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Hideaway Remixes Come Out of Hiding

If you’ve been paying any attention to BPM or Electric Area recently, you’ve likely heard the track “Hideaway” by Kiesza. But what you might not have heard are these five all equally incredible remixes. We narrowed it down to this list but be on the lookout for others because the track’s passionate disco-esque vocals easily lend themselves to a great remix.

First Bixel Boys, who you might remember as an up-and-comer from the EDC lineup, deliver a lounge-y, deep house rework with a meandering synth piano and bouncy bassline perfect for headbobbing.

If you’re looking to really slow it down, check out the Kllrd Gre3ns remix. The track is slowed down to baby making BPMs, and it’s the perfect addition to any “chill” playlist.

This next remix by Sigma might fake you out with an even slower start than number two on our list, but then surprises with a drum and bass breakdown.

If you’re into dubbier side of deep house, then check out the Gorgon City remix, complete with a restless hi-hat and dragging modulated bassline. This dark, deep house remix will give you your “wahhwahhwahhh” fix for the rest of the day.

Last but certainly not least, we have the melodic and full piano remix by Zac Samuel. This is the most upbeat remix on the list. It’s sure to send you off into the next week in a good mood.



Robosonic Give Us That “Good Feel”

German duo Robosonic (Cord and Sacha) have struck pure gold with their Good Feel EP that dropped earlier this week on Beatport. Anyone who is a fan of old school Hip Hop beats and fun vibin’ House music will undoubtedly appreciate this three-track EP that was released on OFF Recordings, the Berlin-based label that houses Robosonic, Mat.Joe, Purple Disco Machine, Kevin Knapp, and plenty more. Robosonic had been on my radar to an extent, but it was accidentally discovering their track “Good Old Feel” ft. Masta Ace the other day that really helped put them in the forefront of my mind (thanks Shazaam!). The track “Good Old Feel” is full of soulful organs and R&B licks, but it features rapping by Masta Ace and some on-point scratching that you don’t often hear in House music. Where did I hear “Good Old Feel”? On Claptone’s newest mix for the Full Moon Festival – and it’s my favorite track off the entire 60-minute collection.

What else do we get off the Good Feel EP? How about the track “Life is Like” that pays homage to throwback Nas, and samples his track “Nas is Like” off the I Am… album. If you never expected a classic Nas track to be remixed into a House track, well you’re dead wrong – this is must hear music folks!

Check out the track “Dedicated” if you’re into jackin’ House, Hip-Hop samples, and, well, saxophone. The Robosonic boys write that “Dedicated” was built on a vinyl from Sacha’s collection. This one is more of a dance floor bomb than the previous two tracks that might be more appropriate for sunsets and poolside hangouts.

Lastly? How about a two-hour mix by Robosonic featuring their new tracks, tracks of their labelmates, and genuinely GOOD House music. The first hour is more of a G-House mix and the second hour goes deeper and chiller with music by Ten Walls, Maya Jane Coles, Guy Gerber, Justin Martin, Eats Everything, and more. Bottom line? This is music for your weekend!


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BENZI | Get Right Radio (Summer 2014 Edition)

After premiering last week during Benzi’s residency on Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio, the soundtrack to your summer is finally here! Benzi’s Summer 2014 Edition has been months in the making with at least half of the tracks/remixes being created exclusively for this project. This mixtape covers everything from house jams to 100bpm to jersey club and it might be the greatest in the annual series. Grab the tracked out album version ( and get ya swerves on.

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Claude VonStroke – The CaliFuture EP

It’s Here! the moment we’ve been all been waiting for. CaliFuture has arrived! We posted the preview a few weeks ago, but now it’s time to put on those party hats and turn up the volume because this EP is a banger! Claude VonStroke puts so much time and effort into his music and it’s only natural that CaliFuture surpasses his own standards, this guy has been making quality music since the early 2000′s and hasn’t turned it down since. This tale of swagger brings a humbling feeling, with funky bass lines and an array of drums. These jams will bring that inner groove out and make your booty shake. It’s been wonderful following the progression of Dirty Bird Crew, this talented group of musicians is constantly attacking the scene with club bangers that never cease to amaze. I cannot wait to see what the Birdhouse has to offer in the future!

P.S: Don’t Forget Support the BIRDHOUSE and to purchase the EP there!


Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Prince Fox Remix)

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m on a serious Sam Smith kick lately. I had the chance to listen through to his album the other day on Spotify and it’s an impressive showing – with incredible vocal talent through and through. By now, everyone knows Sam’s true introduction to the mainstream ear via Disclosure’s “Latch” and people are quickly catching up with his solo single “Stay With Me.” In fact, we posted the Throttle remix of it just last week, which I’ve had in heavy rotation. Now we get treated to something a little different and more edgy from Prince Fox of NYC. Prince Fox brings his remix out of the box with some interesting syncopation and rhythm work while still leaving the pop structure of the original intact. The remix has plenty of layers that keeps the listener always interested and wanting for more, even in its short and sweet runtime. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Prince Fox in the future. Pick up the free download over on Fox’s Facebook page.

If that put you in a mood for another pop remix, this new one from SMLE is actually quite good when you move past the immaturity of the vocals… Very cool future sound similar to that of Prince Fox.

Chris Lattner – Going to South Africa

A few hours ago Chris Lattner released a mix titled “Going to South Africa” as a promotion for his upcoming tour in, you guessed it, South Africa. This mix is a smooth walk through of a proper selection of tech house, deep house and something he has hash tagged as technically house. The mix begins very light, Lattner selects songs that are lengthy and grow with subtle sound adjustment. Continuing on things begin to resonate a little deeper as he selects song that push my headphone drivers a little bit harder. Towards the end the pace quickens and the atmosphere brightens up while still carrying elements of the heavy thump felt before. Vocal elements carrying  sultry tone accompany the airy transitions throughout, making good use of negative space and keeping the listener engaged.

Chris Lattner is from Berlin, Germany and produces/DJs music that floats in the house/tech house/deep house genres. Chris Lattner developed his style like many well balanced producers do, by having parents with good taste in music and early access to a pair of Technics.  Chris Lattner sounds flared when Resident Advisor put his EP “Sick” in the Top 50 of Resident Advisors all-time top 100 in 2010. Resident Advisors accolade landed him in the ranks of Moon Harbour, a collection of artists that is nothing short of a varsity squad.

You can take a listen to his mix below.

Chris Lattner Facebook | Chris Lattner Soundcloud | Chris Lattner Twitter