biggest tour yet in a DJ career that has been built on exclusive and elusive performances – most notably at New York’s Madison Square Garden last October.

Comprising 11 exclusive headline shows across the USA and Canada, the Do Androids Dream Part 2 tour will be Andrew’s only North America club dates in the first half of 2015 – and will coincide one of his most sonically ambitious studio projects to date.

Released on April 2, the accompanying 5-track Do Androids Dream EP comprises 26 minutes of cutting-edge electronic music that blurs the boundaries between the human and digital worlds. Covering deep, classic progressive textures, big room melodics and downtempo electronica, the mini-album also features two very distinct and unique tracks alongside Danish singer-songwriter Asbjørn. A huge standout anthem from that aforementioned Madison Square Garden set is the lead single “Super Human” (feat. Asbjørn) and can be streamed below along with three other tracks from the EP.

Grab your copy of Do Androids Dream and make sure to go out and see Andrew Bayer live when he stops at a city near you! The tour begins tomorrow.

Claptone – The Music Got Me

Those who know Claptone (like those 122,000 people on Facebook) know the groove is undeniable – and infectious. The masked German House act is one of the most consistent sounds in dance music today spanning their productions, live sets, and fantastic Clapcast mixes. I had the pleasure of seeing Claptone here in San Francisco two weeks ago at Audio and it was one of the most fun times I’ve had at the club to date. Claptone are able to find that fusion between soul, funk, House, and party and they ever-so-smoothly mix it all together.

When I first heard Claptone’s latest single “The Music Got Me”, released yesterday on their label Exploited, I was immediately thrown into spastic bodily motions that can only be described as dancing. I noticed something a little different, however, about the track: it didn’t fit the typical Claptone model. This one has some edge to it – more edge than Claptone tracks normally have. I also noticed the lack of percussion section that we usually hear, featuring instruments like the Conga Drums.

Claptone’s press team says of the track:

“As you would expect of new Claptone, ‘The Music Got Me’ is destined for late nights and packed clubs all over, such are the enchanting powers of this otherworldly beast. However this one goes further still. The achingly cool 80s NYC disco/postpunk flavour combines with a distinct Chicago bassline to offer an exciting glimpse of the eclectic, indie vibe of his debut artist album “

The release also features a B-side called “Forest of Love” that goes back to Claptone roots and both tracks make for a very excellent EP release. If you haven’t seen Claptone in an intimate club setting make sure you go check him out!

You Don’t Have To Wait Until Tomorrow For Prince Fox’s First Original Track [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Well I had fun with that title. And I had fun listening to Prince Fox‘s brand new track “Wait Until Tomorrow” which premiered today on This Song Is Sick. For as quickly as Prince Fox’s name has grown it’s hard to believe “Wait Until Tomorrow” is the New York native’s first original track (similar to Autograf recently releasing their first original after being a notable name for years). I like what Prince Fox (real name Sam) did with this song but I’m a bit surprised at its overall sound and feel, as I had come to associate him with the Future Bass realm. But hey, there is NOTHING wrong with mixing it up and flexing your creative muscles – and to produce quality music across genres shows just how talented you are as an artist.

Prince Fox’s remix of “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith may have been my first exposure to Prince Fox but with songs like “Wait Until Tomorrow” it’s very obvious the producer isn’t going anywhere. This fantastic Housey song, almost what I would consider Tropical House, is vibey and melodic and could very easily rock dance floors or sunsets.

Shout out to Sam on the track, I’m disappointed I missed you last week in San Francisco but we heard the show was awesome. We’re looking forward to catching you soon!

For more Prince Fox, check his mix for Too Future – it’s rockin.

Xilent – Animation (ft. Diamond Eyes)


Xilent has returned with a new d&b track, “Animation”, that showcases his full range of skills. This UK artist is known for his futuristic sound that combines synths and heavy bass lines and drops to create his unique and heavy blend.

Xilent has been featured on tracks with artists such as Seven Lions, and has been making waves overseas for the past few years. His sound is a perfect compliment to any artist that uses female vocals and builds up to a heavy drop, or even a more melodic beat. Whether it’s a groovin’ d&b track, or a dubstep banger, Xilent has perfected that sound we have come to love at festivals and venues across the globe.

“Animation” is a truly awesome track that goes to show you that bass music is alive and well, despite the recent boom in other genres. Take a listen right here on MMIBTY: