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The Jack Ü Album Is… Really Fucking Good

We all know Skrillex and Diplo, the duo who came together to form Jack Ü, are two of the world’s biggest taste-makers. Sonny and Wes have an incredible work ethic – both in the studio and with nonstop touring – and their ear for music isn’t something you can teach. Diplo prides himself on always doing something different (he even says so during his 2010 Electric Zoo set, back when he was all about Moombahton) and he’s always looking for the next big sound. Skrillex isn’t too far off from that, but rather than cultivating sounds from all around the world he tends to push himself to continue evolving and bring dance music to the masses that few before him have done. Jack Ü is the definition of a super-group and I’ll admit I’m surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying their debut album. In case you missed it, the album dropped last week on Diplo’s Mad Decent label.

So what is it about the 10-song Jack Ü album that I like so much? Plain and simple: it’s fresh. The production quality is so squeaky clean, so crisp, that the volume has no choice but to be cranked. While it’s easy to categorize the album as Trap, I think it moves away from what the dance music listener has come to know Trap as. There are all kinds of melodic elements, vocals, hard-hitting drops, Rasta vibes, Moombahton influences, Dubstep wobbles, Hip-Hop hooks, and even THE BIEBS (real talk: “Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber is probably my favorite track on the album). In essence, unless you’re a pure House, Techno, or Trance junkie – this album is for you. And hey, even if you are (I’m a self-professed House junkie) – you might be surprised and enjoy this release.

Again, no knock to Skrillex or Diplo on this. I’m a huge fan of both. I’ve paid money to see Skrillex and Diplo perform countless times and I constantly bump music by both of them. I shouldn’t be surprised that the Jack Ü album isn’t cookie-cutter, I shouldn’t be surprised that it perfectly fuses Diplo & Skrillex’s individual sounds (even Major Lazer). Maybe I was getting tired of their mixes or live sets because it was Trap banger after Trap banger, but the Jack Ü album is a perfect balance of exactly what I want in a ahead-of-its-time dance album.

If you haven’t heard the album you can stream it below. But more importantly, grab a copy if you like what you hear and make sure to continue supporting the artists who make you move.

Top Three Picks from the Album:

  1. Where Are Ü Now (featuring Justin Bieber) – melodic, soulful, chill-step with Electro flutes?
  2. To Ü (featuring AlunaGeorge) – AlunaGeorge’s voice gives me the chills and the track has a great beat, almost contains Flume/What So Not sounds but perfect blend with Skrillex Dubstep wobbles
  3. Beats Knockin (featuring Fly Boi Keno) – I mean fuck, that’s how you come out of the gate full steam ahead. This one sounds like a Diplo track all-around but the bottom line is if your head isn’t nodding and your body not moving you need to check your pulse


Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Bass Kleph Bootleg Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

After recently hosting a contest where fans got to decide what track Bass Kleph would do a FREE remix for, the winning vote went to Mylo’s classic “Drop The Pressure”. Bass Kleph answered the call and delivered a supercharged version, giving it a hard hitting backbone and main stage appeal. The track samples not only Mylo but the likes of Snoop Dogg, The Clash, and The Beastie Boys.

I’ll be honest I haven’t seen Australian Electro-House producer Bass Kleph’s name in quite a bit. I’ve always been a fan of his productions and I’ve been wanting to see him live thanks to videos like this but as I’ve gravitated away from Electro-House lately some of my favorite producers of the past several years have fallen off my radar. That being said, I wanted to make sure I called attention to Bass Kleph’s release of his “Drop The Pressure” remix, originally by Mylo. I discovered Mylo some time ago, perhaps in my Australia days, and I absolutely loved his sound – there’s no way you can’t not dance to songs like “Drop the Pressure”. With this remix, available for FREE DOWNLOAD, Bass Kleph but an Electro twist on a funky original, adding some fantastic samples as is described above.

The track is available to stream and own for free so make sure you go and show Bass Kleph some love for his generosity on this one!

Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ)

Just as you would expect, Diplo has really been hard at work these days. After just dropping Jack Ü‘s debut album last week, his other project Major Lazer just dropped this collaboration with DJ Snake and . “Lean On” is a track that, to me, hearkens back to the classic “Get Free” days and I’m really digging the more downtempo and chill vibes that come with it. The vocals are a shining part of the record and seem to complement the beat well. While some elements of the drop sound borrowed from Snake’s all too familiar toolkit, they are a welcome addition in this context (especially at a moombah tempo). The best part of the song hits during the breakdown around the 2:12 mark. Looks like Major Lazer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Groovy New House Tracks from Kaskade and EDX

As Mondays are often the days I attempt to climb out of the haze that the weekend has thrown over me, it’s always a pleasure combing through my SoundCloud feed and discovering new music that Music Monday has unleashed on the world. Two tracks in particular caught my attention today and because they both have a groovy, fun House vibe I thought it would be appropriate to share them here. The first track is Kaskade‘s relaxed remix of “The This This” by Late Night Alumni and the second, but not lesser, track is called “Remember House” by EDX – something a little more ready for the dance floors.

Most fans of Kaskade know that he has two very different sounds he likes to tinker with: one side is Deep House, as he first rose to popularity thanks to his loungey tracks (give It’s You, It’s Me a listen from cover to cover if you haven’t already) and the other side is straight up bangers like what you would likely hear if you saw Kaskade at a music festival. Fans of Kaskade also know that he is one of the founding members of the band Late Night Alumni and you may or may not know that they have an album called Eclipse dropping in May on Kaskade’s label Arkade. This is Late Night Alumni’s 5th album and it contains soothing vocals by Becky Jean Williams and production by John Hancock. Eclipse will mark the first full-length album from Arkade.

Today Kaskade released his remix of “The This This” which you will get for free tomorrow when you pre-order Late Night Alumni’s album. Give the track a listen below, it’s got all kinds of feels throughout.

Next up is Swiss producer EDX’s latest track “Remember House”. EDX has been in the game for years, producing quality House and Progressive House that span melodies, tempos, and aggression levels. EDX has a weekly radio show that he releases in conjunction with music blogs like ours and we had the pleasure of featuring a couple of these mixes (LISTEN HERE | AND HERE). EDX’s track goes a little harder than Kaskade’s remix above, but it certainly has a funky bassline and may just very well be ready to shake some clubs.

EDX’s press release describes the track: “Layering a deep bassline with infectious hi-hats and the old school-sounding vocal of ‘Do You Remember House?’, EDX hints at a new musical direction for 2015. Whilst keeping his trademark, up-beat progressive stylings, ‘Remember House’ comes through with heaps of energy of a modern club jam.”

Stream the track below and make sure to go grab a copy at Beatport when you’re finished!

Oh and if you want to hear more of EDX’s new direction he absolutely murders this latest mix:

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TWRK – Spring Break [ft. The Rej3ctz & Dougie F]

The Mad Decent showstoppers TWRK are back again with their newest bass infused thrill ride just in time for spring break. If you are not familiar with the TWRK mixtape series we would highly recommend you taking a listen through some previous episodes as they are highly addictive. With that said this newest single Spring Break falls right in line with the heavy trap style stuff we have come to expect from the group. Teaming up with The Rej3ctz and Dougie for some vocals, the guys over at TWRK threw in a boatload of snares and a massive wide-open bass line. With a chorus literally yelling “Swing it in the air like a ceiling fan, make a video for instagram”. Need we say more?

Montmartre – Out Of Violence (Tobtok Remix)

Disco, thankfully, will never die. In this case, we have to owe it to Tobtok to keeping it alive with this funky-as-fuck remix of Parisian producer Montmarte’s single “Out of Violence.” This remix brings all the fun, nostalgic vibes you hope for with all the edge you might expect in a more modern day disco track. It seems the Swede has really refined his sound since he first came on to the scene a little year ago, after having an official remix of The Magician‘s “Sunlight” over the summer as well as plenty more productions. We’re keeping our ear to the ground for more Tobtok and you should too. Use this fantastic remix to brighten up your day.

In the mood for some more disco and indie dance? The latest in installment in The Magician’s Magic Tape series just hit the metaphorical shelves, and it’s a special “birthday” episode. Bring on the groove.