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Who Is Danny Tenaglia, And What Does He Do To People? [An Interview]

(Photo by: Gary James)
Recently I had the honor to sit down with the legendary Danny Tenaglia. He had just finished playing at the infamous (((Stereo))) in Montreal and gave me a call via Skype to talk about a few odds and ends of his life as a life changer.

Danny Tenaglia is what I refer to as a DJ’s DJ. He has humble beginnings in New York City and has been mixing tracks together since my parents were running around in diapers (I’m 25).  He is one of the most highly respected and regarded DJs in the world of house music. He has traveled the globe and every venue on the planet is happy to open their doors to this wise and charismatic gentlemen.

Born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, ironically currently becoming the second coming of a genre of music that Danny Tenaglia rode a wave of in the 90’s.  He was born to an Italian family who had hopes and dreams of him becoming a doctor or lawyer, but Danny Tenaglia being the man he is set his goals are far different’ dreams, and with much certainty achieved his goals.

I decided to open our conversation up by asking a Danny a little bit about living in Brooklyn, and if it had any influence on his music. I wanted to know if that salsa sound that is so ever prevalent in his music was a result of the large African American and Latino culture that made Brooklyn the vibrant and beautiful place it is.

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Rodriguez – Sugar Man (The Goldfish Remix)

Dominic Peters and David Poole are the South African duo Goldfish. If you like good dance music you’ve likely heard of Goldfish and you probably keep them on frequent rotation. The duo just played a sold out show here in San Francisco and they’re currently amidst a U.S. tour that has them stopping in LA, Denver, Las Vegas, Brooklyn, Boston (Halloween!), Chicago, and plenty more. Thanks to the 2012 Oscar-winning documentary “Searching For Sugar Man”, the incredible tale of American recording artist Sixto “Jesús” Rodriguez has been heard by millions of music fans worldwide. The entire soundtrack of “Searching For Sugar Man” was produced by Rodriguez and one of his standout tracks is called “Sugar Man”. Goldfish have remixed the track into a Deep, “Dreamy” House tune that is about as far away from EDM as you can get. The official press release for the Goldfish remix says:

“The deep, dreamy remix is testament not only to Goldfish’s high-end production and composition skills, but also their close affinity to and understanding of the track. The hazy, heady, almost hallucinogenic spirit of Rodriguez’ ‘Sugar Man’ is still very much intact, in parts stripped down to a few lush piano chords, other times sweeping the listener up in a warm envelope of sound and emotion, Rodriguez’ haunting vocals guiding the single the entire time.”

Goldfish’s remix of “Sugar Man” is now #1 on the Hype Machine main chart and #1 on the remix chart – if the guys can prove that people love the remix, Rodriguez might agree to release it officially. For now, click play and enjoy!

Artist Spotlight: Jamie Fenn (EP and Interview)

Today we bring you an Artist Spotlight on an up and coming producer out of Colorado.  Jamie Fenn has been producing music for about 3.5 years now and has recently started to make some noise with his Dub-step and Hybrid-Trap. We were able to sit down with Jamie for an exclusive interview about his future as an electronic music producer. Check out his new Halloween EP, his song Godly Pt. 1 here for Free Download, and be sure to read the interview in its entirety after the jump.

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Hashtag My Ass

I don’t speak French but I now know Etienne de Crécy is synonymous with funky beats. The incredible thing about the music world is there are artists who have been perfecting their craft for years, if not decades, and one day you suddenly have a whole new world opened up to you. That’s what happened with me when I saw a new Beatangers remix posted on SoundCloud. I don’t claim to know every artist out there, but part of the fun with blogging comes the opportunity to discover new music that I can then in turn show someone else for the first time. I follow the Beatangers because they produce some funky ass House music and I made note to check out the “Hashtag My Ass” EP when it dropped today. What I discovered was nothing short of awesome and I’m convinced that if you love Nu-Disco, you’ll love what you find with the Hashtag My Ass Remixes EP.

So, who is Etienne de Crécy? He is a “rhythm composer” from Paris who has been climbing through the ranks over the past 20 years. Etienne de Crécy has worked with artists like Alex Gopher, Air, Cassius and DJ Mehdi. On his SoundCloud page, it’s written that Etienne de Crécy “has always rejected the facile, remaining fiercely loyal to old-school house and choosing to extensively explore electronic music’s underground labyrinths rather than tread the beaten paths of commercial success.” Perhaps that’s why I hadn’t previously heard of Etienne – but there’s no time like the present! The song “Hashtag My Ass” piqued my interest on its own and there’s even an Instagram campaign going on behind it where fans can submit their own pictures to create a homemade music video experience. The original mix dropped in August and has that old-school House and new-school Nu-Disco sound throughout. Though they haven’t been at it for nearly as long, I’m reminded of the duo Oliver when hearing “Hashtag My Ass”. Other remixes on this release are by the Beatangers, Jean Tonique, Twinsmatic, and Miguel Campbell. Though I love the Nu-Disco vibes on the original mix, I’ve got to hand it to the Beatangers for throwing down an incredibly funky and faster-pasted House version of the original.

The “Hashtag My Asss” EP is available now on iTunes and make sure to go out and support all artists involved!

Here’s the Jean Tonique Remix:

Etienne de Crécy – Hashtag My Ass (Jean Tonique remix)

BANKS – Beggin For Thread (Gryffin & Hotel Garuda Remix)

BANKS has been on one hell of a roll since the release of her new album entitled Goddess. Today we have a gorgeous deep-house remix of Begging For Thread from Gryffin & Hotel Garuda. Maintaining the airy feel and vocals of the original track, Gryffin and Garuda wrap this track up in a bouncy embrace while still giving us that classic mildly dark BANKS feel. The added bass line truly brings this track to the next level, making it totally club ready. I am not too familiar with Gryffin & Hotel Garuda but with production like this I can only hope that there are more beautiful tracks like this to come, grab the free download below!

Eliot Lipp – Watch The Shadows LP [Free Download]

Eliot Lipp is a Brooklyn based music producer, touring artist, and analog synthesis black belt. Eliot Lipp was discovered and mentored within the Pretty Lights Music family. One tradition that the whole crew still believes in is the exchange of free music, meaning that Lipp’s new full length album is available for free download via the PLM website. Lipp has pushed his ‘golden age hip-hop meets the synthesizer’ production style into new territory, by fusing soulful organic sounds and all new dance floor mechanics with his classic buttery synth-hop sound, and his undeniably signature melodic charm. Watch The Shadows is as consistently fresh as it is stylistically diverse. This was the driving factor behind making two tracks available upon the album’s announcement. Eliot Lipp explores new genres and styles, yet the album stays true and cohesive from start to finish. All you Coloradoans should come out to the show at Cervantes with Supervision and Paul Basic on Halloween!