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The Dirtybird BBQ Returns Home to San Francisco on Sunday September 14

San Francisco and the greater Bay Area – who’s hungry? I’m not just talking about good eats, I’m talking about good beats. Any fan of House music living in Northern California undoubtedly knows about the Dirtybird crew and if you REALLY know your shit then you know all about the history of the Dirtybird BBQ. The Dirtybird Record label, founded by Claude VonStroke and brothers Justin & Christian Martin, has a long history in San Francisco. Dirtybird used to have a small get together that started 13 years ago in Golden Gate Park called the Dirtybird BBQ. Since the beginning the Dirtybird BBQ had the same core line-ups and even the same chef, Grillson. Three years ago the free party in the park became too big and the Dirtybird team had their permit pulled; the city of San Francisco could no longer handle the amount of people showing up to the event. But the innovative Dirtybird clan, now running one of the most successful record labels in the non-mainstream area of dance music, has figured out ways keep the party alive. Claude, Christian, and Justin have been throwing one-off Dirtybird BBQs around the country and they even released their Dirtybird BBQ compilation this February which is a great collection of fun booty-shakin House tracks. Even better? This Summer the Dirtybird team has been taking their Dirtybird BBQ on the road around North America. Co-Founder Brian was on hand to enjoy the Brooklyn stop, and I’m chomping at the bit to get over to Treasure Island on Sunday September 14th for the San Francisco edition.

In just two weeks residents from around NorCal will have the pleasure of traveling to the middle of the Bay for eight hours of culinary and musical arts. Dirtybird’s key players Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Christian Martin, J. Phlip, and Worthy will be manning the decks, with a sure shot for us to see other special guests from the label’s community (especially since we’ll have home field advantage). I’ve seen all but Worthy live and I can say with pure confidence everyone in attendance will be having fun and shakin’ their rumps. I’m even more excited to check out Treasure Island for the first time since I’ve moved to the West Coast – a location that houses countless musical events, including Treasure Island Music Festival, and sits right in the middle of the Bay between Oakland and San Francisco.  I know for a fact this event is going to be one you need to make it to, whether you’re familiar with the Dirtybird crew or not. I expect to see lots of smiles, lots of dancing, and lots of grease stains. At this point most of the tickets have been snagged up and I expect the SF edition of the BBQ to be sold out so make sure you go over and GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Check out Claude VonStoke’s newest single “CaliFuture” below and the amazing video that goes with it. After that, check out our playlist of 30 handpicked songs to get you ready for Dirtybird BBQ San Francisco!

Shèmce Serves Up A Juicy Remix For The Summer [FREE DOWNLOAD]

“In my heart, it’s always summer.” If you’re looking for a biography of who Shèmce is, that’s all you’ll see on his Facebook profile. With less than 1,000 followers on SoundCloud and climbing towards 2,000 fans on Facebook it’s obvious the Canadian producer is relatively new to the scene but in no way does that translate to the talent he has in the studio. I can’t remember how I heard Shèmce’s remix of the classic “Juicy” by The Notorious B.I.G., but as soon as I did I was hooked. Shèmce’s remix of “Juicy” is upbeat, fun, and screams SUMMER VIBES in big capital letters. He describes his sound as Deep, Tropical, and Future House and I can surely agree with the Tropical aspect, channeling his inner Thomas Jack or Viceroy to name a couple related artists. Shèmce has a few other tracks on his SoundCloud page, but his “Teenage Crime” (released 11 days ago) and “Juicy” (released a month ago) remixes are seeing the most traction with fans, climbing towards 100,000 plays each.

If you like what you hear below make sure to show Shèmce some love. If you Like his Facebook page you’ll grab some free downloads!

Artist Spotlight: Prince Fox

New York City’s Prince Fox (Sam Lassner) has been making splashes lately and there are damn good reasons why. Last month co-founder Brian posted Prince Fox’s stellar remix of “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith, easily a mega hit of 2014 in its original form. Though I really enjoyed hearing Prince Fox’s remix at the time, I quickly forgot about it until tonight when I was finishing up dinner at a San Francisco sushi joint and it came over the speakers. The entire time I was at Tataki Sushi (really great restaurant if you’re looking for some Japanese eats) they were playing excellent tunes, but as soon as I heard the “Stay With Me” remix I jumped into my car and streamed through Prince Fox’s SoundCloud until I got home, to remind myself what he was capable of.

Now for some people I may not be sharing anything new, but for others I’m hoping I’m shedding light on an artist you’re going to fall in love with. My friend Ken joked that Prince Fox is like the first born son of Flume and Wave Racer and I think it’s a pretty good analogy. I’ve been on a huge Wave Racer kick lately (probably one of the best sets of HARD Summer 2014) and anyone who knows anything about dance music knows that Flume has been absolutely exploding all around the world over the past couple years. At the restaurant I actually thought the “Stay With Me” remix I was hearing was Wave Racer before I remembered it was just the next Future Bass star out of NYC.

And that’s really why I’m here: to make sure your eyes are locked on Sam Lassner. I call his style Future Bass, but he also has plenty of Trap jams out there too. A lot of Prince Fox’s productions are remixes of big name artists such as Deadmau5, Route 94, and Justin Timberlake. Even more, Prince Fox has caught the attention of fellow Future Bass stars What So Not, as he opened up for them tonight in Miami. Sam’s got over 10,000 SoundCloud followers and over 16,000 Facebook fans. He’s killin’ it on Hype Machine and now he’s opening for some of dance music’s biggest names. And the best part? He’s just a college student trying to get a degree.

Here’s Prince Fox’s bio on SoundCloud. Do him a favor and follow: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Rising New York City producer Sam Lassner, better known as Prince Fox, is quickly climbing up the ranks of success in the music industry. He is currently a junior at New York University where he studies music technology. In his spare time, he aggressively works hard at refining his craft and developing fresh sounds. Prince Fox strives to expand his versatility as a producer and surprise his fans with something new with each record. He plans to debut an EP or album this summer that highlights his signature sound, along with his impressive range as a producer.

Tiesto ft. Kay – Work Hard, Play Hard (Fratello’s Deep House Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

If you’re like me you have very strong memories of Tiesto’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” featuring Kay. The song originally came out back when I was at the peak of my EDM enjoyment (I say EDM to mean the more general genre of Big Room House and main stage dance music), often listening to it on my iPod and spinning it live at venues like Bill’s Bar in Boston. If you’re like me your tastes may have changed from those of three years ago when the original version of “Work Hard, Play Hard” came out (2011 for those who can’t do math). As readers of this blog know, my preferences have gravitated towards deeper and funkier sounds and that’s why Fratello‘s fresh take on “Work Hard, Play Hard” was a pleasant surprise to discover today (thanks to a SoundCloud repost by Victor Niglio). Fratello’s remix hinges on a bulbous, rubbery bass line with samples of Kay’s voice throughout, sometimes chopped up into small pieces. The break features the actual lyrics from Tiesto’s hit and overall I’m a fan of this rework.

For those who don’t know Fratello, like myself, they are New Jersey-based brothers Vincent and Dominic Cerrito who have made splashes in the Electro-House scene gaining support by artists like DVBBS, Rob Swire, Stafford Brothers, Mikkas, Juicy M, and more. Fratello’s track “SpringShot” hit #52 on the Beatport Top 100 which means they’re certainly poised for a fruitful career in the dance music world. Personally I’m more of a fan of this deeper House side of things, but Fratello certainly have my support. To grab the free download head over to their Facebook page and click like!

Matt’s House 001

Welcome to my House. Come on in, have a brew, and leave with a few tunes for your collection. This series will be dedicated to the songs that I have wanted to post but have either forgotten to throw up on the blog or discovered a little late. The songs will consist of house of all types, so expect some Deep, Tech, Progressive, and Electro. I’ll only be posting my favorites so each installment should only be around 3 songs to give you the most bang for your time. So make yourself at home because my House is now your House.


First up, we have a new remix from Nick Van House. The pop sounding vocals on this one will leave your head bobbing for sure.


Next up, we have a remix of one of our all time favorites. SNBRN’s fantastic rendition of this track will impress.


Lastly, we have another remix from up and comers Win and Woo. Their take on the radio smash hit “Am I Wrong” will definitely turn heads at your next party.

Valy Mo – Tokyo Bright EP [NEST035]

French producer, Valy Mo, bridges elements of House, Bass, and Soul in the Tokyo Bright EP. Stylistically diverse from track to track, the three-song release echoes Valy Mo’s sentiments of wanting to be free of the confines of one particular sound — venturing from stabby piano House & pitched down, soul-infused vocals from Chris Severe in lead tune, “Bright,” to the club-ready peaktime anthem, “Tokyo Neon,” to finally rounding it all out with the chilled-out bass roller collab with Fuuku titled “Reflection.” This is yet another stellar release from the fledgling label NEST HQ – an offshoot of Owsla, NEST HQ focusing on finding the underground sounds and exposing them to the masses… always for free!

Valy Mo – Tokyo Bright [NEST035]
1) Valy Mo – Bright ft. Chris Severe
2) Valy Mo – Tokyo Neon
3) Valy Mo – Reflection ft. Fuuku